Happy Easter! (Piper's 1st!)

Happy Easter! And we realized that, since Easter was early last year and late this year, this ends up being Piper's first Easter!
The Bunny came to our house last weekend - the kids were so excited (not sure why?!), even wanting to go to bed early Saturday night so the bunny could come. Anyway, they had a fun day!
They woke up to baskets and a little egg hunt...
Piper's first easter basket!

looking through baskets

egg hunting!

she found her first egg - so happy she danced!

Nana & Papa sent music cards for the kids - Piper loves them all! She loves to dance to them!

We made it to church that morning, then went to Grandma & Grandpa's for lunch. After taking the kids for a frozen yogurt treat, we came back and found a treasure hunt for them! We got a nice walk around the block, and the kids got to run and find clues - they love that! It led us back to their garage, where the kids found... a trampoline!!!

Piper loved it!

saying thank you!

more jumping!

**on a sad (honestly, heartbreaking) note - on Wednesday we had a lovely wind/rain storm and the trampoline blew into our neighbours' deck. There are some broken poles, and it obviously was taken apart. The trouble is we really have no wind-cover in our yard at all. We've searched and read online, and we're pretty sure we've got a plan that will make it work and be safe (even in wind) in the yard; anchoring it to the ground, but we still need to get some poles fixed and get the stuff to make the anchor system.
So, those photos and videos are the only time the kids really played on the trampoline. Since they all had so much fun, we're going to work hard to get it fixed and up again asap! (it's been rainy and wet since the storm, so we haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet)


Sweet Pea's 1st year

See how Miss Piper has grown! Where did that little newborn squish go?!

8 days old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months

Piper Ann ❤ 12 months

Our Princess Pea was 12 months old on Sunday. A whole year old. Wow.
She's a little doll. A happy, giggly, smiley, wonderful little doll! We are so lucky to be her family!

Miss Pea is walking better and faster every day, nearly running now. She doesn't talk too much, but apparently she can when she wants to - when we were swimming at the hotel the other week she was looking for the boys and said, very clearly, "Zech? Levi? Come! Isaac, where are you?" When we're home, especially when everyone is around, she can just get up and walk to whoever or whatever she wants, no need for talking I guess!
After a month with 1 tooth, and a few months with just 2 (which was so adorable!), she's been teething like mad for nearly a month now and has gotten 3 more teeth. I'm hoping for a bit of a break before any more decide to come in - she's a bear when teething!
She waves and says "hi" to everyone, waves bye and blows kisses (so cute!). She loves to cuddle and be silly and dance, and give hugs and kisses... and dance! She also absolutely loves the movie "Frozen" - we've watched it a million and one times, I think, and she still loves to watch and hear the songs.


must be another crown

being a princess is hard work!

Look how she's grown!
8 days old

12 months


Piper Ann is 1!

Today was Piper Ann's first birthday! We had a full, busy day celebrating with her!
Normally we would have skipped activities on a birthday, but today was supposed to be her first swimming lesson, and since she loves swimming we thought it was a great extra birthday present!
swimming & kisses

blowing bubbles

Later, Grandma and Grandpa came over to join us for supper, cake, and presents!
her birthday cake!

everyone sings happy birthday... and piper looks cute

daddy helps blow out the candle



she carried these shoe boxes around for a long time!

she loves her new tent!
Piper enjoyed every bit of today, I think. She was so happy all day, playing and laughing, and so tired come bedtime!