more pics of the kiddies - 05/30

here's a few pics of sir with his brother and sister. they love him... sometimes a bit too much! but that's better than not wanting him around, we figure!

new pics of isaac - 05/30

Hi All!! Just wanted to pop in to share some more pics of our new baby boy! :o) He is doing great, feeding and growing well. Very happy baby, loves his brother and sister making lots of noise - he sleeps really well when it's noisy! A good thing in this house. He's sleeping great at night, too - nurses to sleep around 10:30pm, wakes around 3am to nurse, then nothing more until about 7am! yay for sleep!!
Here's a couple pics of him in his car seat, just home from the hospital...

And a couple pics of Sir Isaac with his eyes open... and a yawn thrown in, lol!


The Baby is here!!!

This is Josh reporting in here because of the great news. Elena and the Baby are fine, but she will be in the hospital 'till Monday or Tuesday.

Without further ado the anouncement:

Isaac Benjamin Baker
was born on
May 19, 2006 Just after 10 am.
He weighed
9lb 7oz
and measured
23 1/2 inches.


just a quick note - 5/15

Well, we're all still here, with no baby. I'm getting very tired of contractions and hip pain, but I keep telling myself that no matter what there's only a few days left and then the baby will be here.
The weather's been very crappy here lately. April was so nice and warm, the kids in shorts most days, and May has been so cool and wet. Yuck. Hopefully it'll start to warm up this week and we'll be able to get outside more again. Besides, I don't want to have to bring this baby home in a snowsuit in May!!!


just an update - 5/13

Everything is fine with us out here. Ruth and Zech are enjoying some much needed time with Josh, now that student teaching is finished! The kids love having him around more, as I'm sure you all can imagine.
I've been having contractions for nearly 3 weeks now, and even though last Sunday they were 5 mins apart and nice and strong, for over 6 hours, the midwife wouldn't "allow" me to go to the hospital or have any help. So, I've had to take my care into my own hands and contact my OB. I saw him on Thursday (the midwife was NOT pleased that I called him myself, but I don't care anymore!!) and he scheduled us for an induction this coming Thursday, the 18th. That's actually my due date, based on my own dates, though the first ultrasound gave a due date of the 24th, which is what the OB goes by. Anyways, this all means that if baby doesn't decide to come before then, Thursday is officially "Eviction Day"! :o)
We called Mom and Dad Lutz to let them know the news Thursday evening. So, Mom is coming out on Wednesday, and Dad will be coming the next week, on Friday!! We're all very excited to have a visit with Nana... and then Papa! :o)
And that's all our news for now... that I can think of. Hope all is well with you all!


prenatal appt - 5/3

I had another prenatal appt yesterday. We're at 37+ weeks. All is looking good with baby (very active and very bony!!) and me.
I'd been having contractions off and on, day and night, since the 24th, which of course stopped during the night before my appt. Last night I was awake from 1:30am until after 5am with more contractions, but again, they stopped.
I'm just hoping all these contractions are doing something but I guess only time will tell.