we're off! - 07/17

Well, tomorrow morning, first thing... we're off!
We'll go to Winnipeg tomorrow and stay there overnight. Thursday morning we'll be flying for Nova Scotia!
The kids are excited, as are we. I can't wait to see my family!


3 MORE SLEEPS!!! - 07/16

We will be in NS in 3 more sleeps!!!
The kids are VERY excited, bouncing off the walls with energy. Heck, Josh and I aren't much better. Tomorrow we'll be very busy finishing up a few house chores to leave things fine for when we come back, packing, and still taking care of the kids. I think tomorrow will be a lot of movies and going to the garage or outside to play all they want!
Tonight Josh and I did our boating safety course tests. We both passed with 100%... though, I'll admit, I technically had 2 questions wrong, but the guy let me try them again and I got them right. Stupid sailing boats - all I need to know is, when I'm on the Jet Ski and meet a sailing vessel, I give way. DONE! Ah well, it's done now. One step closer to NS!!
Zech's still doing fine, just excited. My stomach is still bothering me, but the IBS meds are helping, so I'll keep taking that.
And that's about it for now. I'll be able to update here from my parents' house. I hope to be able to pop in tomorrow to say "bye!". And Josh is going to try to take the camera's picture program and put it on Mom and Dad's computer, then I can update pictures too.

update - 07/16

Sorry I didn't update sooner!!!
Zech is doing just fine now. He had the gravol, vomited a couple more times, then got really hyper and hungry! (future reference, gravol does NOT knock this kid out!) He's been fine and normal since then.
I woke up last night (about 3am) with a really sore stomach. I'm not sure if it's the bug Zech had, or if it's my IBS acting up because of all the stress right now. I just took a pill for the IBS, so hopefully that's it and it'll start feeling better.
Other than that, we're hoping to get into town to get the boating course test written today - providing my stomach will let me get up and going here. We need to pick up treats, gum, snacks, and water for on the planes, and then we're ready to pack tomorrow!!


uh oh - 07/14

We may have a problem here...
Zech woke up at 6:20am and told me "I made a mess" meaning, he was throwing up. I woke Josh and we got Zech changed and cleaned up and his bedding changed. It seemed to be mostly water, which makes sense cuz he wouldn't eat supper last night. I'm wondering now if this is why. And he was more tired and cranky yesterday than usual.
He's vomited twice more since then, every half hour. Just with sips of water. This last time I got him cleaned up and gave him a dose of Gravol before tucking him back in. I'm hoping that'll help him rest long enough for his tummy to settle so he can get some food in and keep it down.
I'm hoping, too, that this isn't something that will pass around through the whole house. If it does, we won't be all well for flying this week. :o/


Ruthie's hair cut!!! - 07/12

Ruthie has been on us since I had my hair cut, saying that she wants hers cut, too - it's too hot, too long, she doesn't like it in ponytails - the list went on and on. So, today we had the chance to get it done. I took her in to the same girl who cut my hair, and Ruthie got the whole thing - wash, cut, blow dry and style. :o) Such a big girl!!
This is before the cut: getting her hair washed...
during the cut...
here she is!!

There are a couple more pictures on the other site (one of her hair before the cut from the back, you can really see how long it is! and one of her whole outfit after the cut, just cuz it's a cute outfit!) I can't get them on here quickly, though, so I'll leave you to find them over there!


home again... for a few days - 07/11

We had a great time this weekend!! Thursday morning we headed out for Yorkton, SK. First we had to drop Myles off at the same place he'll be staying when we fly to NS - he made out great there, btw - loved the other animals, loved the owner's little grandson, and slept with their daughter at night!!
We had a nice time at the exhibition. There was an awesome aquatic centre there with a nice pool and a big water slide. Zech swam for a while, and then ran himself ragged going up the stairs and down the slide over and over. I really can't believe how much this kid LOVES water slides!! He's going to be so much fun at Magic Mountain!!!! I was pleasantly surprised that Ruthie and Zech fell asleep within about 15 minutes of laying down, especially since they were in their own tent! They did great, though. Paul did well racing, too. :o)
Friday, late afternoon, we took off for Saskatoon. It was SO hot that day, well over 30 degrees. I ended up with a bad sunburn, and I think I got sick a bit from it - I was feeling quite bad Friday night and Saturday morning, anyways.
We had a really nice visit with Shelen and Mat in Saskatoon. I met Shelen online on a forum I've posted at for quite some time now. We went down to Minot, ND, to meet in January this year. We stayed with them Friday and Saturday nights. Didn't know it until we got there that Shel's friends and family had planned a surprise baby shower for her on Saturday afternoon - it was a nice surprise to me, too, to be able to be there and share that with her! I felt so "at home" with Shel and Mat - I guess posting and "talking" to someone nearly every day will do that to people!! It was really nice. We'll definitely be meeting up more, even if it's just a weekend trip to Regina every couple months or something. Her husband is really nice, Josh and he seem to get along quite well. Kaitlyn, their daughter, is SO cute and she loved having Ruth and Zech to play with - she wanted to show Ruthie her room right after we walked in the door! And their brand new baby, Ian Mathew, is GORGEOUS!!! I got some cuddle time in with him and even Ruthie got to hold him!
The drive home on Sunday took us a good while. We didn't really rush the kids at all, and I had wanted to stop at a children's clothing store there, which we did. By the time we'd had lunch, stopped at a couple stores, and got out of Saskatoon it was just after 6pm (our time). We stopped in Regina for supper and then had a heck of a time (and wasted a good 45 minutes) getting to a gas station! Then we headed for home. We FINALLY arrived here at about 2:30am!
It was really tiring, we're just really starting to feel normal and caught up today, but it was worth it. The kids were much happier to be home and able to sleep in their own beds, I think.
So, now just a few days home and we'll be off again, first to Winnipeg for a night, then flying out on the 19th! We're working right now on getting some stuff done we need to do before we leave. We'll definitely be busy until we're in the air!
There are pictures from the weekend on the other site. :o)


busy busy busy!!! - 07/04

We definitely are!
Josh had his very last day of work on Friday, and it was only a half day, at that! We're enjoying the summer break, though it hasn't really been much "break" thus far, just some summer!
We were in town Friday evening and got hit by (as it turned out) one of Josh's students. Nothing major, noone hurt, we're all fine. There is some damage to the front passenger side of the van, and the door squawks something terrible when opened, but we're going to have that assessed by Insurance next week. In the meantime, it's driving just fine.
We're hoping to be able to get it fixed by some place in Winnipeg while we're away in NS. We should be able to do it that way and get free parking! :o) Sneaky, we are!
We stopped by the walk-in clinic to have Zech and myself seen for a second. Zech's been having more tummy pain, and we needed more Zantac for him anyways, so we got a new Rx and upped his doses a bit. Hopefully that will help. If not, we'll have to get him checked out more andmaybe try something different for him. I just needed to get a lab req for some bloodwork. I was having some bleeding troubles on Friday and Saturday and thought I should get my platelet and iron levels checked out. I realized (tsk tsk on me) that I haven't had my platelets checked in... probably nearly a year now... and should be getting them checked probably every couple months. So, I need to stay more on top of that, I think.
We haven't stopped since then, though. Saturday we had to come into town for groceries. And Saturday was my birthday, too! 25 years old! Josh bbq'ed me some steak, veggies, and potatoes after the kids went to bed and got me an ice cream cake. He also bought me this really pretty ring,
and the kids picked out a bookmark and some candies for me! Good birthday!!!
Thanks, by the by, to everyone for the birthday cards! :o) Can't wait to be home to thank you all in person!
Sunday night we went in to Brandon to watch the fireworks. Isaac really loved them! Very late night getting home though.
Monday we had to come in to Brandon again for Brett and Jeff's birthday party. They had it at a hotel and the kids had a BLAST swimming and going on the water slide. Zech was paddling around and jumping in with JUST his water wings on, and he and Lukey went on the water slide (ALONE!!) over and over and over and over... and over!!!! They were adorable! Aside from a few minutes to eat pizza and cake, Zech was in the pool or on the slide from about 4-9:30. He was TIRED after that! I think he'll have a great time at Magic Mountain this summer, though! Yay!! Can't wait for him to be able to show Nana and Papa how well he's doing, he'll be so proud!
Tuesday, again, we had to go into Brandon. I was too late on Friday to make it to the labs and then they were closed all long weekend. Got that done, then had to run a few little errands and pick up a couple things for camping.
Today, we're home and bumming around. I'm working on finishing up a couple computer things and getting laundry done and packed for the weekend! We're on the go again tomorrow morning! We're off, first, to drop Myles at the kennel we found near here (the same one he'll stay at when we fly to NS) and then we'll make a stop in Brandon to pick up a few groceries, then it's on to Yorkton, SK. Jen and Paul and the kids are all up there at a rodeo, and they want us to come too, so we're going to go up tomorrow and camp there tomorrow night. Apparently (I've seen pictures!) there's a really great water centre there with a wave pool, so we'll have fun swimming again.
Friday we'll leave Yorkton and continue on up to Saskatoon. I know a girl online (met her down in Minot a few months back) from Saskatoon and we're going to go up and stay with Shelen and Mat for the weekend. We'll be back here sometime (probably later) Sunday night!
*I'll be sure to remember to call Dad on Saturday, from Shel's - it's his birthday!*
Then there's nothing much planned (thank goodness!) until we leave for Winnipeg on the 18th to stay and fly out on the 19th! :D
So, I'll post when I get a chance, and I'm sure I'll have more pictures to share. :o)