brotherly love?

Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning out the car, Levi was napping with Josh, and the kids were outside playing on the deck. Said playing involves lots of fighting, arguing, yelling at each other - I am told that this is normal sibling behaviour. I don't know.
Suddenly (and coincidentally just as I was finished with the car) Isaac was screaming - not a "mad" scream, but a "pain" scream. Ruth was yelling at Zech that "sorry isn't enough" or something to that effect. I intervened.
Apparently Zech had stuck a toy spear (a small one, like the size of a small twig) into Isaac's left ear. Who does that?!
Isaac was obviously in pain, so off to the nearby hospital/clinic we went. After a quick look in his ear the doctor said that 1. there's nothing left in there (good), and 2. the eardrum is not burst (good), but there is a tiny hole in it (bad). It will heal, but all we can do is give him pain meds and keep water out of his ear for the next week.
With as hot as it has been (though it's rainy and cooler today) we've been doing a lot of swimming; earplugs have been bought and we're on the hunt for one of those swimming headband things.
Isaac hasn't been complaining much of pain, but we gave him tylenol after leaving the clinic yesterday and again last night at bedtime. We'll see how today goes.


visits with Nana & Papa

We had a wonderful visit with Nana and Papa here. The first couple days were full of appointments (including Isaac's first filling - he did great! - but still has a couple more to go) though we did get a chance to go to a splash park in town (water sprays and sprinklers).
On Thursday (12th) we got packed up and took the trailer to the lake for some camping! We had great weather - HOT! - with a cloudy/cooler day on Sunday (perfect for coming home to do some laundry), and stayed until Tuesday. It seemed a bit like we did nothing for their visit, but I think it was a good one anyways. The kids love camping, and love the freedom of being out there - they're able to walk around, to the playground, and meet new friends all on their own, and we spend lots of time at the beach swimming and playing in the sand. More camping is definitely in the cards for the summer.
Nana and Papa were flying out Thursday morning, so on Wednesday we had a yummy breakfast (waffles!) and Levi and I drove them to the city. We did a bit of shopping and went out for supper, then dropped them off at the hotel and said goodbye. It's always sad to say goodbye, but we hope to have more visits sooner rather than later!

we had white chocolate for dessert one night (while camping).
Levi thoroughly enjoyed it!

Many games of cards were played

After carefully watching Dad, Levi helped cut some firewood!

We made sure to get a couple pictures of all the kids with Nana & Papa before they left


levi photos

A brief post with pictures, more after our visits with Nana & Papa are through.

Doesn't he make bedhead look adorable?!

Eating noodles... sort of...

Cuddling with Mommy's arm - I'll never understand how or why he is attached to this mole on my arm!


visitors and teeth

We're counting down the days until Nana and Papa get here for their visit - ONE MORE SLEEP! We can't wait to see them! We're keeping our fingers crossed for good weather and some camping/beach time. We were planning to redo our deck while they are here as well, but after some unexpected stuff we aren't able to do that this year. Boo. But, we'll just have a great visit anyway!

We've spent some time (and there's more to come) at the dentist this past week. Josh and I noticed a spot in Isaac's mouth. After brushing and flossing and whatnot, we figured out that it's definitely a cavity. Shoot. We called for an appointment for him, and ended up getting Josh in that same afternoon. Other appointments for the rest of us are all over the summer calendar - good thing we had no plans for travelling far this year!
Isaac had his (first) appointment on Wednesday - since I haven't dealt with cavities before, Josh took him - turns out he has three cavities, not just the one we saw. So, he has 3 more appointments over the next month - filling each one and a cleaning in there too. Goodness.
Ruthie had her appointment on Thursday - no cavities and we're done for her for this time. Phew!
Now we're waiting for the rest of the appointments, and Josh is going to be in there a lot with Isaac. I don't know how I'd feel in there, so I won't be going along. I don't want to be nervous and make Isaac feel more anxious.

Speaking of teeth, Zech has a bunch missing right now. I finally remembered to snap a photo!


5 months

the 7th marked 5 months since elliana was born still.
another month further away from that tiny girl.

this one has somehow been a bit tougher than the previous months.
i think because the 7th's that have passed so far i've been able to think - i would still just be pregnant. now i have to think - she would be here now, living, breathing, with us.

and i think also because this one is just different. this one marks a specific month.
she has been gone 5 months.
and she was only here 5 months.
today, she has been gone from us longer than she was with us.


my birthday surprise!

We got home from Regina Saturday late afternoon. It had been a hot day, the kids had been busy with Grandma, noone had eaten supper yet. We had put steaks to marinate earlier in the week, and had bought some really yummy fresh vegetables at the farmer's market to make salad. Again, the kids settled for hotdogs (this is not a punishment! making them eat steak generally is, however!). But the best part was what we walked in to see... (for those who don't know, I turned 30 on the 30th!
the dining room

cake! Ruthie decorated - the silver balls make "30"

I had help blowing out the candles

The kids all made cards for me (even Levi!), and had picked out gifts with Grandma. Isaac picked out yummy chocolates - white chocolate raspberry macaroons! Zech picked out a new coffee travel mug and some coffee, and Ruthie picked out a pair of pink pearl earrings.
Even if it didn't mean the world to me that they thought of and did all this for my birthday (which it totally does!), they were all so proud of themselves!


more birthday stuff

Back to Levi's birthday... we had a good day, just Levi, Mommy and Daddy, for his "real" birthday (the 14th) but the older kids were all away on an overnight school field trip, remember? So, we went for a BBQ at our friends' farm the following night. We had a great supper (steak, potatoes, and salads for the adults, hotdogs and chips for the kids), did some swimming, and Levi opened up some presents. He had a great time and the kids were no longer upset at having missed his birthday!

blowing bubbles!
everyone swimming

Zech (and Lukie in the background)


1, 2, 3, GO!

I had posted last time mentioning that Josh and I were going to Regina - we had such a nice, relaxing even though busy, time!
Josh's mom was still here (she left on the 1st) and stayed with the kids - no worries, they were very busy with Grandma - they went to the beach, had ice cream, played at a park, and had pizza, and that was just Friday! Saturday they all went to town and came home to make a surprise for me - so sweet.
We left Friday at lunchtime, arrived in Regina shortly before 4pm (their time, having gained an hour along the way). Got checked in to the hotel (beautiful! see?)


our room

After a few minutes to freshen up we met Josh's brother for supper at a nearby restaurant - yum! Yes, we had no kids with us and I ended up ordering a grilled cheese sandwich! It was delicious!! Mat went ahead to the theatre to get ready, we went back to the hotel to get changed and walked to the theatre as well. The hotel was only a couple blocks from the theatre (and that restaurant), it was really nice being able to walk everywhere. There was even an antique car show at the park then.
The play (Buddy - the Buddy Holly story) was fantastic! We really enjoyed it, and it's always special and fun to watch someone you know up there on stage! (On that page, watch the rehearsal clip at the bottom - Mat is playing the bass - and if you go to the cast list Mat is the first one listed.)
So, that was fun!
After the play, the father of one of the girls was playing with his band at a club downtown. We got changed and went along with a lot of the cast. We didn't stay all night, but quite late (being still an hour "ahead" ourselves) and got a ride back to the hotel from Mat.
The next morning (which started at 6:30am there, 7:30am here... the same time we always get up with the kids!) we walked around a farmer's market in the park across the street from the hotel. Then back to the hotel for their breakfast buffet - recommended by Mat, and amazing!!! We ate as much as we could, then took a rest in our room and packed up. Another walk to an art studio/cafe/jewelry&clothing store, a peek around inside (but sadly nothing to eat as we were still so full from breakfast!), and we set off for home.
more photos and my surprise to come later!