Levi ~ 11 months (and change!) old - 05/23

Levi was 11 months old a week ago Saturday, on the 14th.

He is such a turkey - fits right into our not-so-little family.

He's still teething - the bottom 2 are in and up well, the top left is through, top right is just through today, and the ones either side of the top ones are starting. Poor kid.

He loves it outside - whether in his swing, going for walks, crawling all over the yard, or playing in his car or with toys, he loves it all. Just today he was yelling at me and pointing out the window.

He's saying a few words now - mum mum, da, dog, cat, hi, hey. And he signs a few - eat, more, all done.

He is a wonderfully cuddly little boy - always climbing into a lap for a hug, wrapping those little arms around a neck, patting a back.

And these are from a couple weeks ago (May 6th) but I came into the living room and found him climbing in and out of his car seat, having a blast playing away!


Happy 5th Birthday Isaac! - 05/19

Happy Birthday, Isaac Benjamin!

You are 5 years old today!
Such a great and funny little guy,
a great big (and little!) brother.


Flooding - 05/10

We aren't having flood troubles here, the ground is wet and there are lots of puddles but that's it for us. In Brandon, though, it's a totally different story. I wasn't able to get near the river to get any pictures myself, but I've found some online.
I've never seen so much water.
It's unbelievable.

Would you believe, from this photo, that we have no lakes, only a relatively narrow river, running through the town?
that's 18th, running past the corral centre - walmart (you can see the store front), home depot (the orange), medical clinic (blue roofs)
Another photo of 18th, running past the same area. The white line you see is the wall of super sandbags. You can see a bit of the flooded road near the bottom right of the picture.
closer look at same area (montana's on the left there), again the wall of sandbags

1st street
the bottom right flooded area should be the big soccer fields.
again 1st street
the park across from the soccer fields
(where the youngest kids play soccer)



Josh got some of the pictures off his camera for me. Still need to get the ones of Ruthie in costume at her play. But the rest...

March 12th
Zech and Levi

March 27th
We went to Killarney for Grandpa Sam's birthday party.
Isaac and Grandpa played shuffleboard
helping to blow out the candles!
the kids all made their own cards for Grandpa

April 24th - Levi's first Easter!

May 4th
I looked over the other day to see this

he's such a monkey!

And there's a video on May 1st that you want to watch!