Long time, no posts! - 02/28

Wow, sorry it's been so long since I've gotten a chance to say hi! We've been busy, and for a bit there the computer wouldn't let me into this blog site. Anyways, I'm here now!
Things, like I said, have been fairly busy. Since things started after Christmas, and still next week, we've had dance classes on Monday night, skating lessons on Tuesday, preschool on Wednesday, skating again on Thursday, then we're in town for groceries and whatnot on Saturday, and sometimes church and visiting on Sunday. Pretty full schedule for a bunch of little kids! (them, not us!)
This week has been even more hectic - Ruthie had her "ice show" Tuesday night, basically a recital to end skating lessons. Though she's no speed-skater by far, she has definitely improved in the few weeks she was able to get to lessons! Last night (Wednesday) Zech had to dance at the Festival of Arts, in town. Tonight we don't have anything, but Friday night Ruthie's dance class is in the festival, and then Saturday we're getting a tether anchor installed in the van so we can (finally) turn Isaac's seat around, and hopefully getting our taxes done, as well!
Next week Ruthie might still have skating, depending on the ice. But the week after, things should slow down a bit! I'll be glad for a little break.
After spring break (which is late for us here - Mar 31-Apr 4) the kids will be starting swimming lessons again. It will be interesting, as Isaac and Zech both will be in the class where they need someone with them, so Josh and I will be in too! We'll manage, I'm sure.
I'm getting some pictures and videos uploaded right now. Just some pictures around here, but videos of Ruthie skating and Zech dancing last night! Enjoy!