Ruth's Birthday - and some snow!

Ruth's 10th birthday was on Friday!
Since it wasn't a school night she was able to have 3 friends over actually on her birthday, for a sleepover! They came over late in the afternoon, we made our own subs for supper, had presents and cake, the girls made their own face masks (banana + honey), I painted everyone's nails (fancy "french tips" and stickers!), and we had a movie night (watched "Mirror, Mirror).
I think everyone had fun, and Ruthie was happy about it. It did make for a late night (Levi was in bed around 10pm, the boys went to bed after the movie at 11pm, and the girls, Josh said, stayed up until between 1 and 2am!), but it was worth it. And in the morning, we had homemade waffles with fruit and whipped cream - yummy!

Levi was very excited to give Sissy his present - he couldn't sit still!

Ruthie asked for a black forest cake for her birthday cake this year - the same as I'd made Josh the week before!

They were calling for a big snowstorm to hit us Friday afternoon, but nothing started here until after 9pm. Once it started, though, it made a mess - snow through the night Friday, some freezing rain Saturday afternoon, and more snow overnight last night.
We haven't been out of the yard since Friday, and weren't able to make it out for church this morning. Josh and the kids got outside to get the driveway shovelled after lunch today.

Levi helped shovel the front steps (taken through the screen door)

and he got a ride in the big scoop, too!

"Hi Mom!"

I love the snow - so pretty - but I sure am glad I'm not the one who has to shovel us out!


Halloween, Pumpkins, and Daddy's Birthday!

We carved our pumpkins a couple nights before Halloween - the kids all did their own, we tried using stencils this year, and they turned out great! Everyone loved them!
All the pumkins

Levi chose his own face - "grr"!

Isaac's - star wars "clone trooper"

Zech's - halo "master chief"

Ruth's - monster high

On Halloween the kids all wore their costumes to school for their class parties - everyone had a lot of fun, lots to tell when they got home! Isaac got invited to trick-or-treat with a few of his friends from school, and our friends came out to go along with the rest of us around town. Levi did great - he ran the whole time, even kept up with all the bigger kids! We weren't even sure he would dress up at all this year - he kept saying no to every costume we showed him - but in the end he was happy about it when all the other kids got dressed up too.
Levi - Pablo the penguin (backyardigans)

Isaac - star wars guy

Zech - ninja

Ruth - monster high character (I made the ears myself!)

And the day after Halloween is Daddy's birthday! (yes, it's a very busy time for us!)
I made a cake for him, Levi helped me decorate, the kids all made birthday cards themselves, and Grandma and Grandpa brought out chinese food for supper! A very good birthday!