Happy Birthday Isaac!!!! - 05/19

Isaac is 4 years old today!

Unfortunately, he started the day by waking up with a belly ache. After falling back to sleep with us in our bed for half an hour he got up and drank some juice. At 8am, he vomited, and again at 9am.
So, he had to miss nursery school this morning, which he was quite upset about.
But he hasn't vomited at all since 9am (it's 2:30pm now), and about 10:30am he got up and started playing with Lego a bit. He says he's feeling better now and his tummy feels better.

Hopefully he's done and really feeling better now, and we'll be able to still do cake and presents tonight!
And, hopefully this was not a tummy bug but just from his cold (been coughing a lot the past couple days) and being very excited about his birthday (he's been looking forward to it for a month, and counting down the days for a couple weeks now!). If that's all it was from, then I don't have to worry about Ruth or Zech (or Josh or me!) catching it. Definitely not the right time to have to worry about us getting sick - with the baby coming anytime in the next few weeks, and all the dance windup stuff (rehearsals and recitals) next week. But only time will tell.


videos are up! - 05/10

Took a lot of confusion on my part, work on Josh's part, and stubborn-ness on my computer's part, but videos are up!
I'm working on labeling them all, and making sure there's no "back of the head" ones I need to just delete. I should be able to get that done today, I hope.

These go back a bit, so to help everyone find them all:
Oct. 12 - Isaac and Ruth's dance classes
Oct. 19 - Zech's dance class
Dec. 17 - Christmas concert (everyone)
Feb. 24 - Isaac dancing at festival
Feb. 26 - Zech and Ruth (jazz) at festival
Feb. 27 - Ruth (ballet) at festival
Mar. 4 - Skating show (everyone)

On a side note - MORE RAIN today. *banging head off wall* I'm desperately tired of rain. I need sunshine, walking the kids to school, being outside!


just for fun - 05/09

comparing 36wks with Isaac and today's pic with Baby

Happy Mother's Day - 05/09

Still haven't gotten the videos done and online. My camera, computer, and the site are not playing together nicely. I really need to get them on here and off my camera, though, because we have recital coming up at the end of the month and I don't want to just add more videos onto the 40+ all ready on there!

Things are good here. Finally saw the OB at the end of April, I see him again this Thursday. I'm not sure how it will work out if he wants me to come weekly now, which is likely I know, but it's not really feasible for Josh to take a day off every week. We'll see how things go.

The kids are busy - and a little stir crazy - because we had a week of rain and cold, one day (Thursday) of decent weather, then Friday snowed/rained all day and yesterday it continued. Today isn't as bad, though it's still fairly windy, at least the temp is up to 14.
I think it seems worse because only a few weeks ago we were in shorts and t-shirts, and now it's snowing again! They say it's supposed to warm up through the week, hopefully that's true!

And, lastly, a new picture of the belly/baby - I took these this morning before leaving for church! (36 weeks and 3 days along)