another week - 09/24

I can hardly believe that it's nearly the end of September all ready! The kids are thinking ahead to Halloween right now, so in the next couple weeks we'll have to start getting some costumes geared up, I'm sure.
Last week went okay, all things considered. First we had to deal with the death of Jack, which we're all still a bit sad about. He's definitely missed in the house.
Then we found that the kitten had peed all over our bed. Of course, we figured this out when we went to bed, Thursday night, so all day Friday was spent (by me) washing bedding, comforters, and the mattress cover (many many times) and trying to get the smell out of the mattress. Didn't work that day. On Saturday we went into town for groceries and found some spray stuff specifically for getting rid of pet urine odors, so we got that and tried it. It seems to have worked. So far, I can't smell urine, though the mattress (and therefore the bedding) has a weird smell to it, but I am going to give it a bit of time for the spray stuff to completely go away, as it has a smell of its own.
Swimming lessons were cancelled on Saturday because of problems with the pool. We're all hoping things will be running smoothly for this coming Saturday. The kids were kind of sad about missing swimming, so we decided to take them to the 'Sportsplex' yesterday afternoon for swimming. We spent about 2 hours in the pool! The kids, of course, loved going on the water slide, and Ruthie even got the courage to jump off the diving board! After she did it the first time, she went again and again with no troubles.
And that's about it. We're starting another week, and I have lots of chores to catch up on, and the kids have dance class tonight!


R. I. P. Jack - 09/17

Our cat, Jack, was hit by a car and killed. We haven't told the kids yet.

I am very sad, even though I know he was just a cat - yet he wasn't. He was Jack. My Jack.

I feel like it's my fault, because I let the kids get the kitten. I feel like I chased him off or something - I've never seen him that far away from the house before now.

He was a great cat, loving and gentle with the kids. He will be sadly missed.


A quick hello - 09/16

Nothing really much to report.
The kids had their first swimming lessons yesterday, and, of course, had a blast! Ruthie did really well, I think having the time at the lake this summer really did her some good in the water! As with the dance class, I think she'll be a bit more challenged in this swimming class than the first time, which is a good thing! Oh, and we were able to switch her to the 2nd "floaters" class (starts at 11:20 instead of 10:40) - only a bit of difference, really, but it will make it much easier to get into town on time, and also will mean we have to wait less time at the YMCA. Isaac really is not happy about all the waiting he's having to do now, with the older 2 in things. I keep telling him his turn will come... eventually! :o)
We're still battling fleas here. I have NO idea how we're supposed to get rid of the things. At all. We can't afford to have an exterminator come, but that may be what it comes down to in the end. It's not so much having someone come that's the trouble, as it is the hotel bill (for us to be out of the house for a couple days) and we'd still need to have the animals all dealt with at the vet's ($$$$!!). I have no clue what we'll do next about these things. At all. Myles still has some, Daphne is COVERED. We bathed her Friday night and got a good 2 dozen off her. Last night we bathed her again, and held her in the water for a while, and got at least 3-4 dozen off her. It's just disgusting. I have no idea how Jack is doing, as I can't get a chance to check him over.
We're still not sure about keeping the kitten either. She's been doing all right with the litter box - she did go on our bed on Friday. I was NOT pleased. But yesterday she had no accidents. More importantly (to us) than the litter thing, though, is poor Jack. He's not taken to the kitten at all. He rarely comes in the house anymore, and usually just comes in and hears/sees her and wants to leave right away. He's definitely not the same cat he was before she came. Yesterday he even started to attack Josh and me. So, I'm not sure she'll be staying, if only for Jack's sake. I only hope that we haven't ruined him, that he'll go back to his normal self if she leaves.


Back in action! - 09/13

Well, we are definitely back to business this week!
Monday evening the kids had their first dance class of the year! Zech was a bit stand-off-ish at the beginning, he definitely noticed he was the only boy in his class, lots of other little girls, and he was a little shy. But, by the end of class he was playing and dancing with everyone, trying out everything the teachers were showing. He's excited to go again next week!
Ruthie will be challenged this year in her class - which is a good thing! She is, by quite a bit, the smallest in her class, and most likely the youngest as well. I could tell she was having a bit of trouble keeping up, but she was trying very hard, and that's what matters. She was SO happy that, when she got her sticker for class, her teacher told her she did a good job and the teacher could tell Ruthie was trying very hard. That made her feel much better about the class, I think. I do think it's good that she's being challenged, though. It's a much more serious dance class than the pre-school class is, not about playing games, but about dancing. And I think that's good for her, too. She will get a lot out of this year, I think. I can't wait to see her progress!
Oh, and they slept REALLY well that night! :o)
On Wednesday morning Ruthie started nursery school!!! She was so happy and excited, and so proud to be going to school. She couldn't care less that it's "just" nursery school, to her (maybe because it is to us?) it's school and a big deal! She did really well, had lots of fun (got to paint with "real" paints!) and is eager to go back next week!
Zech didn't do so well with her being gone, but I'm sure he'll adjust. He cried when we had to leave Ruthie at the school - he wanted to stay there with her very badly. But I talked about it with him and told him that this is Ruthie's time at school right now, and he'll have his turn (probably) next year. On the other hand, Ruthie cried when I went to pick her up!
And this morning was our first MOTS group of the year! I'm very glad to have this up and running again, it's such a nice break from the kids, to just be able to sit for a couple hours and drink a cup of coffee without having to wipe noses or take someone to the bathroom. The kids are tired again tonight (yay!).
Oh, and on Sunday (after bugging and bugging from my friend and our kids) we brought home a new kitten. Her name is Daphne. We're not completely sure she'll be staying (litter box issues) and Jack is NOT fond of her. At all. But she's a pretty nice little kitten.

Ruthie on her first day of nursery school!

Our new kitten, Daphne


Happy September! - 09/02

It is Sept. all ready. I can hardly believe it! We have had such a great summer, it's sad to see it gone by, but I know we'll have a lot of fun this fall, too.
We have been busy this past week - dance registration on Tuesday night, both kids are registered for class on Monday nights and have shoes, we're ready to go! It was very cute - when we first walked into the studio, Zech got really excited and kept saying "I can dance now! I can dance now!" I think he'll have fun in class.
On Wednesday night I went to a parent meeting for the nursery school where Ruthie will be going. We were planning on having her go Tuesdays and Thursdays, but ended up changing things around some. The teacher had decided to make another day (Wednesday) because of the number of kids. I tried to see about getting Ruthie in on Tuesday and Wednesday, but found out the teacher will be doing the exact same thing both days - the last thing we want is for Ruthie to find this boring! The trouble with Thursday is that every other week I have my MOTS group in town and so she'd have to miss school - fine and good, she'd be fine, but we still have to pay. It's not a TON of money, but adding it onto the cost of the trip into town and everything... well, it adds up. So, we decided to just have her go to school on Wednesdays, at least for now. If we want to, we can change it later in the year. I actually think this will be a bit better for her, as, with dance class on Monday nights, there's a chance we might be home later or something on Monday and now I won't have to wake her up early on Tuesday!
On Thursday we went to Souris with Jen and her kids. Went to the swinging bridge, went on the train car, and picnic'ed in a park right by a playground - the kids had FUN!
Now we're just enjoying our last couple days before Josh has to go back - which he does on the 4th, for meetings and such, and then the students return on the 5th. Things will really start rolling for us next weekend - swimming lessons start on the 8th!!
I just uploaded some more pictures, for anyone who wants to have a peek!
I'll put a few favorites here...
Zech and Isaac saying "cheese!" :o)
Isaac looking up the ladder (on the train in souris)
Isaac wearing the conductor's hat! Cute kid, we think!
Ruthie and Zech on a bench (in souris). I LOVE this picture of them, only wish Isaac was in it too! But, still, it's going on the wall here!
Ruthie, Isaac, and Zech on the bench (Souris). This one is from now...
And this one is from last year - same bench, same kids!
Look how they've grown!!!