Isaac's party and some photos from the week!

Last Saturday (the 25th) we were planning to have Isaac's friend birthday party. He had invited 4 friends from school... but as it happened, 3 of the boys had a baseball tournament that afternoon and couldn't come. We thought about trying to move the party to the next Saturday, but then Josh offered to take Isaac and his friend to a movie in town - we gave Isaac both options to choose between and he chose to have one friend and go to a movie. It's definitely not something we could afford to take a whole bunch of kids to, but this worked really well for just one friend!
So, instead of doing stuff here, they went to the theatre and watched 'Epic', then came home for supper and cake. Isaac had fun and was happy with it, and that's the most important part!

Zech decorated the cake himself

(When Zech just saw the photo come up on my computer he said "I didn't know I made such a good cake!!")

And a few photos from the rest of the week.
Piper is growing and getting so big! She's not a lot longer - at least she hasn't outgrown anything yet - but she's definitely gaining and filling out her clothes more! This week she's really started making a lot more noises - cooing and making funny sounds, and she's so close to laughing!
May 28th
love these big beautiful eyes!

May 29th
Levi helped me put together the play-mat for Piper the other day - she likes it

Levi loves his baby sister

I think she loves him too

May 30th

May 31st
all bundled up in her car seat - and in her bear hat (it has ears on top)!

And our little Sweet P is 7 weeks old tomorrow - still so little, but so big all ready!


Piper smiles ❤

These first smiles are just the best! All of us love making Piper smile, the kids talk to her all the time and always shout "Piper smiled at me again!". She's such a happy baby girl.

May 22nd

May 24th


Happy 7th Birthday, Isaac Benjamin!

Isaac had his 7th birthday on May 19th. It's amazing that it's been 7 years all ready since this little guy was born.

Isaac got to choose his favorite meal for supper on his birthday - homemade waffles - yummy! Grandma and Grandpa came out to have supper with us, and we had cupcakes and opened presents!

Piper enjoyed the gift opening :)

We're planning to have a small party with a few of Isaac's school friends on Saturday!


May 16th

Love her face!
Piper started smiling (and cooing!) over the weekend and I caught a big grin last night!


Piper Ann ❤ 1 month

It's incredible that this sweet little girl has been here with us for a month all ready. She is such a sweet baby, happy and content almost all the time, starting to smile and coo. She is beautiful and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

May 12th ~ Mother's Day

May 13th ~ Sweet P is one month old

Levi was helping me and insisted this picture needed to be taken :)

It was a beautiful day here, high 20s! We spent the afternoon on the deck.


May 9th

Levi & Daddy working hard!

May 10th
all clean!

May 11th
Miss Piper ~ 4 weeks old