Happy Birthday, Levi!

Levi's 4th birthday was last weekend, on June 14th - 4 years old!!
He was so excited for his birthday this year, asking every day since the start of June if it was his birthday yet. He counted down the days all week until, finally, Saturday came!
As always, we decorated the dining room after he was in bed the night before. We also blew up close to 40 balloons and put them in his room on the floor - when he woke up in the morning I heard 2 thumps (his feet on the floor) and then a really loud squeal - he ran out of his room and gave me a big hug and said "I love you Mom!". I guess he liked the balloons!
He had a good day after that, too. The boys had swimming lessons, so we got ready and to town for that - Levi is loving lessons, having fun, and doing really great! We went out for lunch (Levi's choice, McD's with the slides!), then back home to finish his cake (he helped a whole bunch) and get presents wrapped and supper ready (make-your-own pizzas, yum!).
Josh and the kids decided to do more than just wrap the gifts, and turned it into a treasure hunt from present to present, all over the house. Levi loved that! He was so excited to open each gift - and not just for the gift itself, he wanted to find the next clue and read it!
present treasure hunt!

started in the living room...

then to the playroom...

back up to the kitchen...

and to the boys' room...

finally, to Levi's castle

cake time!
(strawberry cake, made and decorated with lots of help from Levi!)

blowing out the candles

He had a great birthday, and we're so lucky to have this super little guy in our family. He's such an awesome kid!
Love you, Levi! Happy Birthday!


to finish up May...

Just a few photos I had on my camera, to finish up May and move on to June! Bring on the summer, finally!
my girlies

my friend made these ruffle pants and headband for Miss Piper! they're adorable!

i love the irony of the face with the "smile" shirt

Now we've got the trampoline back up in the yard (no net yet, we're working on getting the posts fixed) (and it's anchored down, even been tested a couple times all ready with some strong winds in storms!), the kids and Josh are in the last few weeks of school, and we're more than ready for summer break here - no schedules, no getting kids up and ready and out the door every morning, just camping, beaches, swimming, and fun!

phone pics ~ may

May 1
Ruth's gymnastics group at a goodbye dinner for their assistant instructor (red head on the right)

May 2&3 - Miss Piper

May 9 - tiny painted piggies!

May 11 - a birthday present - Olaf! (made by our good friend!)

May 17 - more ruffles!

May 21

May 22 - her new ride?!

always climbing. always.