when will it end! - 04/30

While we were in town on Saturday (swimming lessons and groceries) some guys from the town were burning on the north side of our road. Our neighbour noticed and, nice guy that he is, went out and got them to burn all the long grass around the back yard and in our ditches.
Unfortunately, we've seen way more ticks since the burning than there was before. Ruthie's had 2 in her hair and 1 on her neck, Myles had one in each ear, one was on Ruthie's sweater, one on the living room floor, 1 trying to come through the door, and then one appeared on Zech's diaper as I was changing him.
I'm really hating these things. I'm not sure how I'll handle the summer if they continue for the whole time - I guess just a lot of time inside.
Swimming lessons went very well. Zech is doing so well in the water now, I can hardly believe that just a few weeks ago he was terrified just getting in with someone, and now he's jumping off the side and sliding in to Josh. It's awesome to see! Ruthie did a lot more fooling around this week than she's done before. I'm hoping to see different behaviour next week.
We've gotten a few spring things done - tires bought and on the van, tires ordered for the car (hope they'll stagger a bit from now on so we don't get stuck buying both sets at the same time!), and I've ordered my new glasses. This is all because of some awesome surprise help from my Mom and Dad!! :o)
We took Isaac in to the clinic on Saturday, too. He had a really bad cold about a month ago that lasted (and lasted) for 3 or 4 weeks. Then, a few days after that went away, he started with a runny nose all day and then coughing and gagging during the night. Finally we realized it might be a sinus thing, so we took him in to check. He's got an ear infection in his left ear and a sinus infection, so he's on antibiotics yet again for that. They seem to be helping, though - he seems happier today so far. Yesterday he was in pain, he needed Tempra every 4 hours all day. :o( Poor lil guy.


Zech funny - 04/27

Josh: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for..."
Zech: "APPLES!"
Josh: "Ice cream.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for..."
Zech: "ICE CREAM!!
We can have apples tomorrow!"
That kid is TOO funny sometimes!!!! Makes it so darn hard to get mad at him for anything!

We're still having some tick troubles around here. I think I posted (??) that I found one on Myles and then found one IN MY BRA when I was getting ready to have a shower. That ended in a panic attack on my part, lasted a few hours. Luckily the boys were napping and Ruthie understood that I didn't feel good and she couldn't touch me for a while. We're going to look in town tomorrow for something to spray for them, and we're going to ask our friends about getting the guinea hens.
Dad did tell us that there's a season for ticks back home, so we're hoping it's the same here. Apparently they don't like the heat, and it does get warm here in the summer. I'm hoping that chases them off after a bit. Would sure make things a lot easier and less worrisome for me!


more ticks! - 04/23

While we were outside this evening, Ruthie came running up to the deck with a "spider" on her leg. ICK! Josh got rid of it and killed it.
Worst part is that she wasn't even in the long grass, just playing on the swing set. Though, the set was near to the grass, so Josh moved it into the middle of the yard. Hopefully that will do for a while, until we get things figured out.
Then when I brought Zech in for a bath he was whining about his back hurting and there was a darn tick crawling around on him, too. YUCK!
Josh and Rick (our neighbour) are looking in to burning off the long grass there, and we're going to talk to my friend's father about getting a few guinea hens to help with the ticks. By the sounds of things, to actually keep the hens, not just buy them to fly away, we'll need to get young ones and raise and feed them a bit.
Definitely worth it, though, to get rid of the ticks!


darn bugs! - 04/18

While we were outside this afternoon, the kids were having a blast, Zech was throwing a ball for Myles into the longer grass beside the yard. When he came out, I noticed something strange on the back of his head, low down. I yelled for Josh and he came to look.
It was a TICK.
I hate bugs anyways, but especially when they're on MY babies!
Josh came back in the house and looked over Myles and Jack, too, and found nothing at all on them. That makes us think that one was a fluke, maybe from the many many geese that have been flying over the yard recently? But if the cat and dog have nothing on them, and they're in the long grass ALL the time, it doesn't make sense to think there're tons of ticks in there.
All the same, we'll be watching the kids more closely while outside and during baths.
All part of the country life, I suppose.


darn eye infection - 04/17

Well, this eye infection sure is going through the family here. Isaac still has it in both eyes, Zech started yesterday morning with it in both eyes, I started yesterday afternoon with it in my left eye, and Ruthie woke up this morning with the beginnings of it in her right eye. :o(
I'm hoping that her eye will clear up on its' own, since it's not nearly as bad as any of ours yet, and she'll still be able to make it to dance class tonight. As it is, she won't be going, which is too bad seeing as how she missed last week's class, too (because she was being a TERROR all day!).
Not too big a deal, in the grand scheme of things, but I know she's getting kinda bored at home and she really loves dance class.
Oh, to top things all off, I'm supposed to have my MOTS group this Thursday morning and then we're supposed to be going away for Friday night (the MOTS group). If Isaac and I don't clear up by then, I'll have to miss out on that, too. Boo.
And, of course, the kids have swim class on Saturday morning, which we'll also have to miss if they're still looking like this.
Eye infections suck.


at the farm - 04/16

We spent most of the day yesterday at our friend's farm. The kids got to play in the sand box and ride on a horse! I even got to ride a bit, and Paul took me for a bit of a trail ride - woulda been longer if my horse hadn't gotten stubborn! I'm very happy about getting to ride a bit... though very sore to show today!
There're pictures of us on the website!


SPRING! - 04/15

Spring has FINALLY sprung for us here, we think!! Yesterday it got up to about 16 degrees, and today it's supposed to be 23! Hurray!!
That's really all I have to "report" - ha! I'm just happy it's finally warming up and getting nice so we can be outside more. The kids all love being outside, and Myles does too.
Nothing much else to report with us. Isaac has a bit of an infection in his left eye. We've got some antibiotic drops for it and are keeping a close watch of his right eye, as well as of everyone else's eyes! I (finally, Mom!) went and got a new puffer for myself. From time to time, when I have a cold, or just sometimes, I need one to open my chest up a bit. Besides that, it's nice to have one kicking around for the kids, too.
And that's about it! We were busy in town yesterday - kids had swimming class in the morning (and did GREAT again!!), we went grocery shopping, and then went to Jen and Paul's for supper and a visit. We stayed WAY too late and didn't get home till after midnight - makes for tired us today! I'm not sure what we're up to today, just knew we couldn't go to church with the goopy eyed kid!


Hoppy Easter! - 04/08

Happy Easter everyone!
We're thinking of our family today, as the kids had their egg hunt and got their little presents. They had fun, and we wish you all were near to share this day with us.


where is spring?! - 04/03

I want it to be spring all ready! I'm tired of cold and yucky weather! :P
While Patti, Ken, and Kendle were here it was mostly so nice. Heck a couple days were up at 15 and 16 degrees. We were outside a ton, the kids could run and play forever out there, we were in short sleeves.
Now it's freezing again. Literally. It's not been above zero now for about 4 days. I am not pleased!
Speaking of Josh's family - we had a great visit with them! I'm so glad they came out. Some parts weren't great, as Patti's father is sick and not doing very well (falling many times) and That's hard for everyone to see and deal with. But, at the same time, it is all a part of life and living, ya know?
Anyways, it was AWESOME to see the kids with Gramma and Grampa! They just had a wonderful time playing and reading and just spending time together. We tease Patti and Ken about moving back to MB, but really we would love to have them come back out here.
Mostly we bummed around, in and out of town, just spending time together. We did get to the winter fair with everyone on Wed, and we had a birthday party for Grampa Sam on Tues evening. It was really a nice visit!
The only sad part about any visits is the goodbye at the end. I hate that we're coming to a point where we can just say goodbye without really feeling sad at all. I hate that we're getting used to not having family close for very long. I really hate that. I miss being close to everyone, like I was always in NS. I miss seeing everyone often.
Mostly, though, I am sad when I see what the kids are missing out on by us living where we do. They, honestly, flourish from the love and attention from their grandparents. They are totally different kids when family is here. I know they have been sad and depressed about everyone leaving, as they've not been the same since Thurs morning.
I do wish Patti and Ken would move back here. I see that they're even different when they're here versus in BC. Maybe not Ken so much (though he's always happy and smiling when he's around the grandbabies!), but definitely Patti. You can tell she feels "at home" in the prairies. I understand, though, that it's not easy to up and leave everything you've known for so long. But still, I wish.
Josh, I know, hopes that someday his and my parents will move out here. I don't know if that will ever happen. I don't know that I can see it happening. But I do wish and hope, too!
And, well, I guess that's it for now. I didn't mean for this to turn into a pity party, but I guess that's just how I'm sorta feeling right now.
This week we're trying to get back into the swing of things. Yesterday was Josh's first day back to school, and I took Ruth and Zechariah to the dentist for the first time. They both did great and there are no concerns or anything!!! :o) Today, in just a few minutes, we'll be getting ready to go into town for Ruthie's dance class. I'm always glad to see her dancing and having a great time! Oh, and the kids start swimming lessons this weekend! I'm excited to see how they do, especially Zech. I think it will make a big difference for both of them in the water.
I do have some pictures that I need to upload to the site, which I'll get around to doing when I have the chance! :o)