Isaac's 2 months old today! - 07/19

Isaac Benjamin Baby is 2 months old today! I can't believe he is!! It just doesn't seem like it's been 2 whole months since he came into this world, yet in other ways it seems like it's been a lifetime.We went to Winnipeg on Monday for the night - stayed at a really neat hotel in a really nice suite! On Tuesday we met up with friends of ours and went to the zoo.There are more pictures from the zoo on our pics and videos page. I'm trying to be good about throwing pictures on there every week or so, and then they show up on whatever day they were taken - very neat! Hopefully you've all had a chance to check them out and see the videos, if you haven't, you should! There's an adorable one of Isaac cooing!!!


we have video!!! - 07/07

I just tried out a site to be able to share videos with all of you, and it worked!! It's over there (or rather right now it seems, down there at the bottom of the screen for some reason) with the other links. Just hit "pictures and video" and you can get to them! It might take a minute for them to load, but it's totally worth it! And make sure you have the sound on!!
Enjoy, all! I know we sure are!!
Oh, and I'll probably be using that site to share our pictures - it's a much easier site to upload the files onto, and I think it's an easier site to use, too. You can even see when the pictures were actually taken! So neat!!


Happy Birthday to me and Papa! - 07/06

Well, my 24th birthday was last Friday, and Papa's birthday is tomorrow. So, happy birthday to us! This is the beautiful cake Ruthie designed for me.I had a great birthday - we went strawberry picking, out for lunch with a friend and her kids, and got to have chinese food and ice cream cake for supper!! Who could ask for anything more?!! I wish I could have been home for my birthday, though. I can't help but to remember the family birthday parties out at the lake. I miss those so much!
Here's a picture I got the other day - you can kind of see Isaac's little grin in it, well, I can anyways!He started to smile and grin a couple weeks ago, and last week he started cooing. I love that sound!!
We're all doing pretty good out here. We're looking for a house, still, having no luck finding anything to rent out of town in the right direction, and though there are places for rent here in town there seems to be nothing that's any bigger than what we're in now. It's definitely a stress point for me, but I'm trying to stay optimistic about it all. It's been quite hot the past couple days, so we've gotten the kids to the water spray park downtown last night and tonight. They've really enjoyed it! We're hoping to get them to a paddling pool tomorrow afternoon for a bit, as it's supposed to be hot again. We're hoping to get to Carberry on Saturday and camp overnight with our friends. Josh will, of course, be taking his telescope... for the kids (wink, wink)!!
Oh, before I forget - I'm getting some more pictures added to our photo albums (May and June's pictures). There's a link to the albums on the right hand side of the screen!
And, before I go, here's a great picture of Isaac's grin. I didn't even realize I'd caught this picture until I was looking through them afterwards on my camera. He definitely loves his big sissy!!