phone pics ~ july

they'll give anyone a license nowadays!

Enjoying our new deck!

At the movies!

Pigtails!!! (but she looks far too old with them!)

Green ring pop = green tongue!

Swinging at the park

We spent Monday-Wednesday camping at William Lake this week. Isaac was at TMBC for the week (we've all ready been planning another camping trip, so he won't miss out on everything!) and Ruth and Zech had basketball camp every day, but it was no trouble to drive them and pick them up. The kids had a good time, even though apparently Levi didn't think that was camping. I'm still not sure exactly what he thinks camping is, but he asked me on Tuesday - "Are you sure this is camping, Mom?" and said he was ready to go home! Even so, we made it through until Wednesday. And he still seemed to have fun.
They, of course, love the beach, playing in the sand and swimming, and there's a wonderful new play structure right at the beach now! So wonderful for the kids!


Ruthie sunbathing

Zech had a little shadow after being away all day

Pick a little rock and put it in a bucket...

Levi does not have a sweet tooth. He tries to convince himself that he does, but he just doesn't. But he can sure roast a mean marshmallow for a s'more for Mommy!

Piper, on the other hand, has quite the sweet tooth. She enjoys marshmallows even while half asleep!
(note to self - don't forget real camera when camping again!)

The older 2 had a really great time this week at their basketball camp. We were able to make it this afternoon to watch their camp-ending-game, and I was so glad we got there! They both learned a lot this week, and they had a lot of fun! They're both talking about maybe playing basketball with the school teams there next there!
Zech (he's the blur. not the still one.)

Ruth (again, the blur. but notice those gymnast's legs!)


Summer snapshots

The first thing on our "to-do" list this summer was getting the deck redone. The deck was old-ish when we bought the house, and we've been here nearly 8 years, so it was just time to get it done. Josh and Zech worked so hard, starting right away when summer break started, we all helped in some way or another but they did a ton of the work, and now we've got a beautiful deck to enjoy!
(not to mention the mosquitoes... lots of those to enjoy too.)
(unfortunately, the pretty deck makes the house look terribly shabby. next year we hope to paint the house. so ignore that in the photos!)

Miss Piper tired herself out one day helping, she fell asleep while eating lunch!

We've been enjoying the deck lots; playing, just sitting, having lunch and snacks, and lots of freezies!!
almost all the babies

little girl looking little... and cute

Speaking of little-ness, Piper loves Isaac's toy camper and plays with it as often as she can get in the boys' room - and she has figured out that she can even fit right inside!


June recap, I suppose!

These photos are a few weeks old, when we had a hot week near the beginning of June, but too good not to share! Piper and Levi just love playing with the water table when it's warm enough - Piper really gets into it!

And I may or may not have turned 32 on June 30th! (Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!) It's the only birthday of the year that I don't have to plan for or make everything for. Josh made me a delicious supper and a super cute cake - a sunflower garden!


phone pics ~ june

Piper on her rocking horse... and bossing Myles around!

All packed up and ready to go!


Levi had a "visit day" at nursery school. He loved it and is SO excited to go in the fall!!

Father's Day - Daddy & Miss Pea

swim suit trying on - fun when you're 1!

Ruth and Zech at the science fair - they did great!

The kids found frogs and caterpillars at the park with Grandma

Piper likes to help Grandma and Grandpa load the dishwasher!

and our back yard at the end of the month - water front property?! hope they don't increase our taxes!