a few more pictures... - 03/14

Josh found a few pictures on his camera, from Feb! I added them onto the other site - feb 8/09.
They're photos of the boys, Zech reading an "I Spy" book to Isaac.searching for the objects, finding them together...
Isaac loves Ruth and Zech to read to him, he hangs on every word...
Our absolute favorite, nothing better than brothers laughing together...


more pictures and videos - 03/13

I'm uploading a whole bunch of new pictures and videos right now. I'm too tired to move some over here, but they're over there! I'll try to get them labeled and stuff before I go to bed. Oh, and there's another one from Jan 12 (more skating, Ruthie and her teacher) that I missed the first time around.
We've been really busy! The last week of February was something every day for the kids! Monday night they had their skating festival. Tuesday night we had skating lessons after school. Wednesday night the boys danced in the music festival (in Brandon) - Ruthie, Josh and I all went to watch the boys, I think they liked that we were all there for them. Thursday was skating lessons again. Friday night Ruthie danced at the music festival - Josh and I went to watch her together, the boys went to play at the Neufeld's. (there are videos of the skating routines and the dancing on the other site!)
And since then I've just been too busy, and tired, to get things up onto the computer. I also still need to do all the pictures from Jan and Feb still. I'll get there, sometime.