Hoppy Easter!! - 03/23

Hope everyone is having a great Easter - lots of candy and eggs left by the Easter Bunny?!
We had our egg hunt this morning, ending with the kids getting their toys - a skipping rope and a 'my little pony' tea set for Ruthie, a dinasour play set for the boys. All enjoyed the egg hunt, though Isaac quickly figured out there was candy in the eggs and set to work eating all he could open!
No big plans for today, just sticking around the house, playing with toys. No very adventurous, I know.
Other than Easter, nothing much is going on. Ruthie and Zech still are doing dance classes on Monday, Isaac is very eager to join in unfortunately! (because he tried to run in and join the class while we're there!) Ruthie's doing great with nursery school, and getting excited about going to kindergarten in the fall - she's very happy it will be every day. Swimming lessons will start again after Spring Break. I'm not sure how well it will work out, as both boys need to have someone with them, meaning Josh and I both have to get in and Ruthie will have to be a very big girl and sit waiting for us, but we'll see. If it's not going to work out, then at least Zech and Ruthie will continue. But we'll give it a shot for a couple weeks, anyways.
Josh (finally) has just one more week before Spring Break. It's very late this year - apparently they always start it the last Monday of March, just happened to be the last DAY of March this year. From what he's said, all the teachers are in agreement that this is too late - the kids have been nuts for weeks waiting for the break! Of course, so have the teachers! I'm not sure of everything we'll be doing during the break, though I'm sure we'll spend a day (probably the Friday) at the Winter Fair in Brandon. Our friends have the petting farm there, so we've always spent at least one day looking around and visiting them.

Josh has been looking into getting a job in NB. He has spoken to a guy (who we spoke to in September, and who told Josh to call him back in March) and he explained the whole application process to Josh. Josh is now getting together his resume, and all his transcripts to send off to the Moncton school board. We'll (hopefully) hear in the next few weeks whether he's been short-listed (for interviews). It would kind of be nice, if we're not going, if he doesn't even get a call-back. Though I know that would be hard for all of us. Either way, we'll know (latest) by the end of May what is happening.
Technically, Josh has to give notice with his board here by Apr 30, but there is a clause whereby he can go to them after the cut off date and make a formal request to be let out of his contract. He's been in talking to his principal this past week (asking him about being a reference for him, actually) and Randy told Josh that basically the formal request just means that they go and ask Randy if he's okay with Josh leaving. Makes sense to us, as Randy is the one who then has to fill the position, and he doesn't want to be hunting for a teacher come July or August. So, he basically said that as long as he knows before June, he's fine with it all, and Josh will be all right to break the contract.
We're not putting all hopes on being home come fall, but we definitely have our fingers crossed!