Levi is really working on getting his hands working - he got his rattle the other day, and put it right in his mouth... another thing he's constantly working on!

Today I vacuumed and while I did Levi was content to lay on the floor...
rolled on his side...
rubbing those little feet together (as usual)...
and chewing those little fingers!
Have I mentioned how everything goes into the mouth these days?
Really lovin' this little guy!


a surprise movie - 08/29

We went in to town on Friday to run a few errands - we needed a new cord for my laptop (the other one "died" Thursday), needed bread, etc - and it was a hot day (32*) again, so we brought along the kids' swim suits and towels to stop at the splash park. I called our friend for a minute and she told us about this special movie thing the town was putting on. Basically, they have a huge inflatable movie screen, as big as a drive-in screen, and they set it up wherever - in Brandon they were setting it up at the discovery center by the river. You come in your vehicles, park, and watch a free movie!
So, we decided to putter around town, letting the kids stay for a long time at the splash park, to kill time until nearer dusk (when the movie was to start). Picked up a few drinks and snacks - although we were surprised again because the movie theater in town supplied free popcorn and the city had free cans of pop!
We pulled the van in backwards, turned the back row bench around and we also had a couple lawn chairs (we'd brought them to use at the park).
The movie was "Alladin" - the kids loved it! A very fun surprise!


Levi - 08/24

Finally got a few new pictures uploaded. There are also a few videos of Levi from last night showing off his new sound - squealing!

He tried out his Bumbo this afternoon,
I think he likes it!

Looks like he has something to say, I think.

Got that giraffe in his mouth!
(she's soft to chew on and she squeaks)

Bright eyed Boy

smiley happy boy!



No new pictures, sorry. I have been dealing with mastitis this week, taking antibiotics to get rid of the infection and trying to get back to feeling like normal. I'm getting there. I hate mastitis, as I'm sure anyone who has had it does, but at least I'm getting good at diagnosing myself now. I've had it at least twice with each kid, 3 times with one of them - though I can't remember which one. So I'm sure that I've got another dose coming at some point in time in the next year or so!
I did (finally) get around to making Levi's birth announcement card, getting pictures printed, and I have most in addressed envelopes and ready to go. Only 2 months after his birthday! Ah well, it's been a busy summer.

On Saturday we slept in a bit then once we were up we decided to pack up and head to the water slides in SK. So, off we went. At first we were thinking it was a big mistake - Ruthie was fine going on the slides alone, Zech would only go on the little kid slides, and Isaac wouldn't go on anything. After a couple hours (including Josh flying down the slides with both boys, dunking them under in the landing pool and terrifying them!) we were able to get Zech going on the big slides alone, running up the hill with Ruthie. Isaac went on a big slide with me (slowly, no dunking!) and then started going on the 3 little kid slides.
We all went on the lazy river in a couple double tubes - I laid in one side, Levi laid on me and napped, Josh laid in the other side and Isaac sat in the middle. Ruth and Zech came along in another double tube behind us.
All in all, a good day had by all of us. I would love to go there again sometime with the Neufelds - I know the kids would have an absolute blast all together there!



I forgot to add this to the last post.

Levi had his 2 month well baby check on Friday - all is well with him. He's now 12lbs 10oz and 24in long - long and lean!
He also got his needles which he was not pleased about - I wish I had a picture of the dirty look he gave the Dr as we left! He was sore and fussy through the day, we gave him Tempra which seemed to help. Then he was pretty much back to normal yesterday, maybe a little sore come evening, but not like Friday.
And, he's been sleeping really well - the past 4 nights now (and 3-4 nights scattered in the week before) he's slept from 9:30/10:00 until 6:00/6:30!


Levi, 2 months - 08/14

Our littlest man is 2 months old today!!!

What a difference one month makes
(look back to July 14 to see his head lifting skills then!)

wondering what Mom is doing!

napping later,
I love his hand over his face!

I really wanted to get these pictures. I see professional ones like it all the time!
I love his little feet and toes!

with Josh's and my wedding band

with Josh's band and my rings

I took this one before those, while I was playing around
but I love how his little feet make a heart!



Yesterday it was hot.
Like, 37+ degrees.

Levi napped (as usual)
but in just a diaper and laying alone on the floor
Ruthie read a few chapters to Levi for her (his?!) bedtime story
Levi listened very intently

a friend of mine on my due date board
edited my favorite shower picture to black and white.
I like it even more now.


another picture post! - 08/06

July 26
Very hot day,
Levi needed to cool off in just a diaper.

Isaac decided to read to Levi
Zech read to Levi afterwards

August 3
Levi's little smile
sticking his tongue out at his brothers
smiling and talking to the older boys
I really like this picture of the boys,
just happy
Oh, is that a pout we see?
then he notices the camera and gives this grin
but goes right back to the pouts.
a great one of his big lip
and one last grumpy gus!

August 6
Levi's really getting good at holding that head up!
And Isaac says "hi", too.