It's hard to believe it's the last day of February all ready! We're all ready, waiting, and hoping for spring to come in with March!!
We had a wonderful visit with Josh's sister last week - she was on 'reading break' from university and came out for the week. The kids loved seeing (and meeting, or at least "re-meeting") Auntie Kendle!
Levi naps at Grandma and Grandpa's

the kids with Auntie Kendle

just Levi

Other than visiting, we've just been busying getting to skating and getting ready for the Ice Show (tomorrow evening!). We started potty-training Levi last month, and he's been really doing great! After the ordeal we had with all of the older kids, it's been lovely to have an "easy" one to potty train! He's in underwear all the time now - even naps, nights, and when we go out - and only has an accident once in a while... and for some reason, only when we're at home!

Another post is sure to follow next week, with videos of the kids skating for the show!
Keep your fingers crossed for spring to come asap in March!


Levi and I made some decorations for Valentine's Day last week. If you notice, in my post on Elli's day, I made a bunting/banner for over the dining room window. There are a few more through the house, too.
I saw this craft on a blog I read sometimes, and thought it might be perfect for Levi - turns out I was right, he loved it! It's so simple: just a bunch of cut out hearts of varying sizes, and one big heart. Grab a glue stick and some wax paper and you're set!

He did so well with the glue stick, I couldn't believe it. Hardly any mess on the table to clean up at all.
I also couldn't believe how focused he was. He sat and worked on this steady, until he had every little heart glued on his paper. It must have taken a good half hour and then some, but he kept working at it until he had it all finished.
Now, at the end, the idea was to cut the large heart out so it was just that with the small hearts inside... but Levi decided the hearts belonged everywhere... and then "don't cut mine hearts, mommy!". So I didn't.
And I wanted to put it up in the window so light would shine through it, but he "meeds it on the wall". So on the wall it went.
At any rate, cut out or not, window or wall hung, he sure was proud of himself!


Elliana's day

One year ago, we said hello and goodbye to our littlest baby girl, Elliana Lucy.
Today, we celebrated her birthday with tulips and pink cupcakes - because, like Zech said this morning, "We all get cupcakes on our birthday". The kids sang "happy birthday" to her, even Levi. There were a few tears shed as we remembered our time with our special little girl.
It was a busy day, too, with school for the kids and work for Josh. Levi and I worked made Elli's cupcakes and worked on some valentine's decorations. Then the boys had a mini-sticks (hockey) game at the rink tonight.
But that was all okay. We have learned that life does go on, though sometimes it's hard, but we always remember Elliana even on the busy days.
I realized something the other day, too, as I thought about decorating a bit for valentine's - for Zech, we always wait until his birthday and party are done to decorate for halloween, then everything comes down and we wait for Ruth's birthday and party stuff to be finished before putting anything up for Christmas. But for Elli... well, pink and hearts and love... that's pretty perfect decorations for her day.



We have had a busy few weeks! My computer also needed some fixing, so it was in the shop for a couple weeks. Back now, fixed, and I'm back online.

A couple shots first, from the beginning of January...
love that the kids share our love of reading and books!

Levi says "cheese"

Josh's brother, Ben, and his wife, Crystal, came to visit for nearly 2 weeks - it was wonderful to see them and their kids (Malaki, Isaiah, and Naomi)! We haven't seen them in just over 3 years, and we'd never met the younger 2 kids until now. We had a lot of fun visiting and letting the kids play together - they jumped in like they'd always known each other, playing (and fighting!) like any ol' cousins.
Levi & Naomi reading together

Naomi reading - she loved Levi's little chair!

Malaki even got to help out and play with the boys in a hockey game while they were here! Silly me, no pictures of that though.
We made sure to get a group shot of all the kiddies after church one Sunday - thank goodness we did it that day because they left the following Friday and because of the cold our van didn't start and we didn't get to see them again! Hopefully next time they visit we won't have the same troubles.

And I have been busy making some things for Ruth's new doll (from Santa for Christmas). She now has...
a sleeping bag/bed

a nightie, robe, and slippers

a new outfit (Ruth still wants a headband and shoes to match, we'll get there!)

sweater, hat, scarf, mitts, and boots - you need to dress properly for winter here!