more pictures! - 08/28

Yesterday we went to 'Reptile Gardens' near Brandon, with Jen and the kids. I just finished putting up some pictures of the kids and some of the critters we saw there!
The kids LOVED it - there were tons of snakes, quite a few crocodiles and alligators, some lizards and iguanas, some turtles, a few fish. And there were lots of spiders, which I saw one and started shaking, so I learned to not look at that wall!
Icky for me, but worth it to see the kids so interested and excited about all the animals.
Enjoy the pictures!


they're here! - 08/25

Well, online at any rate. I just (finally, I know!) got our pictures uploaded onto our site. Enjoy!


oops! - 08/09

No pictures up yet, sorry. It's been busy around here! We're off to Winnipeg (again!) tomorrow and Patti flies out Monday morning, early. Hopefully by the middle of next week all the pictures from our visits will be up. I'll post when they are!
Things are well here, everyone's happy and busy, if a little bit tired out! We'll have this coming week, not much planned, and then in the last couple weeks of the summer we have a bunch of appointments and have to get registered for dance classes and swimming lessons! Busy again!


busy busy busy! - 08/05

Just a short note - we're BUSY!
Mom and Dad were here for a week (19th to 26th) - very busy with them, playing and just spending time with them and the kids.
Then Josh's mom flew in on the 25th and she'll be here until the 11th. We're busy still, walks to the park (playground at the school), bike rides, trips here and there!
We have a bunch of pictures on Josh's camera that we just haven't had a chance to get on the computer yet, but hopefully in the next couple days.