Levi has toes.
You know this, I know this.
And now Levi knows this!
"Look! Toes!"






There's a funny video along with these photos, too!

Happy boy!


Bethlehem Live - 11/29

We had a very busy weekend - Bethlehem Live shows Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening, and church yesterday. And now it's starting another snowstorm - and we need groceries!


photo recap - 11/22

Forewarning - this post will be all over the place, date wise! Josh got the photos done from his camera for me... but they're from back in October. Bear with me.

October 24th - we went to Killarney to have dinner (their fall supper) at the manor with Josh's grandpa and grandma.
Levi loves Grandpa Sam.
All the kids with Grandpa
We're going to get that one printed larger, frame it, and give it to Grandpa. I think he'd like to have it in his room.

October 30th - We carved Jack-o-Lanterns! Zech missed out, stuck in his room for very-not-nice behaviour. He was able to come out after the pumpkins were carved and see them all lit up - and, really, Josh carved a 'Star Wars' pumpkin for Zech anyways. Levi loved being right in the midst of everything!
The finished pumpkins lined up - Josh's/Zech's (a clone (soldier) from star wars), Ruthie's (a witch), Isaac's (another clone, star wars), and Levi's (a little ghost!)
And all lit up!

November 9th - Ruthie's 8th Birthday!!
We had our normal birthday night stuff - supper of her choice, followed by birthday cupcakes...
and then opening some family gifts and cards...

November 10th - Ruthie's birthday party.
She had 4 girls over from school for supper (make-your-own subs), cake, a movie (Josh turned downstairs into a theatre with projector and screen!), and a sleepover. (Phew, was I ever tired out!)
She wanted (and I made) Mrs Potts and Chip for a cake...
I'm no pro, but I think she was pretty happy with how they turned out and that's all that matters!

November 12th - just a normal day, but a cute picture!
Zech came home from school and sat down in the living room to finish his leftover snacks/lunch from the day. Levi was sitting there too, and started talking to Zech. When Zech started talking back to him, Levi was just so happy. They sat and visited for a good while there, happy as clams.

And that brings you up to speed! There are a few more from these days on the other site, as usual.



We woke to a blanket of snow this morning - much better than the -20 temps we woke to yesterday! Welcome to winter, apparently. Not a surprise, just a rather sudden change from the -2 temps of last week.
We had a pretty good week, with Josh going back to work on Wednesday. The kids are doing okay with him not being here right away after school, and heavens it's only 5 weeks until they're all on Christmas break anyway!
Josh got those pictures done up for me last night, I just need to fight with my computer to get them on - sometimes easier said than done. Will post again when I have success with that!


Levi is 5 months old (plus 4 days!) - 11/18

Levi turned 5 months old on Sunday.
He's getting so big, so fast!

He's sitting like an old pro all ready, only falling over when he gets really distracted or reaches too far for a dropped toy!
He has no desire to roll as of yet - he gets frustrated and starts complaining within seconds of being put on his belly.
He still loves to stand and jump, and will try to walk with us holding his hands.
He loves the exersaucer, still, and jumps and bounces in it more than any baby I've seen!
We were late (nearly a month) with his 4 month appt, just had it on the 8th.
Levi was 15lbs 10oz and 26.5 inches - almost identical to Zech, in fact.

He's a happy little guy

and still drooling gallons a day - seriously, that may not be an exaggeration!

The other day I put him in my own first Christmas sleeper - from what I remember of my baby pictures, he doesn't look terribly much like me. Not surprising!
He also loves my old rattle (you can see it a bit in the photo), plays with it a lot.

As (almost) always, there are a few more of these pics on the other site. I still need to bug Josh about getting the ones from his camera, but will post when they're up to share!


phew! - 11/16

Well, we made it in one piece - or 6 pieces, I suppose. But we made it! With Zech's birthday, halloween, Josh's birthday, and then Ruth's birthday it becomes... well, a very busy month we'll say. Now it's all done and we can relax a bit and get on to waiting for Christmas!
I have a few new pictures on my camera that I'll try to get online tonight or tomorrow, and Josh has a bunch of pictures, from October through Ruth's birthday, that I need to remind him to do for me - hopefully in the next few days.
Today is the last day of Josh's parental leave, tomorrow is his first day back to work. It will certainly be a change to not have him here with us all day. Levi will be getting out more often - having to take Isaac to nursery school and pick him up all the time, instead of only when he wasn't sleeping and the weather was decent. Ah well, only 5 weeks until Christmas break - yes, we've counted it!
Not a big update, but that's it for now. Another post to come with new pictures when I get them on. But for now - we made it through and we're still alive!


sitting?!!! - 11/06

Yup, Levi.
All ready.
He sat like this for nearly 20 minutes!
We figure he'll be walking, oh, next week!!!
Kidding, of course... but this sure does scare me!