grumpy baby - 07/29

Levi has been super grumpy the past few days. Crying, whining, wanting more cuddles and "ups" than even normal (which is quite a few anyways!). We assumed it was all from being tired and worn out. We've been busy and out of the house nearly every day, he's not been getting good naps just dozing in the van while we drive, and he's not been sleeping great at night or going to bed well at all.
Today he had a good near 2 hour nap and woke much happier. As I was changing him afterwards I finally solved the mystery of the grumpy baby - he's getting his 2 top molars right now! They're both just starting to cut through. No wonder the poor little guy's been fussy and sad lately!


pictures from the past week-ish - 07/26

Nothing much new to say - still visiting with Josh's parents, everyone is having fun.
But some pictures from the past bit here.

July 18th - Camping at Lake Adam

July 20th - sitting like a big boy for breakfast!

July 21st
Levi fell asleep with Josh, but got too hot and woke up. He crawled off the couch, on to the floor, laid on the pillow, and fell back asleep!

July 23rd - Levi and Blue
(that's Mat's dog)

July 24th - At the splash park
Levi loved it!
He's the little guy in there, wearing the blue+green shirt

July 25th
Levi really likes Blue, and Blue is great with all the kids.

That's it for now! I'll be back soon with more, I'm sure!


more camping and visitors - 07/21

We got out camping again on the weekend - Sunday through Tuesday, once again. We decided to try out Lake Adam this time, they have electric sites... and honestly that's about it as far as better or more than William Lake. It was nice to be able to plug in our cooler/fridge and use that for food. They did have a wonderful playground for the kids, but it was down on the beach so the kids weren't able to go there on their own whenever they wanted to. The walk to the beach involved a really steep hill - while not so bad on the way there (downhill) the uphill climb back to the campsite left you needing a shower or another swim when we got back. And, worst and most importantly of all... the beach has leeches. Lots of leeches. Seriously. Lots of them. On Sunday when we went down there were lots of people, lots of kids in the lake. And nearly every one of them came out with leeches on them. There were kids carrying around cups full of them. While standing in the lake you could watch them swimming towards your legs. Ick. Gross. Disgusting. I can't do leeches. I tried. I can't. We went down again Monday morning. It was hot and I wanted to swim. But I just couldn't. After lunch Josh decided we would take snacks and drinks and go to William Lake. A relief to get in the water and swim without fear. We came back to Lake Adam for supper, got up Tuesday morning and packed all up, and went to William Lake again for the afternoon before coming home.
We know now. It's not worth the electric. So not worth it. William Lake it is from now on!
Yesterday we had dentist appointments in the morning. All teeth are well, white, and healthy! Phew! I don't hate the dentist and had no real reason to worry, but I always do worry that this time will be the first cavity for us to deal with and I don't look forward to that day.
We have been expecting Josh's parents to arrive sometime at the end of this week - today or tomorrow. His mom called last night around 7pm... to say they would be here in a few hours! What a rush! We ran around and got a weeks' worth of chores all done, and the kids all in bed and asleep within a couple hours. And now they're here and everyone is happy!
I have pictures from camping to put on, and a few from around the house. I'll get to them sometime in the next few days. Maybe!


camping - 07/14

We had a great time camping at William Lake - went on Sunday and stayed for 2 nights. It was a lot of fun, the kids had a great time, and we all can't wait for the next stretch of nice weather so we can go again! The only trouble we had was with Ruth and Zech - sleeping on an air mattress always means rolling and leaning in the night, apparently he touched her sleeping bag, she woke us at 3am (both nights!) yelling and crying at him to get off her sleeping bag, stop touching her, and leave her alone. We've all ready gotten some exercise mats so they can each have their space - hopefully that will resolve the issue. They had no trouble at all with sleeping in the tent themselves, being "away" from us, or anything, just the mattress.
Levi had a blast, got absolutely dirty every day, and loved the beach and water. He had no troubles with napping or sleeping - being outside in the fresh air all the time helps with that I think!
July 11th - William Lake
Levi napping

at our campsite

the trailer and tent set up

Where's Levi?

There he is!

a chipmunk came right in and started eating Myles' food right out of the bowl! Myles was not bothered in the least by this - if you know Myles, you know this.

he got scared off after a few minutes, but didn't go far (just to the corner of the site) before stopping to keep eating.

Levi down at the beach

bad photo of the beach - I'll get a better one next time we go!

July 12th - William Lake
Levi playing in the lake!

He loves the water!

Funny timing - we got down to the beach just minutes after a couple kids from Minto arrived, so the kids had fun playing and swimming with friends!
Ruthie's in the middle (the monkey in the middle!), Zech's in the green tube, Isaac's in the black tube.

and there's a video on the dropshots site of Levi splashing and talking in the lake!

July 13th - at home, with trucks!
We came home to construction - they're working on the ditch, trying to prevent more flooding in town.
Levi loved watching the back hoe and trucks!

he kept talking, telling us all about them (we assume!)

a dark photo, but can you see that smile? so happy!

cute little dude