just a quick hello - 03/26

Josh's mom, dad, and sister are here visiting right now. We're enjoying our guests! Though, the kids aren't quite used to "extra" people being around so much at our house, so things are a bit hairy there, but that's okay.
I do wish I was at home right now. My Gram Lutz is in the hospital. I know there's nothing I can really do, there or here, but I wish I could be there for and with her. I think of her all the time and miss her terribly.
Things are well, though. I know she's being taken care of to the best of the dr's abilities. I know she's in good hands. But it's times like these when the distance really hits me, ya know?


Yay! - 03/16

Nothing major to report, but I wanted to post this anyways.
We got our taxes done Monday night (only took 3+hours, but that's a story all to itself), and got the cheque thrown in the bank. I figure it should have cleared and all by now, and I don't think that matters for online bank transactions, anyways?
So, I called Revenue Services and got my balance on my student grant overaward. I just went and paid it all off! Yay!!
I know it's a little thing, in the grand scheme of all the student debt Josh and I have, but it feels like it's a start, feels like it's made a difference.
The best part about having that paid off, and having the taxes done, is that I can get Josh to bring home his paper shredder from school and I can shred all of last year's stuff! I love doing that!! Yes, I know I'm strange.

As for life here, things are pretty good. Isaac's second tooth is slowly coming more and more into view. It doesn't seem as noticable to me yet as his first one was at this point, I think just because it's now in comparison to his ONE HUGE tooth! It really is cute. I should remember to take some more pictures of his lonely tooth before its friend really joins it!
Ruth and Zech are good. They're a bit stir crazy today, though.
On Monday Josh got to school fine, but then got sick and vomited in the staff room. :P They called in a sub for him and though he started feeling better, the sub was all ready there. So, home he came. By the time he got here, he was feeling pretty much completely fine. The day was really nice, hit nearly 15 degrees!! We went for a walk to get the mail with the kids, and let them play outside for a long while. They LOVED that!! Then Tuesday was a bit colder again, but we had dance in town that night, so it wasn't too bad, we still got out of the house. Wednesday was fairly cold again, down to -5 or so, but the kids wanted OUT. I dressed them up and sent them out to the garage to play. They stayed out there playing around for over an hour! Wednesday night we got a stupid snow storm. Darn winter! Josh still had school yesterday, but it was too cold for the kids to even go to the garage to play.
So, today is their second day "stuck" inside. It's still not very warm out today. And THAT's why they're stir crazy!
Oh, we also have some weird something happening with the sump pump in the basement. It's been running for days, non-stop. Josh called the plumber from school this morning. He's only got parent teacher interviews for the morning, so he'll be home shortly after lunch and the plumber is supposed to come then to check things out.
There (maybe?) goes the emergency fund I wanted to get started with some of the tax return!


We can see! - 03/13

We had an appt with the optometrist on Saturday for everyone. I wasn't planning to have Isaac checked, because I thought he was too young, but apparently they actually recommend to have the first eye exam after 6 months of age, so we did him too!
Josh no longer needs glasses at all. Lucky guy! His one eye (he has quite bad damage to the retina from hockey and other sports hits) is pretty bad, but his right eye is better than 20/20, so it actually kinda makes up for the bad eye. The dr said he could give Josh glasses, if Josh really wanted them, but it wouldn't make a difference in his vision. Though, if he starts having headaches again, we'll get him a pair. We think he used to have bad headaches because, in university, he was doing way more reading textbooks and such.
My eyes haven't changed much at all since the last time I had them checked. I didn't think they had, as I can still see well with the glasses I got then, but wanted to be sure. I will be getting new glasses, though, because the lenses are going spotty on the ones I have now.
Isaac is a bit far sighted, which is normal and actually good for his age. He has no turning in of the eyes or anything. He actually did the best of all the kids during his exam, though they all were really good - he really likes lights and had to look at one, so he did great!
Zech, who I was sure needed glasses, is just a bit far sighted - again that's normal and actually a good thing at his age. The Dr did say if Zech continues to complain about his eyes hurting and getting headaches, that we should have him seen by our family doctor to find the cause, because now we know it isn't his eyes.
Ruthie is the one who really surprised me! I was sure she was fine, no problems. Turns out she has astigmatism. Right now it's borderline for glasses, so the Dr said unless it's a problem for her (she has headaches, squints a lot) we won't get her glasses right now, but if those things start we should bring her back in and get something for her. After that Josh and I talked to her about how she needs to tell us if she's got headaches or anything like that. I don't know if it is because we talked to her about it, but she says she's had a headache now since yesterday morning. I'm going to give it a bit, to see if it's because of the appt and all, or if it's real, and then decide about taking her back in.
So, that's our eyes done! The kids go back in a year, Josh and I go back in 2. :o)
Isaac "officially" has his 2nd tooth finally!! It's popped through enough now that you can actually see it, not just feel it in there, so I'm considering it through! Only took 2 months to follow the first!!


update - 03/09

I took the kids to the Dr yesterday for a check back since the clinic visit. Ruth and Isaac's ears are cleared up, so no more medicine and no tubes. We're going to keep Zech on the 'zantac' for another 2 months (about 3 months total) and then try him without it to see if things have improved. I'm hoping that with 3 months on the meds and more frequent chiropractic visits, he'll be able to handle no meds after that.
And that's about it!
Oh, my best friend, Katie, got a job in Ottawa!!! She'll be coming out June 1st!! I know it's not quite right here with us, but it's closer than Halifax!
Just remember Katie - it's easier for 2 to drive than 2 + 3 kids!


here we are! - 03/04

March all ready - I can hardly believe it!

This is a picture taken for the church. They're doing a wall of family photos of people who go to the church... at least, that's what we understand! Should help to put a name to the face, is the idea, I think. Anyways, I thought I'd share the picture with you!

Things are going pretty good here. We had a big snow storm last week - it snowed from Wednesday late morning to Friday morning. Josh had no school Thursday or Friday. That part was nice, actually! Today it's been blowing and snowing a bit again.

The kids are on the mend, we think and hope! And basically we're just doing our normal thing!