trailer pictures - 05/14

Just a short post to say that the trailer pictures are finally up on the other site. I haven't got my own computer to work with, so it's taken me a while, and I don't want to move them over here, but they're over there!
Zech's been sick, he's doing better now. Ruthie had a bunch of dance stuff for the tap show, it went well, though now she's not feeling that well. Not sure if she'll get to school today or not.
Josh has pictures of her in costume, not yet on the computer, and we have a video of her dance! We'll get those up and on here before too long... I hope!


finally! - 05/01

For starters, MAY all ready!? Craziness!
And, I finally got the pictures and videos uploaded. I kept forgetting to ask Josh for his card reader thing, then yesterday I got it, got everything on my computer... and then forgot to actually put everything on the internet! But they're over there now!
The videos of the boys' dance class aren't as good as I would have liked - not as good as Ruthie's videos - but I tried! Kids kept getting in front of me, or between the boys and the camera!