oops, forgot to mention

the job hunt in NB is a no-go, unfortunately. They called just Tuesday to say that Josh was just then able to be put on the "eligible to hire" list. Definitely not soon enough, and that's not even a position offer or anything.
We tried, but it's definitely not in the cards for us to get closer, apparently.

Isaac Benjamin is 2 years old!!! - 05/22

Isaac turned 2 on Monday (the 19th)!! Very hard to believe that he's 2 all ready... though if you ask him, he's not! Whenever we ask him "are you 2, Isaac?" he says " NO!" in a sad voice. Guess 1 is just old enough for him!!
We had cupcakes for he and Gracie (our friends' daughter, born on the 18th) at our MOTS group last week. Gracie loved it, Isaac cried when everyone sang!
Then we had cake and presents, just the 5 of us, at the house on Monday. I made him a "dine-sor" cake, which he LOVED! But wouldn't eat, and got very mad when I cut pieces for Ruth and Zech!
I'm just putting some pictures up online from my camera, and I know Josh has more on his, so I'll have to get those on here later.

Yesterday Ruthie had a field trip for nursery school, to one girl's house to see the miniature horses there! They were "so cute", Isaac says. I stayed with the boys, and let them mingle with the rest of the nursery school kids, which was neat to see. Isaac loved playing with the others, but wanted nothing to do with sitting with them or playing a game or story-time. On the other hand, Zech fit right in! He walked with another nursery school boy to the park in pairs, and really did well. I was happy to see that, as I know he'll be ready for it in the fall, for sure. I'm sure, too, that he'll love school!

Best of all, my parents let us know last night that they've booked a flight to come and visit! They're flying in on the 19th. Because of how full flights are all ready, they'll only be able to stay a week (otherwise they can't get home until into August). So, it'll be a short visit, but very fun. I can't wait all ready! We do wish that they could stay all summer!!! But we know work doesn't always quite allow for that.


no news yet - 05/14

No news on the MB job yet. I'd like to think " no news is good news", because at least that means there's still a chance, but we're running out of waiting time. We can't just leave this job here with a maybe in NB, it has to be a definite permanent contract for Josh to sign. But we've heard nothing so far.
So far hearing nothing means that they haven't said no - which is a good thing. But, like I say, we're running out of time to wait on this end. Randy (Josh's boss now) needs to figure things out for next year, who he's got and what courses he can offer. This may not seem like a big deal as far as Josh is concerned, but Josh has created and implemented a technology course this semester and it's gone over very well. Randy would like to have it next year, both semesters, but he can't offer it at all unless Josh is there. Basically, Randy is at a point of needing to know what the final word is.
Ultimately, we've done all we can to get closer to home. This week is pretty much the cut-off for word. Unfortunately.

Otherwise, things are going well. Ruthie and Zech are finishing up dance - just one more class next week, then dress rehearsal and recital and we're done! I do love watching them dance, and they really do enjoy classes, but I'll be glad for a bit of a break. I hope that they'll be able to continue with dance in the fall, and I'm sure Isaac would love to begin then as well, but we'll have to see what the school schedule is like for Ruthie.
Swimming lessons are going very well. We did miss last Saturday's class because of dance pictures, but that's okay. Ruthie is doing great, on her own in the water - she can even touch the bottom (shallow end) and have her heard above water! Zech is doing really well again. We're still not sure what he got scared about at the end of last lesson "term" (not swimming on his own, wouldn't let go of Josh, wouldn't use a noodle) but he seems to be over whatever it was! He does it all on his own, with a noodle. We're just there because we have to be! Isaac is doing SO much better than we ever imagined. We thought he'd be scared, as he always has been in the water, but he LOVES it! He jumps right in, and doesn't want to be held for swimming. We have tried him with a noodle, but he can't really hold onto it yet. We tried him with a life jacket, and as long as someone's holding him (so he doesn't flip right onto his back) he likes that freedom.
And that's about it! For now anyways.