almost there! - 07/17

Well, we've been counting down to Saturday, when my parents arrive, and we're nearly there! The next couple days will go by really quickly, too, I'm sure. Josh will be photographing a wedding with our friend, Jenn, and the rehearsal is tonight, so he'll be just running to the dump this morning (I hope) and then heading for Winnipeg shortly after lunch. I have a ton of housework to get done, laundry to get done, and packing to do. The kids and I are going to Winnipeg tomorrow, probably right after lunch as well (hope to have them nap or rest the whole drive). We'll meet Josh and play and swim at the hotel. On Saturday, we're still not sure if Josh is free to come to the airport or not, but the kids and I will be there, no matter what! We're all very excited!
Ruthie had her EEG done on Tuesday. She did very well, though she was nervous. I'm sure it felt weird to have all those things on her head, but she really did great and listened very well during the test - the tech had her close and open her eyes when he asked, take deep breaths for a while, and watch a flashing light. We haven't heard anything yet, but will definitely let everyone know when we do.
And, since I've been telling Ruthie she could, and because I wanted my parents to see it (!!), I took her to a friend's house yesterday and got her hair cut and colored. It's chin-length, with bangs (very cute!), and PINK! Not all, but you definitely see it! I'll post pictures after my parents come, cuz I don't want to ruin the surprise!
And that's about it for now. Very busy, but very excited!


Our scary sunday - 07/15

On Sunday we had a huge scare from Ruthie. Things started out normal, she woke up, had a cup of milk, ate breakfast, and we got ready to go to church. For some reason I had this strong urge to get to church yesterday, even though Josh had been up late trying for some outside pics and slept in till 10.
Got to church, all was fine. During the sermon (sunday school is not going on for the summer) Ruthie was kneeling, coloring on the pew. Then she leaned over on Josh's lap - sometimes she does this, wanting a quick cuddle - he rubbed her back, then told her to keep coloring. He kinda pulled her up off his lap. She sat on her knees for a second, then slumped into my lap. She wouldn't respond when I said her name, I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up, to make her look at me. But there was nothing in her eyes. And she rolled out of my hands and under the pew in front of us.
Still Josh and I thought maybe she was messing around, trying to be silly. I grabbed her arm to pull her out and it was like grabbing a rag doll - there was no tone, totally limp, no life there at all. Her head slumped back and her eyes were rolled right back in her head. Josh grabbed her and ran for outside. I followed, yelled at poor Zech (who was standing there with us the whole time) to "stay there!". When we got outside she had her eyes open, but was scared and had no idea what was happening.
I went back inside to figure things out with the boys and figure out what we needed to do. We weren't sure whether to call 911 or just rush to the hospital ourselves. The youth pastor's wife ran out, dropped her new baby in my arms and said "I'll get the boys." A young girl came to me, said "I'm a nurse, can I go look at her?" Of course I said "yes, thank you." She went out with Josh. A lady from the church (does sunday school stuff, knows Ruthie) had run out right behind us. She came inside and said that Ruthie had started vomiting. A young guy came by me, said "I'm a paramedic. I'm going out to check her." He went out, started taking her vitals, and called 911 on another guy's cell.
We ended up leaving the boys with friends at the church, they took them to their house for lunch and the afternoon.
Ruthie went in the ambulance to the hospital, I went with her in it, Josh drove the van. They had me give her blow-by O2 in the ambulance, which pinked her up after a few seconds - she had NO color at all through all this, after she'd vomited 4 or 5 times, she slumped on Josh. We asked was she tired, she nodded, the EMT said to lay her on her left side and let her close her eyes if she wanted to. - that whole time she was just grey, no color, even her lips were completely grey/blue. But the O2 helped. They checked her blood sugar, fine at 6.1.
In the ER we were lucky that the ped (from Winnipeg) was on duty here. He talked to us, I was telling him what had happened and poor Ruthie just got tears in her eyes. I think it scares her that we talk about what she did (falling, vomiting) and she doesn't remember any of it. She remembers her tummy started hurting, and she remembers leaning on Josh. That's it. She remembers bits and pieces from in the ambulance, and then at the hospital. But she lost a good chunk of time.
We have no family history of seizures (actually, I found out while talking to my parents last night that my great-grandma had seizures when she was little, but she outgrew them), but we have a strong history of migraines. Josh has them, I have them, Josh's sister, both my parents, my grandpa, and his dad too. They're all over our family.
The ped thinks this was a seizure caused by a migraine. Her tummy pain may have actually been a stomach migraine (same thing, bundle of nerves freaking out, but in the abdomen instead of the head). We all hope it's an isolated thing, but for now she's going for an EEG this afternoon and we're to watch her closely. No being alone in the bath or while swimming we have to be near her always.
If it only happens this once, and the EEG shows nothing, that's it. But if it happens again, we'll have to do more testing and go to the city to see the neurology department there.
She is fine and normal now. Back to reading, talking a bunch, and bossing her brothers around. THank goodness!
It's not a huge wonder that she was good for her finger prick in the ambulance - she was still dopey and fairly non responsive. But in the ER, we had to wait and have bloodwork done, and she was awesome for that! We each held a hand, told her to squeeze but try to be still. She didn't move at all, just watched the needle going in her arm (just like I always do!) and squeezed a little bit. Done. Brave girl!