1st cereal! - 11/16

Isaac had his first taste of rice cereal last night at suppertime. He was hungry (I think?!!) and I just didn't really feel like feeding him myself, so I just made some cereal up for him to see what happened. I figured he's only a few days shy of 6 months, so close enough! He made a mess, but finally was able to swallow some of it, and really liked it!


long time no see! - 11/13

Well, we're finally back online! It's been a while away from the computer, not actually all that bad a thing, really. But I've sure got a lot of updates to catch up on now!!
I just put some new pictures on the photos site to share with you all. Some from Halloween and Ruthie's birthday - she's 4 years old!!! Holy!!! Where does the time go.
I don't have very long right now, it's getting to bed time and Isaac isn't very happy, but everything went okay and we're moved into our new house. The kids (and we!!) love having all the extra space. The kids aren't used to having a playroom yet, and stay in the living room with me a lot, but more and more are "going downtairs" to play. There have been a few things that haven't been quite as good as hoped, like our kitchen taps, but they're getting fixed in time.
I'll add a few pictures here, too.
This is our new kitty, Jack. The kids love him!

These are pics of the kids on Halloween. Ruthie was the little mermaid, Zech wore my old bunny costume (which Ruthie wore, too, her 2nd halloween), and Isaac was Eeyore.

Ruthie had a great birthday party. She really liked her "cake"!

A picture of Isaac with Jack. He really likes kitty!