a bunch of pictures! - 11.21

The past couple months... in pictures!

Zech had his 7th birthday on Oct 16th! As always, we had cupcakes for dessert after a supper of his choosing that night.

We had his birthday party the following Sunday (23rd). Some of his friends came over. We had a fire in the field across the field, roasted hot dogs for supper, and had cake and presents.

The day before halloween the kids made their jack-o-lanterns. Normally we do one for each, but this year I wasn't touching pumpkin guts! So, Josh opted for 2 pumpkins for everyone.

Ruthie made a vampire.

The boys made a zombie.

We all went out for Halloween and did this side of town. Then Isaac, Levi, Josh and I came home while Ruth and Zech went to do the other side of town with some friends.
Ruthie - vampire

Zech and Isaac - pirates

Levi - Yoda

Ruthie's 9th birthday was on Nov 9th! Once again, cupcakes and gifts after a supper of her choosing that night.

On the 11th Ruthie had 2 friends over to play video games (Josh set up the projector on the wall in the playroom), and for supper and cake.

And in amongst those pictures, a few of Levi just playing around the house.
sweeping the carpet?

playing cars with the kitten

eating cheerios - don't you hate it when this happens?

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be able to post more often from now on!


gotta get better from here - 11/18

Wow. Sorry it's been so long since I last updated here. We've had a lot of things happen in the past month - Zech's 7th birthday and party, Halloween, Josh's 31st (!!) birthday (no party yet though), Ruthie's 9th birthday and party... and we found out we're expecting #5 in June! Told ya, a lot has happened! Pictures have been taken, but haven't come off the camera just yet. Hopefully this weekend.
As if all that wasn't enough, we had a heck of a week. Isaac had gotten sick on Nov 1st - we weren't sure if it was a bug or too much candy, but there's something going around town (school, day care, nursery school, and Josh's school) so we figured it was that. Everyone else seemed in the clear... until I got sick Monday night. It continued all through the night and Tuesday morning - Josh took a sick day for me. Wednesday all was back to normal, until Josh got sick that night, continued all day yesterday. Obviously he stayed home, and again today as he was still sick into the night last night.
Levi caught the bug as well, though he didn't have any vomiting, but diarrhea instead - which has caused a very bad, very painful, diaper rash for him. Poor little guy. He seems to be feeling better today, and after some cream and tylenol last night the rash looks a bit better.
We're assuming this is the same bug Isaac had, so he should be in the clear. And I'm hoping Ruth and Zech get passed over. But I'm not holding my breath!