We had a full week with everyone home again, then took Isaac to camp this afternoon. He'll only be there until Tuesday, but he's so excited for his own "week" at camp! He had no problems at all getting dropped off - he said goodbye quicker than I was ready for! He picked out his bed, we laid out his sleeping bag and pillow, put his bag and sneakers under the bed, and then he was ready for us to leave! What a brave little guy he is! I'm sure he'll have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Josh has been wanting to get the kids out golfing this summer, but obviously Levi isn't ready for a real golf course just yet (Ruth and Zech have both gone for a round or 2 with him, he's planning to take Isaac to the driving range) so we took him mini-golfing instead! He had a great time and wants to go again! He had some awesome luck - would smack the ball so hard, it would bounce all over the place... and drop in the cup! And Ruthie got a "hole-in-one"!!

little stinker got this hole in 2 strokes!

After the first couple weeks of July being super hot (above 30), it's been just okay these last couple weeks. Levi has been asking almost every day to go back to the lake, to the beach, swimming - any way he can think to ask! On Wednesday it was... well, still not very nice. It was only low 20's, and breezy, especially at the beach. When the sun was out it was okay, but when the clouds rolled in it was downright chilly. But Levi played on the beach and in the water for hours! For a good time he was the only kid on the beach, then the older kids got changed to join him.

Piper has been busy, too!
practising rolling over

grabbing toys!

and more rolling over - back to belly, and to back again - we're in trouble now!
(she started laying in the middle of the quilt on her back!)

We've got a busy week yet again this week, and we'll all be going to family camp on Friday - Levi is so excited for his chance to go to camp! I can't wait to share pics of the kids enjoying all the activities at the camp next week!


a lazy week

We took Ruthie to camp (TMBC) on Sunday for her week there. It was pretty hard leaving her there - she seemed so nervous and knowing noone - but when we went to pick her up last night she had definitely made friends and had a great time!
We had a pretty lazy week while Ruthie was away, with...
some lawn mowing...

some silly snuggles...
some golf "watching"...
lots of napping...

(her onesie says it all "peace, love & naptime"!
morning wake-up cuddles...

All that napping paid off for Piper, though, and yesterday she rolled from back to belly for the first time!!

And we didn't do nothing every day - we spent a day in town getting more stuff for Ruth's room and spent the next day working in there, so when she came home she got a great surprise!

Still not totally done in there, but we're sure getting a lot closer!

Now we're all home, and I'm sure next week won't be as lazy!


Piper Ann ❤ 3 months

Miss Pea is 3 months old today!
napping this afternoon

on Grammie's quilt ❤

some outtakes!!

And her month (well, almost for that first one) photos so far...
8 days old

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

our day at the water park!

Last year we heard about a water park in Portage. We wanted to check it out before Nana and Papa get here, to see if we wanted to go with them during their visit - the kids all agree that, yes, we definitely are going again! It was a really nice place, only 2 big slides, but the kids had a blast on those, and there's lots of pool space for swimming and playing. And, one of the best parts for us, there's a small slide in the shallow end for little kids, so Levi was able to go all by himself there as well as with one of us on one big slide. Everyone had a great time - the older kids loved the slides and swimming, Levi loved everything, and Piper loves being in any water - in fact, she had 2 naps throughout the afternoon... in the pool!
Levi on the little slide (life jacket, orange shorts)

(climbing up the ladder)

Levi & Zech on the little slide (Zech's in the green shorts)

can you see Levi's grin? he had SO much fun!

Levi & Daddy (sun was bright, pardon the squint!)

Levi & Daddy climbing way up to the big slide!





Daddy & the Pea

everyone! (except Mommy, who always seems to be taking the photos!)

That tent in the last pic - Grandpa saw it when he was shopping and thought of Piper at the beach so he brought it home for us. It is perfect! We got to the water park and all the shade was full all ready, but with that tent we just found some grass and made a great spot anyways!