Man, it has been a long 2 weeks here. We all (except Ruthie) got either a really, really bad cold or a flu. It was terrible! We're all still coughing and sniffling, but feeling better and on the mend. And as we started to feel better and get back on track, my washing machine quit! We managed to get it fixed ourselves, with instructions from some wonderful repair guys!
So now we're really getting back on track, clean clothes and all! But with how 2014 has started for us, I sure hope it gets better from here!!

In spite of all that, these little ones still make us smile!
Levi & Daddy

Piper grins!
(how could this not make you happy!)


Piper Ann ❤ 9 months

Miss Pea is 9 months old now.
She's finally got that 2nd tooth to match her lone snaggle-tooth! I miss her one-tooth grins, but she's still absolutely adorable!
She's 18lbs 15oz and 27.5in, as of Tuesday.
She's a little turkey, into everything and making a mess whenever she can. She loves to sneak into anywhere she's not supposed to be!
She's working on standing alone, trying more and more often, crawling everywhere and starting to climb onto low things, and she can sign "more" and "all done" really well now, and say "gentle" (which is so cute to hear!!).

she flies!

darn flash

Look how she's grown!
8 days old

2 months

4 months

7 months

9 months


happy new year!

I know I posted all ready since New Year's, but that was Christmas stuff. This is New Year's and since, so, happy new year!
New Year's eve was spent as has become our tradition - hanging out all together, just us and the kids, and having a movie night with popcorn and treats. The kids seem to like it, and we love it because we can do our countdown any time we want (Josh found the London countdown & fireworks and we put it on the tv) and there's no late night/early morning travels needed. Perfect.

On New Year's day we went to visit Grandpa Sam (Josh's grandpa). It was a really great visit! He was the most alert and interactive that I've seen him in years, since Levi was a baby. He loved watching the kids playing and Piper crawling all over the place.
Grandpa Sam & Piper

Grandpa & Levi

Grandpa Sam & the kiddies

We're going to get one of them printed and framed, and take it to put in his room.

...and some random photos of the kids over the holidays...
Isaac bundled Pea into the laundry basket (her pirate ship) and was sailing her all around the house. She loved it.

and the tooth! I love her one-toothed grin, though that second one has just come through, so it'll be shortlived now.


holiday photos

Christmas Eve & new jammies!

Christmas Day!
Santa brought Piper a wooden rocking horse - she loves it!
Opening gifts took all morning (and then some), with breaks here and there to play with new toys and have snacks and coffee!

and a nap or 2!