Well, we hope you all had a wonderful, merry Christmas! We certainly did - a nice, quiet one, just us and good food!
We have some pictures from Christmas Eve and the morning on Josh's camera, I'll get those on here as soon as I can. In the meantime, I did get the videos (9 of them) of the kids' Christmas Concert up online. They're on December 21 - I'm pretty sure you'll be able to pick out our kids in them!
We have no big plans for New Year's Eve this year. For the past 5 years we have spent New Year's Eve with our friends, but her mother passed away just last week and so they're needing to have the funeral and sort through her things, unfortunately. We are still going to get together next Monday for some skating, sleigh rides, and a turkey dinner, but not for New Year's Eve. So, instead, we're thinking of getting some snack (junk!) foods and staying in for a movie and some board games with the kids. The rink is open all day, too, so we'll get down there for some skating as well. I think the kids will like that.
I'm going to try to find some New Year's crackers (those things you pull?) for the kids, too - I think they'd like them anyways, but we were watching "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" and he has them in there (at the very end). I think that will make the kids find them all the more funny!



Unfortunately Ruthie woke up sick Thursday night. She's starting to feel better today, though is still quite tired out when she does much standing or walking around. We are hoping this is it for our house, family, and sickness this year - especially with Christmas right around the corner!

Meanwhile, we got the kids' Christmas pictures done and Josh got them ready for the computer for me.
First a couple leftovers from November...
Levi and Isaac sharing a bubble bath! (Nov 21)

Levi helping with laundry! (Nov 30)

And the Christmas pictures this year!
(forgive me, there's a lot of good ones and more on the other site!)





All the kiddies!


snow day! - 12/16

Due to the snowstorm yesterday we had a snow day today - also, Josh was stuck in Glenboro for the night at his boss' house. He drove home this morning once it was light enough out.
We had someone come with a tractor to plow out the driveway. He dumped and piled the snow on the front lawn - perfect for the kids!
This is Ruthie coming across the side lawn - the snow is up to her waist!

There's also a video of them sliding down the pile, on the other site. And one of Levi from the 10th! Enjoy!


Levi, 6 months old - 12/15

Levi Mathew was 6 months old yesterday!
He's still sitting like a pro, nothing new there.
And still has no desire to be anywhere on his tummy,
no rolling or crawling yet.
Although somehow, while sitting, he is able to move himself a very little ways and slowly will move to things. We haven't really been able to see it happening though!
Overall, he's a happy little guy.

For the record, he didn't get to the tree on his own, I sat him there.
But he does like it!

Oh yes, and he's still drooling. A lot.
And chewing. On everything he can get his hands on.
But no teeth yet.

Speaking of teeth, though, Zech lost his first tooth last week!
The tooth fairy found him and gave him $2!

I have a video of Levi to upload, but can't get it to work today. I will post again when I get it working!


do-over? - 12/11

Can we get a do-over for December? So far it hasn't been a very nice month to us - although we are finished shopping for Christmas, that's about all the nice we've gotten. This week has been a very naughty one!
On Monday Isaac, Levi and I went for groceries. I actually stumbled on the last things I wanted for Josh, so that seemed like a good thing! All was happy and well until I got to Walmart... and locked my keys in the van - yup, right there hanging in the ignition. I think I must have started to pull them out, just enough, because there was no "ding" when I opened the door. Of course I have no extra key, so I call Josh... at work. He left at lunchtime, drove to our friends (about half way to town) and asked her to drive to town just to bring me a key, because they couldn't find a sub for his afternoon class (though he had a prep block right after lunch, thank heavens).
So, Jen brought me the key, I got things in the van and finished up grocery shopping. Drove home in time to meet the older kids after school, got groceries put away and things packed up to go back to town for dance classes.
Isaac had complained that his tummy hurt after lunch, and at Superstore, but was still acting normal. Away we went.
Halfway to town I looked back to see him writhing in pain in his seat and then projectile vomiting all over the place. Turn around, drive home... quickly. Got him in the house and in the tub, all cleaned up, then spent the next 2 hours cleaning the van as best as I could - which was made all the more difficult by the well-below-zero temps, everything was freezing, including my hands. But it was as clean as I could get.
For the record, the big mat on the floor of the van is trashed, as is the seat cover and straps of Isaac's seat. There was just far too much to clean. Yuck.
He seemed fine after that, tired and thirsty, had a temp, but no more vomiting. We let him lay on the couch after bedtime until he started to get really sleepy then put him to bed. 15 minutes later Zech ran out to get us - Isaac was vomiting all over himself and his bed.
Again he goes in the tub for a wash, and we start stripping and cleaning the bed/bedding. An hour later he's able to go back to bed (after some Gravol). Multiple washes later the bedding is clean.

Tuesday seemed okay. Nursery school had been canceled, so Isaac didn't even miss that. He didn't eat much but was drinking lots, still complained of a sore tummy, but no vomiting. His fever stayed up all day.

Wednesday Isaac was back to normal, went off to nursery school. The older kids to school. Fairly normal.

Thursday morning I woke up and heard the boys up. I opened their door and smelled... more vomit. Zech had gotten sick sometime during/through the night - and had somehow slept either through it or gone back to sleep right after. He and his bed were absolutely covered.
More kid bathing and laundry done. And Zech stayed home from school. Obviously. He, like Isaac, had no appetite but was very thirsty all day and had a high fever. No more vomiting and he actually ate a small bit at supper.

Yesterday Zech didn't get up in time for school, I didn't try very hard to wake him. He still was quite warm, but after he'd been up a couple hours he started cooling down and feeling more normal. He was able to get ready and go to school - most likely just in time for lunchtime and then to swimming, but that's okay.

And today... well, nothing much so far. I'm just waiting for Ruthie to start with this, but she is feeling fine so far. I'm hoping to get the kids' Christmas photos done today, so we'll see how that turns out! Chances are good that cards and pictures will be late... again... but they will come eventually.
No new pictures or videos up... though I think there's a few on my camera.