way to grow, Jack!

Jack had his 2 week appointment on Wednesday. By 2 weeks they like to see baby back to birth weight, if not a bit more. Jack must be an over-achiever!
At 2 weeks he weighs 9lbs 3oz - up 2lbs in 2 weeks! (he was 7lbs 2oz at 24hrs old)

After his appointment we treated Levi and Piper to a picnic lunch at a park - Jack's 1st picnic!


my 3 littlest loves - they love to snuggle with baby Jack

that little hand under his chin!

Levi & Jack


snuggled in a blanket made for him by a friend!

Josh found this a couple nights ago when he checked on them before heading to bed! Levi had no idea Piper was in his bed!


Jack Samuel ~ 1 week

1 week old - the star of the show

those hands!!

baby feet!

baby Jack

Just sharing some more photos of baby Jack - we can't get enough of this sweet little guy!
snuggling in the sling

Piper & Jack - she loves to hold him

Levi decided Jack needed some cars to play with when he woke up - this is even funnier because Josh's brother did the same for Josh when he came home as a baby!

Mommy's full lap!


a few more days of Jack-rabbit!

Jack is fitting right in to the house - the noise and chaos doesn't bother him, as long as he gets fed and changed and lots of cuddles! And there are definitely lots of arms for cuddles around here!

1st day

2nd day

ready to come home!

some happy big siblings!

Isaac & Jack

Levi & Jack

3rd day
sleeping in with daddy

Levi & Jack

Piper & Jack

almost a smile?

4th day
with Levi again!

5th day
Zech & Jack

snuggling with mommy

...and more days to come!