April 28th
in one of Ruth's dresses!

April 29th
Zech & Piper
Miss P's umbilical cord stump finally came off today - long time, but it looks good. Isaac called it her "belly cork" :D

April 30th

Piper had her 2 week baby check today - everything looks good and normal, and she weighs 9lbs 4oz now!


Piper Ann ~ 2 weeks old

April 26th
our young padawan - and see that cute smile?!

April 27th ~ 2 weeks old

I can hardly believe our Sweet P is 2 weeks old all ready. It seems like it can't possibly be 2 weeks all ready... and at the same time seems like it can't only be 2 weeks that she's been with us!
She's such a sweet baby - still sleeps a lot through the day, but when she's awake she's wide-eyed and looking around, taking everything in. She's an absolute dream through the nights - she only wakes up once, usually around 5am, to nurse, then back to sleep until 7 or so. Definitely what I needed this time!


April 23rd
snuggled in the sling

napping in the bassinet

Josh tells me I'm lucky - I think he's right ❤ bedtime snuggles for babies
The public health nurse visited today and we weighed Piper. At 9.5 days old she's up to 8lbs 8.5 oz. Her birthweight was 8lbs 3oz, and at a day old she had only dropped to 7lbs 14oz, so she's gained 10.5oz in 9 days!

April 24th
in the swing

little feet

more napping babies - a glimpse of my afternoons

Zech cuddling Piper and reading to Levi - what a great big brother!

April 25th
some of the many sleeping positions of Miss Piper


April 22nd

Piper on Grammie's quilt ❤

baby yawns are the best

little ears

tiny hands

tucked up feet
April 19th


April 20th

dreamy smiles ❤

April 21st
a month into spring and we wake up to this

but more Piper (and fully a week old!) makes up for it!