a few pics - 09/29

Nothing much going on, yet we're very busy all the same - Ruth and Isaac have dance class on Mondays, Zech has karate on Tuesday and Thursday, Isaac is doing a little karate class on Thursday too and has swimming lessons (we didn't know about the karate for him when we put him in swimming, ah well), and then we're busy every weekend anyways.
Josh and I took Isaac and Levi and went along with the older 2 on their field trip to the pumpkin patch - it was a lot of fun! We're hoping for a nice weekend (maybe this weekend, if the forecast turns out right) to go back just our family - the field trip didn't give the kids as much time to just run and see whatever they wanted to, so we'll do that.

And the pictures... Levi... he's such a little sweet heart. Love this little guy.
I sat him in the chair and he fell over - and then just laid there cuddled up...
cuddles with Daddy - chewing those fingers as usual!
and a funny face!
but still a cutie-pie!
he's getting so big! And yet is such a little guy still! I love these little toes and big feet!
And more of these on the other site!


a quick update - 09/22

Josh got Isaac's first day of school pictures done up for me today. I love them! Isaac picked out his first day shirt all by himself - "Beware of Bear Hugs", it says - perfect for Isaac.
He was so darn excited to go back to school!
And Josh got a great sequence of jumping pictures when he asked Isaac "What does the first day back to school feel like?"
And Levi's just getting better and better with those wonderful little hands. He liked this crinkly crab yesterday, working hard to grab it...
yummy crab legs!
And everyone else is doing great too. Ruth and Zech are getting back in the swing of going to school every day - Zech for full days this year, which he is loving!
Ruth and Isaac are doing dance classes again this year (and after a week of discussing and calling and emailing, we've decided to stay with the same studio we've been with), Zech is doing karate, and they all have swimming lessons - which are starting up this week, tomorrow for Isaac and Friday for the older 2 (with our school).

Last Friday we decided to tag along when the kids went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. We'd been there 2 years ago and the kids had a ton of fun. Last year we wanted to go again, but the weather (rain, hail, wind) ruined the crops and things so their "open season" was shorter than normal. So we wanted to make sure to get in one good visit this year. We packed the cooler and drove with Isaac and Levi, followed the bus the whole way, and went around with the older kids. They loved having their younger brothers along! It was neat for Isaac, too, because all the Kindergarten kids this year were his nursery school friends last year, so he knew them all and liked spending the morning with them all.
Now we're just hoping for a decent weekend day - either one, doesn't matter - and we're going to make another trip up there, just our family. The kids could have spent all day there running and playing, so we want to go back and let them have all the fun they can soak up!

And that's about it for now - or at least all I can think of at nearly midnight. It's busy and wonderful days here!


Levi is 3 months old! - 09/14

It has been a very big week around here! First of all, Josh technically began his parental leave as of last Tuesday - 1 week gone all ready, oh dear.

Last Wednesday the older kids had their first day of school! Zech started grade 1, Ruthie started grade 3. Wow. They're getting so (too!!) big.
Zech was so excited about the first day, Josh got this picture of him right before he would only smile for pictures - this is how he felt inside though.
I can't believe how old Ruthie looks in this picture. She's not our little baby girl anymore.
One more picture of the 2 of them going into the school!
So, it's been Isaac and Levi home with Josh and I - really pretty quiet for our house! Isaac kept asking, that first day - "Is it time to go get them yet?" He's getting more used to them both being gone all day, though.

I got this picture the other day of Isaac and Levi.
And Levi looking handsome as ever.

Yesterday the boys watched a show together - I thought it was too cute not to take a picture of.
And this little guy is just too adorable. He gets his fingers in his mouth so much when he's awake, but he doesn't suck on them hardly at all when he's tired unless he's in the sling or wrap with me. I just love his beautiful bright eyes and his little smiles!
This one's my favorite - he's such a cute baby!
Ruthie and Levi before bed - he's looking so much bigger in her lap now!

Today Levi is 3 months old. So hard to believe. Time sure flies with these little guys.
We brought out the exersaucer to try with him as he wants to be standing up a lot - and we can only hold him up for so long! I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself and likes his new toy.
See?! How cute is this kid?!
And if you still don't believe me, there's a really cute video on the dropshots site that I took right after this picture - it'll make you laugh I promise!

There are some more pictures from these days over there, too.

And, to top off the week, Isaac had his first day of nursery school this morning - pictures to come. He was very excited and even got to be the helper today and do show-and-tell! What a great first day to have!