all is well, just busy! - 06/25

Definitely busy around here, finishing up school for everyone!
Zech graduated from nursery school on Tuesday, had a nice ceremony and got a book. He is at Kindergarten orientation right now (9-11:45) - seems like a very long time to be without him. I remember it seeming long last year with Ruthie, too. He was very excited to go this morning, had no fears about walking right in and making himself at home!
Ruthie was excited to be a "helper" today - we asked her to make sure that Zech and Kayla (little girl across the road, she and Ruthie get along well but Kayla is very timid and shy) find their places for their bags and to make sure they are happy and have someone to play with at recess. I'm sure she'll be a great friend to them! As for her own school she's doing very well and has started bringing home things they're done with all ready. I'm trying to grab out and save what I can for next year - crayons, markers, glue sticks, binders, etc. - I figure we might as well try to reuse what is still good! This week her class (the K and 1s) went on a field trip to a farm and saw lots of animals on Monday. Yesterday everyone brought their bike to school and for phys ed (in the afternoon) they all (grades 1-8!) went for a bike ride all around Minto!! She was nervous, and she did fall once on the ride, but she had fun. Tomorrow night is the "awards nite" for the school, on Monday the school is going swimming in Boissevain and having a pizza party - and then that's it for this year!
Oh, speaking of bikes - Ruth and Zech are both riding with NO training wheels now! I think I have a video of Zech going, none of Ruthie though I should get some. And I know that Josh has some pictures of them practising. He also has pictures from the fair (rides) and stuff from this past month - he's been busy finishing up with his students and doing their grad so he's trying to get to the pictures when he can! Hopefully I'll be able to get them up in the next couple days.

So everyone is nearly done, and it's only a couple weeks before we'll be leaving for NS! We're very excited to go home for the summer - the kids are much more than us, as we're pretty occupied getting things done, but we're happy too. Still needing to talk to the neighbors about the cat, but I'm sure we'll get something figured out with him.


Isaac's ear - 06/09

These pictures are from yesterday afternoon. Definite improvement! It's still a little red, but the swelling has gone down completely and it's not hurting him or bothering him anymore.
I took him in to see the Dr Sunday afternoon (he'd asked me to when I had him in Wed night) and he said to just continue the cream 2x a day until the ear looks back to normal. Shouldn't be too much longer, I don't think.
From the back now:
From the front - no more Dumbo ear!
Our weekend was really busy, but really fun. We went to swimming lessons Saturday at noon, then grabbed a quick lunch and went to the fair. All the kids had bracelets, so they could ride all the rides as many times as they wanted to - and ride they did! We definitely got our money's worth out of those bracelets!! They all had a blast, Isaac said after every ride "That was totally awesome!" EVERY ride. Honest. We got there about 2pm and didn't leave until 11pm!! We were amazed that the kids lasted all day - we barely did.
Everyone slept in Sunday morning, so we couldn't make it to church. We still needed groceries though, so Isaac and I went in daddy's car to get groceries (and stop at the clinic to see the Dr). I'm still trying to recoop from the busy-ness!

I know Josh took a ton of pictures at the fair, and as soon as he gets a chance to edit some I'll get them uploaded to share!


Isaac's ear today - 06/05

When Josh got home last night and saw poor Isaac's ear, he really wanted me to take Isaac in to have it seen - I had been planning to give Isaac Benadryl for the night and see what it looked like this morning. But, okay.
The Dr said it's obviously an allergic reaction to something - likely a bite or a sting. He prescribed a steroid and antibiotic cream. We got that and put it on last night before bed, along with giving him another dose of benadryl.

It's much improved this morning - evidenced more than anything by Isaac saying first thing "My ear feels better today!".
It's much less inflamed and swollen. Still doesn't look totally normal, but it's definitely an improvement over yesterday! You can see spots where the little blood vessels even burst from the swelling!
I'm continuing the benadryl through today and probably will use the cream twice a day until it really looks normal color again. At this rate that will only be the weekend anyways.

At any rate, he's feeling better and that's the most important thing.
And tomorrow we're off to the fair! Many pictures to come, I'm sure.


many updates, pictures, even a gross one or 2! - 06/04

I say this every month, I know it, but I really cannot believe that it's June. Just unbelievable how times flies!
I just put up nearly 80 (yes 80!!!) pictures and videos from the past few weeks. It's been a really busy time! Here's a few highlights...

We woke up with snow in May!

Ruthie got through her whole "evolution of tap" show. It was a lot of work, extra Saturday classes, rehearsals, and 2 shows over Mother's Day weekend, but she really had fun and was happy to do it - and that's the whole point for us.
She made a pretty little penguin!

Isaac turned 3 on May 19th!!! He's such a big boy now, so excited to be going to nursery school in the fall, he just can't wait! His cake was... well, it was a lot of chocolate and some 'star wars' guys - but he loved it all the same! I think he had a lot of fun being the birthday boy.

Ruthie lost her other bottom front tooth... but I don't think I've gotten a picture of that yet! I'll try to remember in the next couple days.

And then a couple pretty gross pictures. Really, honestly - gross. Isaac got bitten (stung??) on his left ear yesterday - it hit 27.5 degrees and we were outside nearly all day. I have no idea when or what happened, but his ear was red and a little swollen last night at bathtime. This morning it was a lot red and a lot more swollen, and it actually got worse through the day. These are from this afternoon.

And of course I can't move videos over here - actually I probably could somehow, but I don't know how! - so I'll summarize them.
There's now videos of Ruthie's tap show (penguins!), and the dance recital (all the kids' routines, tap and ballet both), and even a couple of Zech golfing - seriously, the kid can really hit the ball!