determination, trains, and a new hat!

This is determination!

She loves being a part of things with the older kids!

and I just finished a new hat for fall & winter for the Pea!


everyone needs more piper!

such a pretty sleeper

Look - no hands!

sitting like a pro!

and her newest trick... all 4's!!

what is that dog chewing?

she's totally on the move - started on the quilt!

stories with sissy

When I was pregnant with Piper she got the hiccups a lot, so I called her "Hiccup". If you've watched 'How to Train your Dragon', Hiccup is the main character and has a dragon. A dear friend of mine decided that our Hiccup needed her very own dragon and made her this beautiful toy. She arrived yesterday and Piper and all the kids just love her!


Piper Ann ❤ 5 months

Our little sweet Pea was 5 months old yesterday!
She is such a wonderful little baby, a good sleeper, a happy girl. She's starting to sit alone and even starting to move around on the floor!
Of course I took time to get some photos yesterday of her on my Grammie's quilt ❤

Give me that camera!!!

Look how she's grown!
8 days old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months


big girl!

Look what Piper's learning to do!!!
She can't stay up very long before toppling over, but she's getting more stable every day! What a big girl!


end of summer & first day of school!

Summer is officially over here! Josh has been back at work for 3 days all ready, and today was the kids' first day of school! They were so excited to get out the door - ready way too early!
Isaac, grade 2

Zechariah, grade 4

Ruth, grade 6

(she coordinated her whole owl outfit - earrings, pin, necklace, ring, even her hair and nails (brown + gold)!

all 3

Just for fun!!! 2009



and 2012

And I've got a few photos from the last couple weeks of summer, might as well add those too!
Zech mowing the back yard

Piper & her teething ring - she loves this thing!


old-lady Ruth!

Levi & Piper