Piper on the move!

Nov 4
Piper got herself stuck under her swing and was not happy!

until she saw the camera!

Nov 5 - mama's milk monster!

Nov 11 - pulling up standing on the couch and so proud of herself!

Nov 13 - more standing!

Nov 15 - it's so much better when you stand on the outside!

Nov 26 - Peek-a-boo!

And as if she wasn't too little still to be crawling all over and pulling herself up standing, this past weekend she started walking along the furniture!!! Look out world, here comes Piper!


Piper crawling

just adding a quick video of Miss Pea crawling - this was a couple weeks ago, she's even faster now!

Piper Ann ❤ 7 months

Last week Piper Ann turned 7 months old! She actually had her 6 month well baby check that day - she's 17lbs and 26" long. Not really small, 50th %iles for both, but she's definitely our smallest baby so she seems so teeny tiny to us!
At 7 months she's crawling ALL over the house, pulling herself up standing on anything she can, and even thinking about taking steps along the furniture! She's started saying "dada", "hi", "yay", and trying to wave and clap. When Josh got home yesterday afternoon she crawled to him and said "hi dada"!! And last night at the school she was waving and saying "hi" to everyone.
I wasn't sure how her monthly photos were going to work out - she had her 6 months vaccination at her appointment, then that evening crawled into the corner of a wall and bumped her forehead, plus she has a cold and had woken up with gunky eyes! Not the best combination for good photos, right?! But apparently the camera makes her feel all better.

❤my favorite❤

getting a mobile 7 month old to sit still = not easy!!!

yup, so funny

Look how she's grown! (this list is getting long, so I'll pare them down a bit)
8 days old

2 months

4 months

6 months

7 months


Happy Birthday, Ruthie!

Ruthie turned 11 years old on Saturday, November 9th! It's crazy to think it's been 10.5 years since she was little like Piper. We remember it like it was yesterday, and now, here she is, nearly as tall as I am... not that that's all that tall, mind you!
As always for birthdays, she got to pick anything she wanted for supper (meat loaf, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots! yummy!) and we had cake and presents with Grandma and Grandpa that night. And, Ruthie got to pick her birthday cake - she decided on a cheesecake - more yum! This kid has great taste!
opening gifts

Piper & Daddy watching

and sitting the same!

then Piper found the wrapping paper


the cake & cool candles!


more photo catch-up!

Josh and I upgraded our cell phones (finally gettin' with the times!) and now I can get pics from my iPhone onto the computer to share! Yay, you're saying. Right?!


my girls

dog bone - her favorite chew toy... ew.

trouble maker

me and my Pea