some pics, no videos yet, and an announcement! - 12/14

Finally got some new pictures up. We took new christmas pictures of the kids yesterday morning and while Josh was getting those done up on his computer, I reminded him of Sept and Oct not being all done. So, those are up on dropshots now. I think he finished Nov, too, but I'll have to see where those ones are tonight.
I just remembered, while getting these done, that I have videos from the kids' observation classes at dance. I'll need to charge my camcorder (I'm sure), then I should be able to get them online too.

Things are really busy here, and, for the most part, going okay. The kids are busy practicing for the concert - this Thurs night - and they've wrapped their presents for their "secret santas" at school - even Isaac gets to do one!
Unfortunately, our van started troubles again (much like the gear/transmission troubles in April... that were apparently NOT fixed as we were told). Basically the kids and I were stranded in town last Monday night after dance. Josh couldn't come for us, as his car is small and does not fit 3 car seats in the back. We ended up calling Jen and Paul - they came and he towed us with his truck to the dealership, and they lent us their van for a few days. We got that back to them Thursday night, but we still haven't got our van back.
I have lots of questions for the dealership - not the least of which is wondering why they didn't actually fix this issue in the spring, and why they're refusing to cover any repair costs now - but I will end up telling them they're lying to us... so I'm going to wait until after the van is fixed and we have it back! We're hoping to have them settle for covering at least some, if not all, the costs.
And, no, they offer no courtesy vehicles. In spite of a lot full of brand new vechicles.
We are not pleased with them at all.

Last, but most definitely not least, Isaac wants to show you his new shirt...

Yes, you read it right!
We're due in the first week (ish) of June.
We haven't actually told anyone, until now, just let people notice if they do. People around us are starting to notice (I'll show you why later in the week) and so we wanted to share with everyone.
The kids are all excited... and all want a girl. I have no idea what we'll do if it's not - the older 2 say that they suppose that might be all right, Isaac suggested that "someone else will want him"!!!



It's been a long while since I updated this blog. We've been busy!
The kids are getting things all ready for the school Christmas concert - practising plays, they're very excited. The concert is next week, the 17th. Then they have their last day (and Josh's!) on the 18th and we're off for a couple weeks. They'll have their Christmas parties and whatnot that last day. Isaac even gets his own party at nursery school, though his is on the 16th - the last nursery school day before break.
Josh's aunt came to stay with the kids yesterday so that Josh and I could go into Winnipeg and do some Christmas shopping. We ended up getting almost everything we were looking for and are pretty much done shopping for the kids. The few things we have left to get - a couple stocking stuffers, and a couple gifts for the Neufelds still - we can get in Brandon. Hopefully we'll be able to finish up completely this weekend! We're debating only doing stockings for each other for Christmas morning, well that and letting the kids pick one thing for each of us, and then getting a couple things that we need (like a new DVD player) after Christmas when boxing day sales start. But I'd like to put something under the tree for Josh - we'll see.

We are w.a.y behind on pictures, I know. Josh and Paul have been busy hunting every weekend they could (got 2 deer between them) and I have no clue how to do his pictures up. So there's still lots from October (Zech's birthday and halloween) and from November (Ruth's birthday supper) to get online. We'll get there.
For now, I took a few pictures of our yard this morning - we have SNOW now. We went to bed on Nov 30 with grass. Nothing more. Woke up Dec 1 to a dumping of snow - welcome winter, I guess!

the front yard and road

the back yard - the kids have been playing out there!


more pictures! - 09/30

Found them!
There were some pictures on Papa's 4-wheeler, lots of pictures from the lake, and pictures of all the kids' first days of school. I'm getting them up and online right now!


some pictures are up... more to come! - 09/29

That about says it all - Josh got the summer pictures done (although I can't see any tubing ones, and I know he took lots, so I'll have to ask him more about those ones tonight) and I'm uploading them right now.
Like I said, tonight I'll see if we can track down the tubing pictures, and I'll get the first day of school pictures (for ALL the kids!) and get those uploaded as well.
Later tonight, or tomorrow... or maybe by the end of the week... I should have a post up with some pictures and of course, they're always all over on the other site... though I'll be working through the labelling as I can!


long time, long summer, BIG day! - 09/08

It's been 2 months since I last posted - long time.
We left on Monday July 13 for NS, arrived Sunday the 19th. Not too shabby, with 3 kids and a day+ lost going into southern Ontario and to Marineland. The kids had a blast there, and they were pretty darn good for the whole drive.
We had a pretty good visit out there, with my family, for 5 weeks. The kids had so much fun at the lake - swimming and bike riding, tubing and even water skiing for Zech and Ruth!!
Of course, there are lots of pictures, but with everything else Josh hasn't had a chance to get to them yet. As soon as he does, I'll get them uploaded to share.
We left on Monday August 24th - the day after the hurricaine hit. That wasn't actually too bad, though the weather was still fairly poor on Monday for our drive. We also hit more rain on the second last day and night. We got home late Saturday night.

Then we had a really busy week - unpacking the van and trailer, getting things put away again in the house, getting groceries to "restock" the cupboards, registering for dance classes and getting all that stuff together, going to Winnipeg to visit friends and getting school supplies for the kids - just getting everything done that we weren't here to do all summer!

And today was a really big day because it was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Ruth started grade 2 today, and Zech started kindergarten!! He was very excited this morning, and had a very good morning at school. He is really happy that he'll be going every morning - he just really likes school. Ruth had a very good day, too. She has a new teacher this year, and a new classroom (for half the day).
Isaac was not very happy at all that he wasn't able to stay at school this morning. He was better when we went to pick up Zech, and fine when we picked up Ruth at the end of the day. But I don't think the mornings are going to be very good for him until next week - he starts nursery school next Tuesday. Once he realizes that he has his own school, I think he'll be much better about Zech and Ruth being able to go.
Hey, what can I say, our kids just like school!
And there are a bunch of pictures from this morning, too... but again Josh hasn't gotten to them yet. He will. I'll bug him. And then I'll get them up. But I'm not promising it'll be tomorrow!


couple new videos - 07/08

I just got 2 new videos uploaded - they're on June 16 - Zech riding his bike with no training wheels! He's had much more practice since those, and is much more stable, but this is him starting out.

We're busy here. I'm trying to plan, even though I can't really start packing much yet. I'm hoping we'll be able to get the camper set up in the driveway tonight so I can start getting the beds made and a few things moved into it. If I can get a little bit done every day, there won't be all that much left come Monday morning - just jammies and toothbrushes.
We're still hoping to get on the road Monday, as early as we can. Hopefully everything (and everyone!!) will cooperate and we'll set out beginning of next week!


Summer and pictures!!! - 07/01

And Happy Canada Day, too!
Just got all the pictures up this morning. All of June! The fair, eating ice cream, the kids learning to ride their bikes without training wheels, and Zech's nursery school graduation!

As for us, Zech had a blast at kindergarten orientation. He's very excited to be able to go every day in Sept. Ruthie's last day of school was Monday - swimming and pizza party, she had a ton of fun even though it was a little chilly (for me, anyways!). Josh had to go to school yesterday - admin day - and now he's done too!


all is well, just busy! - 06/25

Definitely busy around here, finishing up school for everyone!
Zech graduated from nursery school on Tuesday, had a nice ceremony and got a book. He is at Kindergarten orientation right now (9-11:45) - seems like a very long time to be without him. I remember it seeming long last year with Ruthie, too. He was very excited to go this morning, had no fears about walking right in and making himself at home!
Ruthie was excited to be a "helper" today - we asked her to make sure that Zech and Kayla (little girl across the road, she and Ruthie get along well but Kayla is very timid and shy) find their places for their bags and to make sure they are happy and have someone to play with at recess. I'm sure she'll be a great friend to them! As for her own school she's doing very well and has started bringing home things they're done with all ready. I'm trying to grab out and save what I can for next year - crayons, markers, glue sticks, binders, etc. - I figure we might as well try to reuse what is still good! This week her class (the K and 1s) went on a field trip to a farm and saw lots of animals on Monday. Yesterday everyone brought their bike to school and for phys ed (in the afternoon) they all (grades 1-8!) went for a bike ride all around Minto!! She was nervous, and she did fall once on the ride, but she had fun. Tomorrow night is the "awards nite" for the school, on Monday the school is going swimming in Boissevain and having a pizza party - and then that's it for this year!
Oh, speaking of bikes - Ruth and Zech are both riding with NO training wheels now! I think I have a video of Zech going, none of Ruthie though I should get some. And I know that Josh has some pictures of them practising. He also has pictures from the fair (rides) and stuff from this past month - he's been busy finishing up with his students and doing their grad so he's trying to get to the pictures when he can! Hopefully I'll be able to get them up in the next couple days.

So everyone is nearly done, and it's only a couple weeks before we'll be leaving for NS! We're very excited to go home for the summer - the kids are much more than us, as we're pretty occupied getting things done, but we're happy too. Still needing to talk to the neighbors about the cat, but I'm sure we'll get something figured out with him.


Isaac's ear - 06/09

These pictures are from yesterday afternoon. Definite improvement! It's still a little red, but the swelling has gone down completely and it's not hurting him or bothering him anymore.
I took him in to see the Dr Sunday afternoon (he'd asked me to when I had him in Wed night) and he said to just continue the cream 2x a day until the ear looks back to normal. Shouldn't be too much longer, I don't think.
From the back now:
From the front - no more Dumbo ear!
Our weekend was really busy, but really fun. We went to swimming lessons Saturday at noon, then grabbed a quick lunch and went to the fair. All the kids had bracelets, so they could ride all the rides as many times as they wanted to - and ride they did! We definitely got our money's worth out of those bracelets!! They all had a blast, Isaac said after every ride "That was totally awesome!" EVERY ride. Honest. We got there about 2pm and didn't leave until 11pm!! We were amazed that the kids lasted all day - we barely did.
Everyone slept in Sunday morning, so we couldn't make it to church. We still needed groceries though, so Isaac and I went in daddy's car to get groceries (and stop at the clinic to see the Dr). I'm still trying to recoop from the busy-ness!

I know Josh took a ton of pictures at the fair, and as soon as he gets a chance to edit some I'll get them uploaded to share!


Isaac's ear today - 06/05

When Josh got home last night and saw poor Isaac's ear, he really wanted me to take Isaac in to have it seen - I had been planning to give Isaac Benadryl for the night and see what it looked like this morning. But, okay.
The Dr said it's obviously an allergic reaction to something - likely a bite or a sting. He prescribed a steroid and antibiotic cream. We got that and put it on last night before bed, along with giving him another dose of benadryl.

It's much improved this morning - evidenced more than anything by Isaac saying first thing "My ear feels better today!".
It's much less inflamed and swollen. Still doesn't look totally normal, but it's definitely an improvement over yesterday! You can see spots where the little blood vessels even burst from the swelling!
I'm continuing the benadryl through today and probably will use the cream twice a day until it really looks normal color again. At this rate that will only be the weekend anyways.

At any rate, he's feeling better and that's the most important thing.
And tomorrow we're off to the fair! Many pictures to come, I'm sure.


many updates, pictures, even a gross one or 2! - 06/04

I say this every month, I know it, but I really cannot believe that it's June. Just unbelievable how times flies!
I just put up nearly 80 (yes 80!!!) pictures and videos from the past few weeks. It's been a really busy time! Here's a few highlights...

We woke up with snow in May!

Ruthie got through her whole "evolution of tap" show. It was a lot of work, extra Saturday classes, rehearsals, and 2 shows over Mother's Day weekend, but she really had fun and was happy to do it - and that's the whole point for us.
She made a pretty little penguin!

Isaac turned 3 on May 19th!!! He's such a big boy now, so excited to be going to nursery school in the fall, he just can't wait! His cake was... well, it was a lot of chocolate and some 'star wars' guys - but he loved it all the same! I think he had a lot of fun being the birthday boy.

Ruthie lost her other bottom front tooth... but I don't think I've gotten a picture of that yet! I'll try to remember in the next couple days.

And then a couple pretty gross pictures. Really, honestly - gross. Isaac got bitten (stung??) on his left ear yesterday - it hit 27.5 degrees and we were outside nearly all day. I have no idea when or what happened, but his ear was red and a little swollen last night at bathtime. This morning it was a lot red and a lot more swollen, and it actually got worse through the day. These are from this afternoon.

And of course I can't move videos over here - actually I probably could somehow, but I don't know how! - so I'll summarize them.
There's now videos of Ruthie's tap show (penguins!), and the dance recital (all the kids' routines, tap and ballet both), and even a couple of Zech golfing - seriously, the kid can really hit the ball!


trailer pictures - 05/14

Just a short post to say that the trailer pictures are finally up on the other site. I haven't got my own computer to work with, so it's taken me a while, and I don't want to move them over here, but they're over there!
Zech's been sick, he's doing better now. Ruthie had a bunch of dance stuff for the tap show, it went well, though now she's not feeling that well. Not sure if she'll get to school today or not.
Josh has pictures of her in costume, not yet on the computer, and we have a video of her dance! We'll get those up and on here before too long... I hope!


finally! - 05/01

For starters, MAY all ready!? Craziness!
And, I finally got the pictures and videos uploaded. I kept forgetting to ask Josh for his card reader thing, then yesterday I got it, got everything on my computer... and then forgot to actually put everything on the internet! But they're over there now!
The videos of the boys' dance class aren't as good as I would have liked - not as good as Ruthie's videos - but I tried! Kids kept getting in front of me, or between the boys and the camera!


not working right - 4/21

My laptop's card reader, that is. I can't get it to read any card I put in it, so, though I have pictures from Easter morning and videos from dance class yesterday, I can't get anything onto the computer.
As much as I don't want to lose my computer, I might just have to take it in to Future Shop and get this fixed, I just need to dig out the receipt and papers and whatnot for it. Of course, I suppose it's better to have it done now rather than wait until it's been over a year since we bought it. I say this assuming that there's a year warranty on it... I sure hope there is! I'll know when I dig everything out.


it's here! - 4/16

Josh finally got the trailer home last night. It was a very late night for the poor guy!

He got into Winnipeg, got the papers signed and money traded hands, then to the insurance broker to get that all done - paid taxes and insurance for the year - done! Or not quite.
The seller had a receiver and ball (for the hitch on the van)... but the receiver didn't fit in our hitch. And the guys (together) couldn't get the ball off their receiver (we actually had a receiver for our hitch in the back of the van). Off they went to Canadian Tire to get a new ball that would fit our receiver. Back to the seller's house, everything all fit. Yay!
But then the wiring harness wasn't long enough, and the extender Dodge gave us with the hitch was nowhere near long enough. And it was just after 9pm, so Canadian Tire was closed all ready. After fiddling with it for half an hour trying to make it fit, Josh finally called me to say things weren't working and he might have to leave the trailer there until the weekend. Which would be no big deal - it was ours, our plates on it, and we'd just all go in on Sunday and pick it up. But Josh really wanted to get it home last night, I could tell, so I suggested maybe Walmart might have something - Walmart being the only place I could think of that would be open after 9pm.

This was the last I heard from him last night, so the rest I heard this morning... when he woke after only a couple hours sleep to go to work!

He left the seller's house, using his GPS to find the "closest" Walmart... which the GPS told him was only 15km away... on the other side of Winnipeg! It took him an hour to get there and back. But he got the wiring stuff and made it plenty (way too) long - we'll shorten it later and make it look better!
Anyways, as he was driving back to the trailer, he couldn't make the first turn and had to go a block further and come back. On this little detour he saw... yup, WALMART... just a block or so away... ahem. I'm sure there were some lovely words said at this point.
By the time he got everything done and hooked up, after having to drive all over Winnipeg and back, he didn't leave there until after midnight.
He got home at 4am, and had to get the trailer off the van and in the yard (because I needed the van to get Ruth to school as it was raining). He borrowed a couple concrete blocks from the neighbours' yard to put by the wheels. It's not where we will sit it yet, and we'll need some blocks and whatnot to have it steady, but for now it's in our yard and home!

And, because it's rainy and gross, and because Josh is exhausted and will most likely come home from work and go to bed (!), getting the trailer set up and taking some pictures will have to wait for a bit. But we'll get them!
I must say, the trailer looks a lot smaller in our big yard than it did in the pictures online, sitting in the guy's short drive way and small yard! But I'm sure it'll work great for us. I'm very excited to get to use it this summer!


a trailer! - 4/15

Josh is in Winnipeg right now (actually, he's most likely started on his way home by now) to pay for and pick up our new (to us) tent trailer!!!!
Yay!! And thank you so so much, Mom and Dad! We can't wait to drive out to see you this summer - only a few months away now!
I'm so excited to see it, and I'll be sure to take some pictures when we get it set up to check it out. The kids are very excited to be able to sleep and camp out, especially Zech - he doesn't like tents much at all... a lot like someone else I know! Our only problem will be keeping them out of the trailer until it's actually warm enough to use it! I foresee some front yard camp-outs, I think.

And that's about all I know right now. Pictures will definitely be taken and shared, the kids will be so happy, and Josh and I can relax a bit now.

Nothing much else happening - school for the kids, everyone's healthy and doing fine.
Well, except for Zech and his pants - he's started the "wear through the knees of every pair of pants we have" stage (Ruthie did this same thing, too, last year). Now this is most definitely annoying, because pants aren't free. But it's mostly annoying and totally impractical because this kid has the strangest body shape ever. No, I take that back. He's built just like my dad - or Mr. Bean. (ha!) He needs a size 5 (now) for length... but his waist could probably fit in a 24 month size pair. Thus, no pants in town really fit him. There is one place in Winnipeg that I have bought all his jeans at for the past few years, but it's in Winnipeg, not next door! I also need to check out "Old Navy" and see if their pants will fit him.
Anyways, the kid needs jeans, jogging pants, and pajamas - basically everything involving bottoms halves he needs. He has 12 pairs of pants (I counted!) and has 5 pair that still have knees... I've also patched the knees of 2 more pairs the other night. And he's outgrowing his pajamas, but I can't find ones to fit him in town either.
Obviously, we need to get in to Winnipeg at some point in time... soon... well, that or it's gotta get warm enough for shorts around here!

Other than that, we're all doing okay.


pictures from BC - 4/11

We got the pictures from the trip to BC up yesterday, all ready to share!
A very few of my favorites...

Uncle Mat playing at the playground with the kids
All the kids watching a movie - Zech, Ruth, Malaki, Isaac, and Uncle Ben
Going for a walk with Grandpa, playing in puddles - Isaac, Ruth, Zech
There're plenty more on the other site, too!


our spring break - 4/9

Well, we had a whirlwind of a spring break! Josh's mom and brother wanted to fly us out to BC to surprise his dad for his 60th birthday. We, of course, said we'd love to and were just super excited!
We had planned to drive to the city on Wed (25th) after school, leaving once Josh got home. But the weather decided to surprise us - Tuesday and Wednesday were both cancelled for Josh. Ruth and Zech still had school/preschool Wed morning, we got Ruthie early, at lunchtime, and left shortly after. It took us the better part of the afternoon to get to Winnipeg, the roads weren't the best, but we made it and had time to play and swim at the hotel.
Thursday morning we got up and headed to the airport, flew out at 10:30am. We flew about 2hrs to Calgary, had a 50 minute stop, and another hour flight to Kamloops. Ben, Mat, and Kendle met us at the airport - it was so good to see them again!!! Ruth and Zech remembered Kendle (she's visited us here with Patti and Ken), but this was the very first time the boys have ever met their uncles!
We got all our stuff packed up and drove to 100 Mile, to Ben and Crystal's house - where, by the way, we met out nephew for the very first time - I didn't really feel like an "auntie" before meeting Malaki. People started coming slowly, other family we haven't seen in 5 years!
Patti and Ken arrived, and was he ever surprised! He cried!! Very happy tears, though.

We had a great visit, it was awesome to be around family again, and the kids loved having aunts and uncles around to just be with. It was all just a ton of fun. I know I could go on and on, but I won't - it was just really nice and it always makes me happy to see our kids enjoying time with our family.
The only bad part about the whole visit was having to come home.
Ruthie was really upset, still gets sad thinking about being with everyone. Zech misses everyone too, though you can tell he's happy to be home and back to preschool. Isaac doesn't seem like he misses them, he seems happy, but when he gets sad at all he tells us he "wants to go home to grandma's house". So, yes, he misses everyone, too.

Josh has bucket loads of pictures from the visit - great shots of the kids with the family - he's working on them all and I'll upload them asap. I can't wait to share them!


a few more pictures... - 03/14

Josh found a few pictures on his camera, from Feb! I added them onto the other site - feb 8/09.
They're photos of the boys, Zech reading an "I Spy" book to Isaac.searching for the objects, finding them together...
Isaac loves Ruth and Zech to read to him, he hangs on every word...
Our absolute favorite, nothing better than brothers laughing together...


more pictures and videos - 03/13

I'm uploading a whole bunch of new pictures and videos right now. I'm too tired to move some over here, but they're over there! I'll try to get them labeled and stuff before I go to bed. Oh, and there's another one from Jan 12 (more skating, Ruthie and her teacher) that I missed the first time around.
We've been really busy! The last week of February was something every day for the kids! Monday night they had their skating festival. Tuesday night we had skating lessons after school. Wednesday night the boys danced in the music festival (in Brandon) - Ruthie, Josh and I all went to watch the boys, I think they liked that we were all there for them. Thursday was skating lessons again. Friday night Ruthie danced at the music festival - Josh and I went to watch her together, the boys went to play at the Neufeld's. (there are videos of the skating routines and the dancing on the other site!)
And since then I've just been too busy, and tired, to get things up onto the computer. I also still need to do all the pictures from Jan and Feb still. I'll get there, sometime.


We're so close! - 02/22

Oh we're so close to being able to bathe and shower in my bathroom again!!! I'm very excited.
Over the past couple weeks Josh has gotten all the tiles off, the bad parts of the walls cut out (including behind the bathroom door where some water damage had happened too). Our friend, Paul, came out Thursday night to help us out. He and Josh got the new taps installed, and got the gyproc put up - we chose to use blue gyproc for behind the actual tub surround, except for on the end wall as we didn't cut any out there. The blue stuff is treated with something to resist mildew growth.
So, that took until midnight on Thursday - and poor Paul had to drive home yet!
On Saturday Paul came out again and he and Josh got to work. It took a while, but by 1am we finally had the surround all put up and the caulking (though we got a tape thing, it's nicer looking than caulking and we'll see how it holds up) done around the tub itself. Taps and knobs on and ready to go.
I'm hoping by the middle of next week I'll finally be able to shower upstairs again! Though I still need to get a new curtain rod first.

There are a bunch of new pictures up on the other site of the bathtub progress.
We ended up just getting a cheaper 5 piece tub surround. We had originally thought we'd get the more expensive one piece one, because it should last longer than the 5 piece ones. But then, when removing tiles, the tub itself got a big chip in it.
So we thought maybe we'd replace the whole tub, too.
Then the water heater exploded and there went our tub.
Back to the drawing board - we decided just to get this 5 piece surround instead. It should last about 5 years before needing replacing. By that time I'm hoping (that is if we're still here by then) we'll be able to afford one of those really nice 3 piece tub installs (tub, surround, and ceiling piece). Until then, this surround will do and does look much nicer all ready than the tiles did!
We're going to get some moulding to do around the outer edges of the surround, to finish it off. I think it will make it look very put together.
Then if we can just get the bathroom painted and maybe some kind of flooring put down I think the bathroom will look okay... has to be better than this 70's bath we have now!


pictures and videos up! - 02/15

Well, there's one video I can't get to work on there... the first skating one... but I'm working on it. And there's one from back on Jan 15 of Ruth and Zech playing Wii that I just got up today.
A preview...
Ruth and Isaac playing their video games together
I thought it was very cute, their feet together
There was a nice snowstorm that day, too. Glad we'd decided not to go to church that morning!
And a lovely shot of our bathroom. Josh is working on it.
And there's more ripped off/out today. I'll get a new update picture this afternoon!


what a week! - 02/13

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day (tomorrow)!
Last Friday (the 6th) Zech was having a fit at supper, wouldn't eat, didn't get dessert - just generally a bad night. Josh poured a bath and had Isaac in it. He got Zech undressed and put Zech in the tub, but Zech pulled away from Josh and ended up putting his shoulder THROUGH the bathtub wall. Yes. THROUGH the wall. To be fair, there was water damage behind there and the wall was soft, but we were hoping that it would last a few more months at least.
In looking at the wall and what was behind it (which actually wasn't as bad as we expected), and pricing out tiles vs a new surround, we've decided to just pull down the tiles (salvaging as much of the good drywall as we can) and put in a new surround. While we've got the wall open, we're going to put in new taps and whatnot back there, as right now the shower doesn't work - there's no pipe going up for water. We aren't going to put in a new tub, though... unless something worse happens while Josh is tearing out tile (he's all ready gotten a chip in the corner of the tub, but we can live with that spot).
So, that was our weekend, dealing with that. And the kids had dance classes on Sunday instead of Monday last week (teachers were going to be away Monday). All that kept us pretty busy!
Sunday night a big storm hit - freezing rain and then a bunch of snow on top of it, a nice slick mess. The road looked like a skating rink! School was closed, for Josh and Ruthie. We were all home, doing nothing. The kids went for rest time and I put on a load of laundry (my washer tells a time, it takes 54 minutes for that load). When the washer was done, I brushed my teeth and started downstairs to shower (remember, the tub walls are ripped open!). Get halfway down the stairs and hear an odd sound. Look closer and realize there's WATER ALL OVER THE BASEMENT.
Called Josh down. He ran outside to check (hoping!) that it was the outside tap left on again (happened last winter/spring) or with the storm and warmer weather there was a bunch of run off or something. Nope. It was the water heater - water pouring out the sides of it, everywhere. Shut the water and power off to the heater, and started sucking up water off the floors. Josh called all the plumbers around here, but there was either no answer or the plumber was away at all of them. So he called Paul who said, yes, he's done a water heater before. Good!
We ended up going in to the church for our pot-luck/bible study evening Monday night. Josh and Paul went to get a new tank after that and drove out here and put it in. Thank goodness we have a friend like Paul close by!
So, I'm not sure what can happen next here, or what's going to fall apart. I hope it's not any of us!

Speaking of that, Ruthie had a bad cold and got really gross looking eyes last week - pink eye, I think, but from the virus that caused her cold. We got some polysporin eye drops last Saturday and have been using them 3-4 times a day (3 when she's at school, 4 when she's not been). Her eyes are looking much better, but we'll continue the drops until the week is up for them. Her cough is pretty awful sounding, though. I hope that clears up soon, too.

I have a few new pictures (some of the bathroom) and a couple videos from skating yesterday! I wanted to make sure to get another video of them skating because the weather has suddenly warmed up here and we're not sure how long the ice will last! Well, a few days ago it was anyways. This morning it was -20 again.
I'll post when I get those uploaded, hopefully this afternoon.


It's gone! - 01/28

Ruth lost her tooth on Monday, at school! It was saved, in a baggie, so we could put it under her pillow for the 'Tooth Fairy'. She brought Ruthie $2 that night!!
Here's Ruthie...
See the little space?!
Here's a shot of her mouth...

Last Thursday, after MOTS, Jenn and I took the kids to the Ag Days show at the Keystone centre. It's really for farmers, like a car show except with tractors. I'm sure people wondered what the heck we were doing, carting 5 kids and 2 strollers in there! But the kids had a blast looking at the huge tractors and climbing in and on them. We figured if the tractors couldn't handle the kids, would you really want to buy that one anyways?!
A picture of my boys, standing in a tire - this thing was HUGE, easily taller than me - not hard, I know. Ha ha.



Just one month ago was Boxing Day, hard to believe!
It's -30 yet again today. Windchill is only -44, school's don't close until windchill hits -45. And, no. One degree is not close enough. So, bundled up we get, and out to the car (Josh was getting a ride with the girl from Brandon he carpools with). The car is in the garage now, always. And it was plugged in last night. But the darn thing wouldn't start. Wouldn't even roll over.
Tell kids to get back in the porch (it's a touch warmer in there, though not much) and figure I should at least try the van before calling the school (since the school is just up the road, I can call and just ask for someone to run over and pick Ruthie up).
Now, the van has been sitting outside. In the cold. All night. And not plugged in. At all. I turn the key and it rolled over. HARD. But then the darn thing kicked in and started. Could NOT believe it! I have a big grudge against Josh's car now. I know it hates cold, but it's still gotta start!

Anyway, Ruth is back in school, they've been skating a lot this month, and besides that she's doing skating lessons twice a week - she's getting pretty fast! Have you seen her videos on dropshots? Tons of improvement from last year!
Yesterday she surprised me a bunch, said she has a loose tooth. Now, she has been saying this for a couple years, wanting to get a loose tooth to be "bigger", but never had anything. I called her over to show me, thinking it was nothing. Especially since there was nothing amiss when I last helped her brush her teeth (Friday, Josh helped her Saturday and didn't mention anything). But I'll be darned! Her front bottom right tooth is really loose. Very loose. I don't it will last very long in there! So, big realization yet again that our little girl is growing up.


Happy New Year! - 01/15 (2009!)

Time for a huge update, I suppose! These are some of the pictures off the site - there are many more, and some videos over there!

On Christmas Eve, as much as we would like to go to a church service, we don't. It would just be too much work, too much time wasted, getting ready and in to town, to church, then getting home again. Lots of rushing, and by the time we got home it would be late and the kids would be grumpy and tired. Not much fun.
So, instead, we make lots of yummy finger foods, put a quilt on the floor and let the kids have a "picnic" in the living room while watching Christmas shows, and just be home together. We eat and play and just have fun.
Right before bedtime, the kids each get to open one present - Christmas jammies and, this year, a new book. The older 2 noticed these presents as soon as they were wrapped and under the tree, and started asking about opening them around, oh about 3 in the afternoon! By 5pm, they were both saying "Is it bedtime yet? Please, can we get ready for bed? I'm very tired now!" But, we held them off until nearing 8pm.
A few pictures from Christmas Eve:
Zech opens his present
Isaac opens his present
Ruthie opens her present - she was very happy there was a hair scrunchie with her new nightie!
Isaac gets his shirt stuck on his head while getting changed
All the kids in their christmas jammies!

Christmas morning, Zech was up first, at 7am, his normal wake up time. He came right in to wake us up wanting to open his stocking and presents. Ruth and Isaac didn't stay in bed very long after Zech was up, so we started.
The kids had 'santa' presents and their stockings. We opened those, took a break for breakfast, then opened the rest of our gifts - the kids got lots, as usual.
The rest of the day was spent at home, just playing and relaxing.
I roasted a chicken (the house smelled very yummy all day!) and we had a big Christmas dinner - chicken, dressing, cranberry sauce (jam, Isaac says), and vegetables. Yum!
A few pictures from Christmas:
All of us opening stocking stuff.
Ruthie playing with her 'santa' present - a horse and stable, matches her doll house.
Isaac playing with his 'santa' present - a diego and dinosaur toy.
Zech playing with his 'santa' present - an ambulance!

There's a really cute video of Zech playing with his ambulance and making up a song about it.

For New Year's Eve our friends and their kids came over. We had yummy treat foods for supper, exchanged christmas presents, the kids played Wii for a couple hours (with minimal help from us!), we were able to play a couple board games (wow!), and we celebrated the "new year" at 11pm.
Unfortunately, Jen and Paul had to go to a funeral 8 hours away the next day, so they weren't able to stay overnight. But we still had a lot of fun with them celebrating New Year's!

Now we're working on getting back into things. Having a break is nice, I enjoyed it, but the kids were out of sorts being off their "schedule" for so long, I think.
School started on the 5th for Ruth and Josh. They all had dance class that night, too. Zech started nursery school on the 6th.
These pictures are from the 9th (I think?). I put on a music station on the tv and the kids danced for a long time!
Isaac dancing.Zech and Ruth dancing like Bean. Isaac joined in, too.
Ruthie dancing.
Ruth and Zech wagging their tails.
Ruth and Zech - I like this picture.
In case someone notices - Zech got hit in the face with a car at nursery school on Wed (7th). It actually was an accident, which is good - he walked in front of other boys driving cars off a jump. Wrong place, wrong time kind of thing.

Back in November, our poor little loveseat started dying - it had a hole in one cushion, gradually growing from little fingers pulling at it. Then the other cushion got a big hole worn in it, then another. We decided to go on a furniture hunt after Christmas, hoping to see a boxing day sale or something.
We found 3 pieces, ones we really liked, and got a good deal on them.
This is our new couch:
our new loveseat:
our new chair:
All very comfy and we really like them! Oh, we ended up taking the feet off the loveseat because it was way too tall for us - well, me anyways. I couldn't touch the floor when I sat on it! The chair still has it's feet, it's okay like that for some reason.

And, that's about it until now. Oh yeah, the kids started skating lessons last Thursday. We found Isaac some skates on the weekend and he joined in on Tuesday. I took some videos of the 3 of them skating - they're over on the other site. I can't believe the different in Ruthie's skating, and Zech's doing incredible for only his 2nd time ever on skates (in the videos). Isaac... well, he's trying. That's all we ask!