Busy week! - 09/11

Last Saturday we had our Fall Kick-Off at the church. The kids had a blast - there was popcorn and cotton candy, hotdogs, a clown, some bouncy castle toys, and more. The girls got their faces painted, too!
Monday was the kids' first dance class of the year. Isaac LOVED it. He didn't do much right away, but once he realized that everyone was doing it, he joined it and had fun. Come the last 10 minutes of class he was done and started fooling around, but half an hour is pretty good attention span for him!
Zech was happy to go back, but he was mad that they were playing games and not learning a new dance. He kept coming to tell me the other kids weren't listening to the teachers and weren't doing it right! Unfortunately, he's too young to move into any other classes, so hopefully he'll keep going, and they'll get to learning a dance next week!
And Ruthie did very well. I can tell that her class is going to be more work for her this year, more concentration on dancing, which is great. She had fun, too.
Then Tuesday was Zech's first day of nursery school! He's been really excited to go, and was happy to finally wear his back pack and get to stay at school! Isaac, on the other hand, screams because I won't let him stay!
Technically the pictures are of Zech on his 2nd day of school... because I forgot my camera on Tuesday. But he didn't care, he just said "But I can still go to school, right?" and I figure 20 years from now we won't remember or care either!


Back to school! - 09/05

Josh started back to work on Tuesday, long day of "Where's Daddy? When will Daddy be home? Why did he have to go to school?" But we made it through!

And on Wednesday, Ruthie started Kindergarten! She's having a lot of fun - recess and snacktime are her favorite parts of the day so far!

I went to a "parent info night" last night at the school and had some time to talk to Ruth's teacher about where she is with things - reading, math, etc. The teacher is going to work with Ruthie, and allow her to do some of the grade 1 things so she'll be more challenged - which is exactly what Josh and I want. I'm not sure where this will put her next year, I have no idea the policies on skipping grades around here, but we'll discuss it with the teacher and principal later in the year. For now, the teacher know Ruthie's further along than kindergarten and will let her do more things so she doesn't get bored! That's good enough for the time being.

And, here's a picture of her before she went inside!

In other news, our cat (Caspian) went missing last Saturday. By Tuesday, we were pretty sure he wouldn't be coming home and the kids had started to notice he wasn't around. All we could tell them is that he ran away, we didn't know why or where.
But, yesterday after we got home from taking Ruth to school, we heard a loud howling in the breezeway, and lo and behold, it's the cat! The kids are happy to have him back. I have no idea where he was for 5 days, but he sure was skinny - and hungry! Otherwise he seems fine, not hurt or anything.