reading, a trip, and a wedding - 09/27

Well, Levi and I made it! The trip was very full, not much time to sit and relax, but I'm so glad we went. It was wonderful to see Nana, and the wedding was beautiful.
We drove to the city Thursday night and stayed over in the airport hotel so I didn't have any drive or parking to figure out in the morning. Friday morning we got up and ready, crossed to the airport at 7am and flew out at 8am. Levi was great on the plane - we were able to get a free seat beside us on both long flights (Winnipeg to Toronto, then Ottawa/Winnipeg on the way back) - on the short Toronto/Ottawa flight he cuddled up in my lap and slept. Many people said how good of a little guy he was, what a good traveler he was.
We got in to Ottawa at 1:10pm and met Nana at the baggage area! Levi was very confused by this point - he'd been looking for Daddy and Isaac at the hotel the night before and that morning - but not upset. We went right over to pick up our rental car and started on the way to the wedding venue. Everything I found said it was over an hour drive, but we made it in 45mins from the airport - and I wasn't speeding... that much. Anyways, we made it in time to get everyone changed and ready before a lot of the guests were arriving.
The wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad I was there for Katie. The venue (Beantown) was gorgeous - just amazing, honestly... just check through their website, though it doesn't even do it justice. The only bad part of the place was the pond - beautiful... but Levi wanted in the water so bad! We stayed for the day out there; ceremony, finger foods and visiting, dinner, speeches and first dance (on the island - with fireworks behind them!), then we started back to the city.
Good thing, as I mixed myself up with the directions to the hotel and missed the correct turnoff (since I wasn't looking for it at all), taking us through Ottawa and on to Kanata. We had to drive an extra 10 minutes on the highway before getting to a place we could turn off... then on the way back to Ottawa we got stuck in post-hockey game traffic by the arena. It took us only 45mins to get to Beantown... and 1.5hrs to get from there back to the hotel... which, for the record, is only 5mins away from the airport. Not a fun drive. But we made it.
In the morning we got all ready and headed back to the airport at lunchtime - had to drop off the car to avoid getting another day's charge for only a couple hours extra. We hung around the airport until our flights - Levi watched planes landing and vehicles out at the gates, and napped for a couple hours while we ate lunch.
Unfortunately then it was time to say goodbye and we got on the plane to come home. Even though it was short and very busy, I'm so glad it worked out for Nana to meet us there! It was a lot of fun... even if I am still exhausted from it!
Everyone was glad to see us home - the kids had only gone to bed shortly before we pulled in, and they heard Levi squealing, so they came out for hugs and kisses.
I got some pictures, too! First a couple from earlier this month, then the trip.

Sept. 16th
Levi loves books and stories

Sept. 23-24 - Mommy and Levi's trip!
Levi on the plane - watching a show on the little tv

Nana and Levi

I really like these next 2 of them

Mommy and Levi

Levi worked at covering the benches with wood chips

he worked hard, see?

he found more wood chips by the pavilion!

checking out the rental car

trying on Mommy's shoes!

watching a plane come to the gate!

he loved watching the planes and vehicles! many, many "wow"s and "look at that!"

Pictures I got of Beantown - and not nearly as many as I should have gotten! I got none of the chapel, the covered bridge, or the main hall.
the outside ceremony area

the pavilion

horse-drawn wagon to get from place to place - it's not too far to walk, though would be for some, but it's fun to take a wagon ride!

I know, I said it all ready. But I'm so glad I went and it was so beautiful! Levi was a great little travelling buddy and we couldn't have asked for better timing and weather!


we're still here! - 09/18

Whoa. Sorry for the break here. We've been busy!
Josh started back to work on the 6th - back to waking early to an alarm and being away all day. We adjust and get used to it.
The kids started school on the 7th - Isaac is in Kindergarten this year! Ruthie's in grade 4, Zech's in grade 2. So far it's going good, they all love school anyways and Isaac's having good days. His first day wasn't good (to him) because Zech laughed at him when he tripped at recess, and he cut himself with his new scissors while cutting shapes. The next day was a little better, and Friday was a good day because he "didn't even cut myself!". Hey, we'll take what we can get. Having everyone in school, at least for the mornings (Isaac gets picked up at 11:45 almost every day, except for field trips and swim lessons), leaves Levi and me at home just the two of us. It's very quiet around here! But he's a fun little guy - loves to play with Mommy, read stories, and even help out with chores - he loves to pass me pillows when I make our bed! And he loves to go for walks down to meet Isaac at lunchtime (we've been able to walk most of the days so far).
Zech and Isaac started karate on the 6th - Isaac is liking it all right, though he doesn't like to be told what to do... which is kind of the point in being there... but he'll get used to it. He all ready liked the 2nd class better than the first week. Zech has jumped right back in and is doing really great all ready. The only downside is that there are a lot of kids in the class right now, and they're back to doing a lot of the basics. We're hoping the "herd" thins out soon. We both remember it being the same last year, then being only 5-10 kids each class by spring. Zech doesn't seem to be bothered, though.
Ruthie starts gymnastics this Tuesday, the 20th - we're taking a break from dance for this year and trying this instead. We're all pretty tired of having to make the big trip (it's not far, but it's a long time there and a lot of work to get there) for dance each week. Especially after they moved locations, it just didn't seem to work well last year. She's always wanted to try gymnastics, though, and they have a gym in Boissevain - only a 12min drive, instead of 45mins for dance. We're all hoping she'll like it.
The older kids all start swimming lessons this Friday, with the school. The whole school gets bussed in to Brandon for lessons each Friday afternoon from now through until mid-Dec. Very nice for us as then we don't have to make the trip ourselves! It will be strange to have the whole day, just me and Levi! Although some of the weeks we'll be going in for groceries and errands. Levi should be starting his swim lessons himself on Saturday, but we'll miss the first lesson this week as he and I will be coming home that day.
It's a busy week this week - not only activities and all that, but I'm taking Levi with me to my best friend from university's wedding on Friday. We drive to Winnipeg Thursday as soon as Josh gets home from work, fly out Friday morning, get a car at Ottawa airport and drive to the wedding venue (fingers crossed for an easy time finding the way and all that jazz). Stay overnight Friday, fly back Saturday and drive home. Phew! A great bonus to it, though, is that I'm meeting my mom in Ottawa and she'll be coming to the wedding with Levi and me! I'm excited... and nervous... but it'll be fun I know. So the week is busy with getting things ready to leave around the house, packing, getting Josh's car cleaned out and Levi's seat in there. And Josh will be staying home Friday - all by his lonesome after seeing the kids off to school, with swim lessons, and Isaac even has a birthday party to go to after school! Wish us luck with the traveling/flying/driving!

Aug 3rd
kids with Grandma and Grandpa (and the dogs!), before they left for home

Aug 31st
caspian and runt together!

Sept 5th
Levi's new face - the "smolder" (watch 'tangled' the movie, you'll understand)

Sept 6th
Levi and runt

Sept 7th - 1st day of school!
all the kids!
Ruthie - starting grade 4!
Zech - starting grade 2!
Isaac - 1st day of Kindergarten!!!
Levi - while pictures were being taken... not going to school
walking to school
Isaac at the school door - he'd hung his lunchbox on the door and taken off his shoes!
Ruthie at her desk
Zech at his desk
Isaac at his very first desk!
not school, but later that day Isaac played 'trouble' with his lego guy... it's a flashlight

Sept 12th
runt sleeping in his favorite place - my diaper bag!
Ruthie's new hair cut - doesn't it make her look older?! We don't like that!
Isaac's new hair cut - we love his long hair, but wanted to see his eyes in school pictures!

Sept 15th
Levi's favorite seat in the house - the cat house!

That's it for now - our update for the past 2 weeks of busy-ness! Looking forward to another 2 weeks... though hopefully I'll post again before that long. I'll try to remember my camera for my trip and have pictures to share - hope to get a couple of Levi and Nana, and I'd love one of me and Katie together! We'll see!