Isaac is 6!

Isaac turned 6 years old on Saturday (May 19th)!!! Holy, how time flies!
We had a great day - able for the first time to have his party actually on his birthday. He chose a "jolly roger" cake, so a pirate theme it was. The kids came in the afternoon, we played some games (home made by Josh and I!), had cake and ice cream, opened presents, and whacked a pinata. Best of all, unlike last year, Isaac had fun and enjoyed his party!
(he liked his party last year, but got overexcited and overwhelmed before it even started, so it seemed the whole time like he wasn't having fun. he told us afterwards (a day or 2 afterwards!) that he liked it and did have fun. it seemed to help this year that Josh talked to Isaac and told him it wasn't his job to make sure everyone had fun, it was our job, he was just supposed to have a good day with his friends. not sure if that made all the difference, but it seemed to help.)
*pictures are coming, Josh is just busy figuring a few computer things out. and I haven't forgotten about the videos from Ruth's play, just haven't gotten them ready for uploading yet.

A couple things to update...

My Grammie is not doing any better. Levi and I are flying home on Wednesday to stay with my parents for a little while. It's hard to be leaving Josh and the kids, especially with the days coming up, but I'm glad for the chance to be able to go and not have to worry about things around here.

Josh got word last week that his job next year will be a half-time position at his current school and a half-time position at a hutterite colony near his school. So, still a full-time job, just spread out over the 2 places. That's better than we were expecting and should work out fine for travelling and whatnot for him.

Blue (Mat's dog) is still here. I think Mat is coming to stay on Wednesday (boo, I won't get to see him this time), just for a few days and then going back to Regina, with Blue, to do his production. Blue isn't a bad dog... but he's a heck of a lot more work than Myles! He's definitely making me rethink getting another puppy when Myles dies.

We've been battling a horrid cold for weeks around here (apparently strep was going around the school, not sure it wasn't that, but we're nearly all over it now). Isaac started while Mat was still here, so 3 weeks ago. Then it hit Levi, Zech, Josh, Ruth, and me as of the end of last week - I'm hoping not to be too stuffed up or crappy feeling for flying!

I do have one picture I can post now - Zech and Levi cuddling a couple weeks ago. ♥


3 months

Today it has been 3 months since Elliana was born.

It has been a melancholy day. Even reflected in the weather which has been cloudy, gray, and rainy all day. There has been no sunshine today.

We should be starting to get things set up, washed, ready for her impending arrival. Excited and anticipatory.
Instead, I will light her candle tonight. A tiny flame to remind us of that tiny "light", taken far too soon.


I need to get around to taking more photos. I think we have a couple from Easter, and I know I have a few videos from Ruth's school musical. I'll have to get them on the computer to share sometime this week.

As this year has gone (it's sucked, for the record), last week followed suit. The car did end up only being $95 to fix - much better than the few hundred we were preparing for.
But then we got a call from Josh's boss later in the week to let us know that the school will be losing a 1/2 position next year. Josh is lowest on the "totem pole" in the school - if anyone loses their job or gets transferred, it'll be him first. As of today, we know that he still has a job (the deadline for them letting us know of job loss is May 1st), but we do not know where that job will be.
There are various scenarios that may play out, some involve us needing to move, some involve getting closer to one coast or the other, and some would see us just staying where we are. We won't know what is happening for another while, though I do hope Josh's boss will let us know as soon as he knows.

In brighter news, we watched a wonderful thunderstorm out our picture window tonight. Who needs tv when there's a great storm?