pictures as promised - 04/29

April 19th

April 21st
Papa gets his toes painted by Ruthie. He chose sparkly glow in the dark polish!
And sadly (really, I am very sad about it) those are the only pictures of Nana and Papa's visit. We didn't manage (to remember!) to get any pictures of the kids all together with them. I guess that just means they need to visit again soon!

April 26th
Levi helps with unpacking the suitcase
And brushes his hair (with a barbie hairbrush!)

April 28th
Yesterday was a beautiful day - 20 degrees, only a little breeze. Just beautiful.
I opened the windows in the house and let the fresh air in - I love being able to do that!
We played outside. Isaac went out first and came up to the front door (looking in the living room). The cat heard him and did this for a good 5 minutes!
Levi and I got ready and joined everyone outside.
He loves the Flinstone mobile!
(and excuse all the pictures, I can't possibly choose only a few)
Check out these teeth!
He's got a 3rd one just through this past week, but it may be a while before it'll show in pictures - I'll work on getting a shot of it!
Fish Face!
He does this all the time now. Constantly.
Waving and saying "Hi!"
(love this one!)
he likes his swing, too

April 29th

AND, the videos of Ruth's musical are up on the other site, too.
April 27th, there are 5 of them! Check them out - she did such a great job!
Josh got some pictures of her in costume (and some of Levi on Easter - his first!), but he'll need to edit them first - hopefully this weekend.


happy easter - 04/28

I hope you all had a great Easter - we had a wonderful surprise (well, the kids did, Josh and I knew they were coming) when Nana and Papa arrived on Wednesday! They stayed for the weekend, leaving Monday morning.
We had a really great visit - lots of cuddles and stories, they got to see Ruth's play practice and Zech's karate class, we went bowling, went for walks and played in the yard, went to the city to swim and stay in the hotel for their last night here. We can't wait to do it again!
Ruth's school musical was last night - it was a great play! Ruthie did an awesome job, as did all the kids. You could tell they all worked so hard. They did it again this afternoon for kids from a neighboring town even.

I'll have more pictures and some videos from the musical up in a few days. It's been another busy week around the Baker house, as usual for us this year!


Levi ~ 10 months old! 03/17

Levi was 10 months old on the 14th.
He's such a great little guy.
Really funny, makes us laugh all the time.
The other night he had spaghetti - he's had it before, but this was the first time with sauce on his.

He loved it.

And on the 14th I tried to get some pictures. Not an easy feat.
He loves playing with these fisher price blocks, trying to figure out what each one does.

notice the one sock!

standing up at the table is old news now.

a little pout after not getting what he wanted.

this was before...

and this was after...

he LICKED me. ew.
see that smile?!!
he thinks licking me is hilarious. I do not.
One of his very newest tricks, and one we all love - he's started blowing kisses!!!!