36 week prenatal - 4/26

I had another prenatal appt yesterday. Everything is going fine, no worries or anything. We're all very confused about when this baby really is due, as my own due date is may 18, but we've had ultrasound dates of anywhere from may 9 to may 24!! So, I guess maybe just sometime in May?!!
I've been having cramping the past few days. Some Monday afternoon and evening, then all Monday night (only got about 2 hours sleep all night - yawn!), and they continued ALL day long yesterday. When I went to bed last night I prayed and begged for a break so I could get some sleep, and was able to sleep about 7 hours, so that was nice! But now the cramps have started again that I've gotten out of bed. So, we'll see what, if anything, is happening in time, I guess. I'm not going to get my hopes up yet, not until there're some other signs, but at least there's a chance that we're getting ready here!

some more pics of the kiddies! - 4/26

This is what happens when you have 2 kids and only one car - good thing we have the van!!! :o)

And this is what tires are really meant for, I guess!!



ruthie's first shiner - 4/21

I swear; I know how to take care of my kids!!! But, still, accidents happen. Like this one! Ruthie was running across the back yard, tripped, and hit her face on the little slide. This was Monday afternoon, and this is how her eye looked at bathtime that night...

It's healing up well, though looking worse?!! Here's what it looks like today...

So, she's beating me so far, lol! She's 3.5 years old and has all ready had stitches and a black eye, neither of which I've ever had!!!
Oh, and here's a pic of Zech brushing his teeth. Couldn't go without posting one of him, too!!

36wk belly - 4/21

Here we are at 36 weeks! I think I look pretty much the same as I did at this point with both Ruthie and Zech, so I'm expecting about the same size baby in the end. :o) We're doing fine, just biding the time until Baby decides to meet us face to face!


Happy Easter with pictures! - 4/14

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!! Don't eat too much candy or chocolate!!!
All is well with us out here. We had another prenatal appt. last Tuesday and everything is continuing to go well with baby and mama both. We'll be seeing this baby before we know it, I hit 35 weeks yesterday!! I still can't believe how fast this is all going this time around.
Finally, I've gotten the pics of the van on the computer. No pics of Zech driving yet, but maybe later today we'll get some more shots of the kids in the van, after nap time! Oh, and there's some more pictures of Ruthie in her Easter dress. Thought they were too pretty not to share. :o)


spring break - 4/2

This past week was 'spring break' for the schools, so Josh had the week off from student teaching. It was so nice to have him home!! We did nothing, really, but still were busy running around!! We went to the Winter Fair (they always have it during spring break week) 3 times, twice on Thurs. and once yesterday, thanks to friends of ours helping out with passes!
The kids had an absolute blast seeing everything! They both liked the petting farm best - Zech for the animals, especially the "doggies" (goats... but he refused to call them goats!) and Ruthie because that's what our friends were working at the whole week, so while we were there she was able to run around and play with her friend, Jeff!
We were able to stay after they closed on Thurs. night, and Ruthie was able to help with feeding the baby goats! Josh got a picture of her bottle feeding one, which we'll have to scan and post in a photo album. Zech got to run around by himself in the goat pen, which he loved! He's such a gentle kid, and just loves all animals! He also really liked the baby chicks ("bebe birds") and had to tell everyone what they were. He had fun touching them and laughing as they ran away from him!
What else has been happening... hmmm....
We had our 32wk prenatal last Tues. Everything is good with Peanut and me, I'm still measuring exactly where I should be, so it seems that that's our little miracle! Baby has decided to turn head down, and we're all hoping s/he decides to stay put!!
I'm starting to get a bit antsy wanting to get things unpacked and ready for the baby. I really need to find a dresser, so I have somewhere to put baby's clothes! That's the first step, I guess. Then I'll be able to get everything washed up and set up, and then it's just a matter of waiting until baby decides to show up. :o) I've still got May 4 stuck in my head, for whatever reason. I guess we'll see what reason when the 4th comes!
I feel kind of bad that part of why I'm excited about the baby coming is because Mom is coming out for a while (and hopefully Dad for a little bit, too)!! I can't wait to see Mom, but more than that, I can't wait to see Ruthie and Zech being able to spend time with her!! It will be a bit hairy and interesting, I think, for her to get out, but once she's on the plane we're set... I hope!! If we knew when baby was coming, we could try to plan something, but with the way things are that's not really possible. As it is, I think we'll be calling home as soon as labor starts and getting friends to watch the kids until Mom arrives. Hopefully there'll be a flight right away when she needs it! We'll be praying for smooth sailing for all this!!!!