meet baby smurf - 06/29

Well, we now have a smurf for a baby! ha!Isaac got really bad cradle cap, baby acne, and thrush last week. The cradle cap cleared up really quickly with just tea tree oil, which is awesome! And the baby acne is pretty much gone with some urea cream (josh says it's "pee cream"). And we're working on the thrush... as you can tell, using gentian violet! Sure, we have a blue baby (among other things!), but it's totally worth it! I was only a feeding or two away from totally giving up nursing, so this blue baby is saving us having to pay for formula. :o) It was to the point of me crying through every feeding all day Monday, but I started to get some (though very little) relief on Tuesday. Today is even better, though not totally normal yet. But we're getting there!!!This is the picture from the photo shoot that I sent out in the birth announcement cards. I'm thinking they've probably arrived now (or should have!), so I shouldn't be ruining the surprise for anyone. If you haven't gotten a card yet, well, here's the pic you'll be seeing! Oh, a note, too - the footprints on the front of the card are Isaac's actual footprints, though of course not actually that small.This is me trying to convince Isaac NOT to cry so we could just get a good picture of him!!


photo shoot - 06/20

Couple pics from Isaac's "photo shoot" last night. We were trying to get a good picture of him for his birth announcement cards (yet another thing I'm late in getting to... but they're coming, I promise!!). We did get some good ones of him. These are just a couple good ones, though neither one the one picked for the cards. I love my cross-eyed baby boy!!

pics from the fair - 06/20

As promised - though perhaps a bit long in coming - some pics from our day at the fair! That's Ruthie coming out of the fun house, in the rolling tunnel thing. She thought it was very funny! Her, Jeff, and Brett went through the fun house 5 times, back to back. :o) Josh and Paul took all the kids on the boat ride. You can see pretty much everyone in this picture, apparently enjoying themselves. That's Zech and Luke on the cars, driving. Ruth's in the car right behind them, you can kind of see her in these pics. The little boys were so excited to be able to go on rides, too!!



I'm not sure if I've posted about this, but Josh got a job for September! He'll be teaching senior high (grades 10, 11, 12 - all different subjects) in Balder - that's about an hour from Brandon, where we are now. Now that we know where he'll be teaching, we can start looking to find somewhere to move. We're hoping to be moved for August, that would give us a month before he really starts teaching to settle in and get used to not being right in town. Hopefully we'll be able to find a house about a half hour outside of Brandon - far enough outside to get much better rent prices. So far we haven't seen much at all for rent outside of here, though there are lots of houses for sale. That doesn't really help us, though, as we don't want to buy when we're not even sure where we want to be.
We're happy about getting this job and knowing what's happening so soon, though we can't help but play the "what if" game - what if something would have worked out nearer either coast, thus nearer our family. But that's not something we could count on, and, with the kids, not a risk we can take. They need stability and this is it.
The good side of him teaching, no matter where in Canada, is that he'll have all the holidays off, plus Spring Break, and of course the couple months off for summer. That should afford us time to visit family, we hope!
And that's about it. We're all still settling in from Mom and Dad's awesome visit, and getting used to having another baby around. I really didn't think going from 2 to 3 kids would be so much of a change, but I'm quickly learning it is!
Oh, we got to the Summer Fair here on Saturday. We met our friend Jen and her kids (there were 10 of us in all, lol!) and went around with them. The kids all had a blast going on rides!! Even Zech and Luke (Jen's son, 3 weeks older than Zech) got to go on a few rides. I have some pictures and will upload them when I get a chance and post them here for y'all to see. :o)


isaac's growing - 06/09

I had him to the dr's office yesterday. Long story, but I ended up being late and the Dr had gone for lunch, so Isaac wasn't checked out by the Dr at all, just weighed and measured. Anyways... he's up to 10lbs now, so he's slowed a bit in gaining, but that's okay! And he's all ready 24 inches!! I have NO idea where this kid gets his height from. Makes NO sense to me.
A few more pictures for you all! That's Zech cuddling with Isaac.
Isaac sleeping in the basket. He's wearing the outfit Nana bought for him - handsome lad!

This kid really likes blueberries!!
Here's Isaac in his new bouncy chair. The old one is too noisy when it vibrates, though I'm sure it's only Josh and I who care. Not sure if he likes this new one or not!

He likes music, like the rest of the family! He's listening to Josh's new toy.
Just wanted to add, thanks to all of you for the congrats and cards and gifts! Thank you all for celebrating our new baby with us!!

some more pics - 06/09

Here's a couple pics from when Nana and Papa were visiting!

Hard to get a good picture of Zech, unless you just take them while he's goofin around!

Josh took this the other day - she's standing in front of the fan. :o)

I LOVE this picture of Zech. I got it kinda by accident, just snapping some of him.