Happy Thanksgiving - 10/11

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a nice weekend, doing nothing at all. The kids only got dressed to go outside to play, we didn't leave home for anything. Now it's back to work and school for everyone. I think Levi is happy - yesterday morning after breakfast he was standing at the window saying "bye isaac". Apparently he's gotten used to 2 day weekends and back to school!
No real news or new pictures, we're all just busy. Zech's birthday is coming up on Sunday - we were thinking about having his party that day, but I think we'll do it the following Sunday instead. Gives us a bit more time to get everything ready. This week is busy enough - with kids' activities, Josh going to Winnipeg on Thursday for school, and then he has a fundraiser thing on Saturday all day - it's a video game thing, at the school, so Zech will be going along. We'll probably go in the afternoon to join in for a bit. But with all that happening, we don't really have time to get to town to get things ready and gifts bought. He's not upset about waiting till the following week though.