Zech's Birthday Party

Zech had his birthday party on Saturday. He had some friends from school come over, and we set up some targets for some shooting practice in the yard - with Nerf dart guns! There was a target hanging at each end of the deck, some cans on the rail of the deck (these were a favorite), a target hanging on the swing-set (this one had a hole in the centre to aim for), and a long shot - the boys had to stand on the deck, shoot up through the porch at a target hanging by the door.
And, of course, we had cake and presents!


Happy Birthday Zech!

Yesterday was Zech's 8th birthday! As always on birthdays, he was allowed to pick supper (take out, stuff crust pizza!), and we had cupcakes and presents after supper. This birthday, though, we were able to have Grandma and Grandpa (Josh's parents) come out to celebrate with us!

Levi just may have stolen that last shot, eh?

And he's still got his birthday party with friends to come on the 27th!


Happy Anniversary & Happy Thanksgiving

It was our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday, October 6th!

We haven't been able to really celebrate it yet, because we spent Saturday helping Josh's parents move in to their place in Brandon! Really, though - we couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary anyways!
We stayed late on Saturday, helping to unpack some boxes, then came home to sleep and went back to town on Sunday for church and more unpacking. Monday, Thanksgiving day, we let everyone sleep in a little bit and spent most of the day at home, going in to have a yummy dinner with Patti and Ken that night. It was delicious!

We're still trying to recover from our long and busy weekend, though. The kids have been sleeping in every morning this week - making for some rushes to get ready for school. But they make it every day.
Hoping for a little less busy-ness this weekend for us!


Outside, today...

this is what it looks like!

All ready!?! It's only the beginning of October!
Oh dear. We may be in for a long winter this year.