Merry Christmas


Only 3 more sleeps!! - 12/22

The kids are counting down, have been for weeks - only 3 more sleeps till Christmas! We're done presents, just working on wrapping them (and needing more paper today!). Still need to get groceries, though.
Friday night and Saturday Ruth was sick - she vomited a few times, though we think it was more because of eating candy (Christmas concert, Christmas party at school) and being overtired. At any rate, she's feeling better now and everyone seems fine, though Zech and Josh have terrible coughs still.
I've just got more pictures and videos up on the other site. There're some videos from the last dance observation class - the boys both made it through the whole class, though Isaac did get shy at the beginning and sat with us a few minutes but he did go back and finish! Huge improvement from the last observation class, when both of them ended up screaming in the van.
There's some pictures from our Christmas "photo shoot" - for card pictures and pictures for our wall. We ended up with some great ones!
And there's some videos from the Christmas concert Thursday night. I didn't get much of Zech's part, unfortunately. There were no seats left when we got there (even half an hour early) and we were standing at the very back of the hall. And Isaac couldn't see, so he was bugging to be lifted up constantly. Anyways, I got a very little bit of Zech's part - he didn't sing or talk at all, but he did do all the actions to their poem and songs! Not surprising to us - he won't sing when he knows anyone is listening!
I did get good videos of Ruth's parts, I think. When they were singing I was at the back again, so it's from a distance, but I still got it! For their play, I snuck up to the front, on the side, and got that. Ruthie was their teacher for their play! She only stumbled on one line - she did great!
And... that's about it, I think. More pictures to come, I'm sure plenty of opening presents and playing!
Oh, and Christmas cards and pictures are on the way... but they may be late!


quick post - 12/04

Happy December! Only 21 days until Christmas!!! We're trying to get ready around here - slowly getting there.
I just got some pictures up from Ruthie's birthday party - enjoy!