Zech's troubles - 01/31

I mentioned in my last posting that Zech was a bit under the weather. He was down and out, didn't do much of anything, all day Monday. Had a fever, didn't eat, but was drinking fluids all day. Yesterday was much of the same. Last night he was up a few times during the night, still with the fever, and this morning it was still hanging on. Today he did nothing but sleep. He'd wake every 30 minutes or so, crying and complaining of an "owie tomach". After Josh got home from work I got him to take Zech into town to a walk-in clinic to just get him checked out. I figured it had to be something actually wrong.
Well, we got our answer. The poor little kid has a really bad ear infection in his left ear. The Dr said it's bad enough that it's probably been causing all the other troubles he's having. :o( Poor little guy. So now he has antibiotics. Hopefully he'll be feeling much more back to normal by suppertime tomorrow. I can't wait to see him running around, screaming, and annoying the heck outta me! I miss that terribly right now and would trade it for anything!
Josh also thought to ask the Dr about the fact that Zech complains about an "owie belly" a lot, but points to his chest when asked where it hurts. We're wondering if maybe it's something hanging on a bit with the reflux issues he had as an infant. I'm going to call tomorrow to see about getting an appt for him, just to check and see if maybe that's a possibility. Maybe we could try the Zantac with him again. We think maybe he outgrew the throwing up part of the reflux, but maybe not the heartburn part? I'll definitely update you all as I know more myself.
Other than that, we're all good. Ruthie's been going a bit stir crazy, being stuck in the house and not even having Zech to play with, but she's okay. She was definitely worried about him tonight while he was in town. :o(
Isaac got his first tooth on Monday! FINALLY!! Unfortunately it looks like its mate isn't far behind, but hopefully we'll have a few days break before the next one starts. I'm still working on getting a good picture of it.


hello all! - 01/29

Hey everyone! I hope this finds all well with all of you! I can't believe that I just put the 29th of January!!! How time flies by!
This past weekend we went down to Minot, ND for Friday night. A girl I know from the internet was going down with family, so we went down to meet them! It was lots of fun, and I hope to be able to get together with Shelen, Mat, and Kaitlyn (and baby to be!) more from now on! They live in Saskatoon, but have family in Regina and Stockholm, which definitely isn't too far a drive for us.
So we stayed and played at the hotel Friday night, and then went to the mall for some shopping Saturday. Found a few pretty good deals! I got Ruthie a "fur" coat for $7.98... regular price was $69.99!!!! I was very pleased with that find. And we got the kids a couple "john deere" t-shirts and Zech got some tractors. I'll have to get them to try everything on and snap some shots of them to post for everyone.
Now we're home, and Zech woke up sick this morning. At some point in time (apparently?) he vomited in his bed last night or early this morning. Anyways, he never woke or cried out, and Josh said Zech was very confused this morning. Said "Come Daddy. See. Something in my bed." So, up we got, changed and washed up. He has vomited once more since then, a small amount, but seems to be feeling okay now. He won't eat anything, though, only drinking fluids. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow... and hopefully it doesn't get passed around through all of us!
I'm getting a few more pictures uploaded right now. Check them out!
Till next time, keep well!


new pics and videos! - 01/18

I uploaded some new pictures and a few videos from Ruthie's dance class (it was observation class this week), to share with you all!
Aside from that, not much is happening. This week has been MUCH less eventful than last week, which is good. Isaac's still working on his tooth, and fussy from that. I'm sick with something. I'm hoping it's not the "real" flu, but I'm thinking it might be. I'll see how I feel the next couple days.
And that's about it!


what a week! - 01/13

Well, this sure has been a heck of a week for us! We're trying to get back into the "normal" routine... whatever that may be for us... with Josh going to work each day and the kids and me getting done whatever we need to do. This week was not the week to work into it!
Monday morning, Josh's first day back after Christmas Break, he left the house and not 15 minutes later calls me to say he's got a flat tire, a spare, but no tire iron or jack in the car. So, I wake up Ruthie and Isaac, pack all 3 kids up with snacks for breakfast, and head out. Finally got back to the house, still in pajamas, at about 10am. By the time I had gotten Isaac fed and down for a nap, showered myself, dressed and fed Ruthie and Zech, it was time to go back to the school to pick Josh up to get the car! Great first day back!
We were busy the rest of the week, too, getting to Ruthie's first dance class since the break, and my MOT's group on Thursday morning. School was cancelled yesterday (Friday) we think due to the cold. There was definitely no storming or snow, and it was below -30, plus windchill, so we're thinking cold.
We've all had the sniffles a bit this week, and now I'm starting to feel really bad. That's due in part to not getting much sleep the past couple nights, and I think just getting sick, too. I might pick up some Vit C powder tomorrow in town and dose myself up with that to chase this off.
Ruthie's had "growing pains" a couple nights ago, which woke her up for a while in the middle of the night. (I know that's not technically what they're called, but it's what Mom always called them with me!) I gave her an Advil and warmed my 'Magic Bag' to have on her legs, and that seemed to help - at least she was able to get back to sleep. Isaac is teething right now - the bottom front right tooth is RIGHT there, so close to coming through - so that means not a ton of sleep from him either. He just wakes needing his sucker, but that still means I have to wake up and get up with him.
Anyways, that's our news for this week!
Oh, I've cleaned up the 'dropshots' website (where our pictures and videos) are posted because I was over the "free" limits. Just in case anyone's wondering where all the pictures went! I left from Christmas on still on there for now!