more pictures! - 09/30

Found them!
There were some pictures on Papa's 4-wheeler, lots of pictures from the lake, and pictures of all the kids' first days of school. I'm getting them up and online right now!


some pictures are up... more to come! - 09/29

That about says it all - Josh got the summer pictures done (although I can't see any tubing ones, and I know he took lots, so I'll have to ask him more about those ones tonight) and I'm uploading them right now.
Like I said, tonight I'll see if we can track down the tubing pictures, and I'll get the first day of school pictures (for ALL the kids!) and get those uploaded as well.
Later tonight, or tomorrow... or maybe by the end of the week... I should have a post up with some pictures and of course, they're always all over on the other site... though I'll be working through the labelling as I can!


long time, long summer, BIG day! - 09/08

It's been 2 months since I last posted - long time.
We left on Monday July 13 for NS, arrived Sunday the 19th. Not too shabby, with 3 kids and a day+ lost going into southern Ontario and to Marineland. The kids had a blast there, and they were pretty darn good for the whole drive.
We had a pretty good visit out there, with my family, for 5 weeks. The kids had so much fun at the lake - swimming and bike riding, tubing and even water skiing for Zech and Ruth!!
Of course, there are lots of pictures, but with everything else Josh hasn't had a chance to get to them yet. As soon as he does, I'll get them uploaded to share.
We left on Monday August 24th - the day after the hurricaine hit. That wasn't actually too bad, though the weather was still fairly poor on Monday for our drive. We also hit more rain on the second last day and night. We got home late Saturday night.

Then we had a really busy week - unpacking the van and trailer, getting things put away again in the house, getting groceries to "restock" the cupboards, registering for dance classes and getting all that stuff together, going to Winnipeg to visit friends and getting school supplies for the kids - just getting everything done that we weren't here to do all summer!

And today was a really big day because it was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Ruth started grade 2 today, and Zech started kindergarten!! He was very excited this morning, and had a very good morning at school. He is really happy that he'll be going every morning - he just really likes school. Ruth had a very good day, too. She has a new teacher this year, and a new classroom (for half the day).
Isaac was not very happy at all that he wasn't able to stay at school this morning. He was better when we went to pick up Zech, and fine when we picked up Ruth at the end of the day. But I don't think the mornings are going to be very good for him until next week - he starts nursery school next Tuesday. Once he realizes that he has his own school, I think he'll be much better about Zech and Ruth being able to go.
Hey, what can I say, our kids just like school!
And there are a bunch of pictures from this morning, too... but again Josh hasn't gotten to them yet. He will. I'll bug him. And then I'll get them up. But I'm not promising it'll be tomorrow!