Family Camp - Aug 2014

We spent the long weekend of August at Family Camp, at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp. We all had a ton of fun! The kids love running around with all the other kids, and it's really wonderful to be able to enjoy time together as a family, lots of different activities, and not have to worry about what's for the next meal!!

The kids all loved this game!

Piper spent many hours (literally!) on the swings - she looked so little!

And she spent time napping outside, too

The kids, once again, braved the zip line! Even Levi was very brave and went down this year!!! (I know that Zech did the zip line, too, but I managed to miss it and didn't get any photos of him!)


Brave Levi!

coming back up the road - he was so proud!

and he went again the next day - had even more fun!

They got to do some horseback riding, too




even Piper sat on a horse for a few minutes!

Levi tried out some archery

And some wall climbing!


Zech made a new friend, and his friend's dad taught him how to kayak! Josh took the younger boys for a canoe ride, so they were all out on the lake together.

We are so lucky to have learned about family camp - we all have a great weekend together!


1st day of school!

(Well, 2 months ago it was!)
The kids started school the first week of September; Ruth is in grade 7 this year, Zech is in grade 5, and Isaac is in grade 3. We all walked to school together, to help everyone get all their things to school - many bags!

Some-little-body wouldn't leave without a "1st day of school" photo of her, too!

And a certain happy little guy had his very first day of preschool the following week! He LOVES preschool and is so excited to go!!

Look at how they've grown!


2012 - holy little guys!!



Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Yesterday was Ruth's 12th birthday! Last year before official teenage-dom!
We went to town on Saturday and to the mall for a special holiday shopping thing, with Grandma. Ruth loves to shop, so that was nearly a part of her birthday for her! She stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa, and got taken out to lunch - lucky girl! Then they came out here for supper (homemade pizza pockets and beer bread), cake (cheesecake!), and presents!

someone helped a little with the presents :)


blowing out the candles


Happy Birthday, Zech!

On October 16th Zech had his 10th birthday!
We had a favourite supper (pancakes, bacon, and Grandpa's scrambled eggs) and cake (strawberry) with Grandma and Grandpa, and, of course, birthday presents!


Happy Halloween!

I have seriously neglected this blog the past... 3 months! We've been busy with summer, school starting, activities beginning for the year, and birthdays and holidays! I'll try to catch up with sharing photos (I have some great ones from summer, we'll just look back and remember being warm!), but I'll start with Halloween.

We carved pumpkins a couple nights through the week. Levi helped me with his and the older 3 did theirs all on their own!
all the pumpkins

Ruth & Piper's - a kitty

Zech's - minecraft sword & pickaxe

Levi's - a minion

Isaac's - pirate ship

And of course last night we got everyone dressed up and went 'trick-or-treating' around town.

Ruth was Alice

Zech was bacon!

Isaac was a ghostbuster

Levi was a Sheriff

Piper was a kitty!!

They had a lot of fun, lots of fresh air and walking (everyone slept well!), and got WAY too much candy. A good night, I guess!