The best I can do for now - 03/04

I'm having more computer issues.
The other day I couldn't get my computer to start up at all in 'windows'. Josh got that figured out.
Now I can't get videos onto my computer right at all, I can't get into dropshots to put more pictures or the videos (because it says the payment didn't go through last month, which it should have, and because it won't let me set up the payments again), and Josh still hasn't finished up the pictures from Nov through till now.
I did the best I could for the time being. I put the few pictures I had on the computer up on a different site and used that to put them here.
Again, once I get things figured out (well, really when Josh does... because I'm lost) I'll let you know!

But for now...

Like I said, the kids danced in the Brandon Festival of the Arts last week.
Isaac did tap, "Choo Choo Soul"
Another picture, he's just talking to the little girls in his class.

Zech did tap as well, "Gitchie Gitchie Goo"

Ruthie did 2 dances - ballet "London Bridges"...

...and jazz "Hoedown Throwdown"

And I thought I would post a couple pictures of my ever-growing belly. Blame it on the baby.
This was at 20 weeks - the half way mark, about 4 and a half months along.

And this is yesterday (7 weeks later), at 6 months along.



Well, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!
It's been a long while (2 months) since I last posted, but things have just been busy around here! I'm also working on getting some pictures and videos uploaded, but having troubles with my computer so I'll have to wait for Josh to be home to help me out.
There's lots of pictures from Christmas, videos of the Christmas concert, and this past week the kids all took part in the Brandon Festival of the Arts, so I have videos of them all from that. This week, the kids have their skating lesson "Ice Show", and we'll be sure to tape that as well.

Things are going well here. It hasn't been too cold a winter, though we've got a TON of snow - mostly on the weekends, so not many snow days for Josh and the kids. We're all definitely ready for spring, though. The kids are aching to get their bikes out and ride to school each morning, and it'll be nice to just be able to walk them back and forth each day instead of needing to drive down the street.

Other than that, there's not much else to say (even with a 2 month hiatis!). I will post once I get those pictures up and ready on the other site.
Oh yeah, we also might be changing to a different site for all this stuff - Josh learned about this other site during his PD meetings on Friday and is going to look into it for us. It's free (which would be nice) and would have everything in one place - pictures, videos, and a blog part. He said it's kind of like "facebook", but more private.